Marathon Recovery

This morning I woke up a little tight in the legs and took a short walk to loosen up. I put on a pair of Pro Compression socks thigh highs SR gave me and am hoping they will help speed along my recovery!pro compression socks

After my 2 mile morning stroll I made pancakes for breakfast and logged onto work. I am so glad I work from home so I can hobble around as needed and keep my post-marathon uniform on all day (see above). pancake

Lunch was a big salad with a salmon burger from yesterdays BBQ, cashews and bag of Food Should Taste Good Chips I got at the expo. food should taste good

Mid-afternoon I fought off a nap with some lots o’ granola. I’m so bad about trying to fix tired with food, but today a nap wasn’t in the cards and I was just friggin’ tired! Bah, I know this and should have had a better plan of attack for this.

Since Long Beach was a training run for New York, now I need to let myself recover from the marathon while making sure I keep up my fitness level and stay in ‘marathon running shape’.

After a marathon I usually follow Hal Higdon’s Zero Week Plan. Higdon and Steve both say not to run for 3 days after the race. So, (reluctantly) I will not run until Thursday. I know my body is tired, but my heart is happy and wants to run Smile

The plan for the week looks like this:

  • Monday: Rest, Eat, Repeat
  • Tuesday: Chest and back strength
  • Wednesday: Yoga
  • Thursday: Easy 4 miler to see how I feel
  • Friday: Class or strength
  • Saturday: Run distance TBD

Everyone’s recovery is different so I am going to change this if my body is telling me it’s too much or not enough or it’s better to sleep in Smile

I brought home a plate of leftovers from the BBQ for Ben’s dinner, but am not sure what I’ll be having. I do not feel like cooking so it might be a frozen pizza or something.

Question: What’s your exercise plan for the week?

RER Housekeeping: I changed servers last week so RER should not go down for anyone any longer and my pics should show up in Google Reader and  email subscriptions. If you are still having issues please let me know. Thank you for reading!


  1. says

    I just came across your blog while searching for LB Marathon recaps.I didn’t know that compression socks help with marathon recovery. Ha, I am going to try!!

  2. says

    Are you a shorty? My Procompressions come below the knee.

    I planned for the last 3 days to do a six mile run. Tomorrow morning I will do it. It’s just been so crappy here and I’ve been working semi-nonstop. CrossFit tonight (Zumba was cancelled) and for 2 other days this week. Zumba Thursday. 6 miles Thursday and Friday. Off this weekend for a wedding.

  3. says

    Lucky you get to work from home! I can wear whatever I want into the office, but I’m not sure I could feel right rocking compression sox on a weekday. This week’s plan…
    Monday: 3 mile run + weights
    Tuesday: bike trainer at home
    Wednesday: 3 mile run + weights
    Thursday: 7 mile run
    Friday: off
    Saturday: Showdown Half Marathon (+ ~5 miles to get my long run in)
    Sunday: off

  4. Kellie says

    Let me know if you want company for your Saturday run. My legs feel super tight from Long Beach but I am hoping they loosen up soon. I did spin and yoga today so I guess I failed the “zero week” plan already.

  5. Tina says

    How do you stay motivated working at home?? Do you still train clients at the gym? I’d go mental or just do lots of procrastinating

  6. says

    Looks like a great plan for your week!

    I am trying to taper. I ran 7.13 yesterday and ended up with the exact same distance this morning! I’ll strength train wednesday, easy run thrusday & friday, 10 miles saturday and strength on Sunday. Next week I MUST take it easy though. My marathon is on the 21st and my goal is 3:35.

  7. says

    Definitely a good idea to rest till Thursday. But I’m glad the marathon was fun enough (and you still feel happy enough) to want to run sooner.

  8. Denise P. says

    I cashed in a Groupon for kickboxing class yesterday in an effort to jump start my fitness intensity again. Yeah I can run half marathons every single month, but I’m not keeping myself accountable to consistent exercise lately. Upper body is starting to feel sore from all that aggression I took out on the bag.

    Today, I wanted to workout at lunch to get it out of the way, but I’m thinking I’ll wait and try some new Shaun T DVDs I bought on Groupon a while back tonight.

    Tomorrow night is Run Club at the new Lululemon showroom in my town!

    Thursday I’m thinking late night kickboxing class to really kick my butt in gear this week.

    Friday will most likely be a rest day with maybe a walk at lunch.

    Saturday is a 25 mile bike ride for breast cancer in Costa Mesa.

  9. says

    That’s just my problem…I don’t HAVE a plan! I usually decide the night before what workout I’m going to do the next morning, but I know I’d feel a lot more calm if I could follow a structured routine each week. I gotta get on that!

  10. says

    In training for my half marathon, here is my workout plan:
    Monday: Upper body strength
    Tuesday: 35 minute run
    Wednesday: Lower body/Core workout
    Thursday: 35 minute run
    Friday: Total body strength workout
    Saturday: 4 mile run
    Sunday: Rest
    The half-marathon is at the end of February, so I’m getting there!

  11. says

    My plan is 5-6 days walking outdoors or in. And 3x’s yoga workout for about 15 minutes. I am trying to amp up my step activity count for the day using my FitBit Zip and walking more.

    Those “Food Should Taste This Good” stuff is amazingly good! OMG try the sweet potato chips. Yum.

  12. says

    Wow, I’m surprised you can pull the socks up that far (I wish I could!). I can only pull mine up to just under the knee cap area, but I sometimes need compression around my lower hamstrings (and it gets annoying to wrap them all the time). Considering compression tights….

    And I have my pink PRO Compression socks on right now too!

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