The Gym after a Marathon

Last night I was on a mission to not cook, but a big bag of green beans in the fridge were screaming to be made into green bean fries.

So, I paired them with an Amy’s frozen tamale meal, an egg and garlic cheese bread. image thumb10 The Gym after a Marathon

This morning my quads are still a little sore and a tiny bit in my upper back, but not as bad as I was expecting! I do have two small cuts on my lonjas sides.IMG 8251 800x600 thumb The Gym after a Marathon

why would i want to do that naked pics are always safe on your phone The Gym after a Marathon

This morning I hit the gym for a quick strength session…image thumb11 The Gym after a Marathon

and then had a happy breakfast! IMG 8247 800x600 thumb The Gym after a Marathon

That’d be eggs and pumpkin oat bran topped with Barney Butter and Sunflower Seed Butter. I cannot get enough BB and keep going back for swipes of the jar – this usually doesn’t happen with other nut butters, but this stuff is so good!

I have a walking date with a friend later today, but have to hit work for now. See ya later!

Question: What’s the condiment of the day?


  1. Amanda says

    I just ran my first half marathon this weekend, and finished with a couple small cuts on my hips too! This has never happened before…what’s it from!?

  2. says

    I’m the same way with Barney Butter! I cannot keep a jar in the house longer than a week or so and I’m not as addicted to other nut butters! The stuff is serious!

  3. says

    YAAAAAAAAAY!! You made me giggle!! :) Condiment of EVERY day is ranch dressing. Why does it have to be so horribly full of calories and fat? Second best condiment ever – salsa.

  4. says

    Have some chaffing on my lower back/waist from my shorts I wore last week for my strength training (legs! It’s always the legs workout session!)

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