Marathon Recovery


This morning I woke up a little tight in the legs and took a short walk to loosen up. I put on a pair of Pro Compression socks thigh highs SR gave me and am hoping they will help speed along my recovery! After my 2 mile morning stroll I made pancakes for breakfast and logged onto work. I am so glad I work from home so I can hobble around as needed and keep my post-marathon … [Read more...]

Long Beach Marathon 2012 Recap


Yesterday morning I woke up and did the usual pre-race rituals: change, bathroom, sunblock, eat. I had laid out my stuff the night before so I wouldn’t forget anything. I ate PB toast and cinnamon sugar toast with salt.  Salt was key in this race. I have run the Long Beach half or full something like 5 times now. So, getting to the start was familiar and nice. This … [Read more...]