Long Beach Marathon Expo 2012

I really did end up having a Fun Friday!farmers market pumpkins

First, I hit up the Farmer’s Market on my break for some of those green plums I fell in love with last year.green plum

This isn’t the biggest Farmer’s Market I’ve been to, but it is year round (with the exception of 2 weeks for Christmas), is pretty close and has what I need Smileoc farmers marketIMG_8094 (800x600)

After work I had a really great phone conversation with Steve from the Sole Runners. He is a running coach and his team is running LB this weekend. (He is not running LB since he just did Berlin on Sunday!)

Back when I ran with him in August he said I should run Long Beach as my last long run before New York. At the time I wasn’t sure if I would run the Half or the Full so I didn’t sign up or mention it. I have been stressed about this decision for weeks!

Pros and Cons: The half would be great because it’s a flat, familiar course for me and I wanted a dress rehearsal. The full would be good because I mentally break down around mile 17-20 and need to face that before NY. But, I’m definitely not in full marathon shape and did not taper (hello, I did 21 miles last weekend!).

So I asked Steve what he thought, made a decision and headed to the expo with Ben Friday afternoon…

I parked near the Ferris wheel last year when I went to the expo with my little bro!long beach ferris wheel

The expo seems smaller than in previous years, but maybe I’ve just gotten bigger. (Ha! You know like when you go back to your childhood playground and everything is tiny?!)

Anyways, Ben and I were in and out pretty quickly because we only had 1 hour on the meter and were hungry for dinner. long beach half marathon expo

We ended up parking the car just across the way and eating at Shoreline Village. There was a long wait at the first place we tried so we hit up Tequila Jack’s and were immediately seated outside! The weather was perfection for this.

Shared chips…IMG_8105 (800x600)

and a margarita. Um, I tweeted this and someone said it looked good but they couldn’t partake because they are running the LB Half on Sunday. Oh, am I not supposed to drink before a race?! Ha! Obviously, I’m just treating this like a long run.IMG_8106 (600x800)

I love Long Beach! Before I met Ben LB was my second home because my ex lived here, then I moved here for a year too. It was nice to hang out here.long beach light house

After dinner we debated ice cream or funnel cake for dessert (there is a shop with both). Then, we saw the people in front of us get a massive funnel cake with ice cream on top!!!

It was crazy and very very tempting. But, I didn’t want to get that wild so I went with a chocolate chip cookie. Eh. It was so-so. I’m not even grading this one in my Chocolate Chip Cookie search. chocolate chip cookie

Random fact: As I was walking around the expo some guy stopped me and was all excited about my head band and wanted to know where I got it. Ha! Chocolate milk represent!IMG_8122 (800x600)

Winner of the Santana Fringe Purse Giveaway : Mary image

It’s so weird to NOT be running on a Saturday morning! I don’t know what to do with myself so I’m blogging and will probably take a walk or something soon.

Question: What are you doing today?

Where are your old stomping grounds?


  1. Sarah says

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the great white north(Canada). So lots of time filled with family and Turkey!!

  2. says

    That farmer’s market looks awesome! I generally go to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings (especially this time of year b/c it only goes through mid October!!). This morning, however, I ran the Get Pinked 5K! Woohoo! :)

  3. says

    I’m running the Long Beach half too! What did you decide? The LB half was my first race ever last year, and I felt like this year’s expo was smaller too. And there was less free stuff. I remember eating so many free samples last year I almost didn’t want dinner! Good luck tomorrow!

  4. tiffany says

    good luck!! i’ll be running the half. i love the LB race expo, mainly for their roadrunner shoe tent. HEAVENNN…snagged asics and nikes for $50 each!

  5. says

    I finally got a 20 mile long run done. Yes, it’s only a month before NYC Marathon and this is the first 20 miler I’ve done. I’m trying not to freak about it. I might be evaluating my goal for NYC, maybe run just for fun not for time? We’ll see. Wishing you a great run in LB tomorrow!

  6. Breanna says

    Can’t wait to hear about your run tomorrow! You’ll do fantastic.

    This morning I ran the Chapman University 5k and it was super fun! Then tonight I am going to see the Black Keys at the Staples Center.

    My old stomping grounds are the Corona/Riverside area. I used to go to school out there (until I transferred).

  7. Jody says

    Ok — I am seriously jealous of your farmers markets. It’s honestly the one thing (yes, sadly) I miss about California – FRESH! I’m in DC, and no way would you ever get an organic pepper at the farmers market for 50 cents! Or 3 for $1! I’d buy a dozen and not know what to do with them just out of pure excitement!

    I’m training for the Marine Corp Marathon (Holy crap that’s coming up…) and after my long run today, I took your advice. I packed Horizon chocolate milk with ice. It was amazing. I was sad when it was all gone.

  8. says

    Green plums are the best!

    I hate ferris wheels- I always get stuck with someone who wants to rock the little seats at the top

    Sorry about the cookie- what a bummer

    My old stomping grounds are Manhattan and London. New ones coming soon hopefully are warmer (and cheaper)

  9. says

    When I think of my races as simply training runs, it really helps ease the pre-race anxiety. That’s what I’m doing right now: trying to think positive and enjoy the experience.
    I’ll be running Mohawk Hudson Marathon tomorrow. The weather is looking better all the time. Yay! No rain.

  10. Teresa says

    I didn’t run this morning either, because I’m doing a 5K tomorrow, and I’ve felt restless all day. A good morning workout is my favorite thing about Saturdays.

  11. says

    All the best for LB!
    Yeah, I know what you mean (re: not running on Sat), which is why I always do a short shake out run on Saturday – just to remind the legs.

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