Ask a Monican #44

Monica from Run Eat Repeat chats about…

1. Would you ever be in a fitness or bikini competition?
Do you think they’re healthy?

2. Have any weird stories from people who recognize you in person? Do they ask for your autograph? Just stare at you and say nothing?

Question: Would you ever do a fitness or bikini competition? Have you?

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  1. Alex says

    My default answer is heck no, but if I cut body fat percent down to below 10%, and was able to bench twice my body weight, and had a really good tan, and….

  2. Allison says

    I was watching your video and my 9 yo daughter said “No offense to her, but I would be a little weirded out if someone walked up to me and said ‘HI!'”

  3. says

    Come to MN and run a race….I will TOTALLY come up to you and act like your long lost BFF!! HA!

    You seem very down to earth and I am sure you have a butt load of friends ….ha again…”who would want a BUTT load of friends?” Nice expression huh?

    My question? What do you do again? And do you need an assistant who can work from MN? I bet you would be a fun person to work with…keep things lively and the lunch room would be stocked with watermelon! 😉

  4. Gabrielle says

    Nope! I just think it would fuel the crazies that are always lurking about waiting for an excuse to make themselves known!
    (But: I do admire the folks who can pull it off.
    Congrats on the marathon this weekend!!!)

  5. says

    I just don’t think I could ever be comfortable enough to 1. ever be in a fitness contest or 2. be recognized in public. I’d probably hiss like a vampire seeing their first spot of sun… 😉

  6. says

    I did a figure competition a few years back. It was tough to eat so clean and train so hard for sure. Because of the extreme dieting I ended up losing a lot of hair and I felt like I looked too lean. It’s one thing for others to think you look lean,but when you know you’re too thin, that’s a whole other story. First meal post competition… a glass of champagne and a sandwhich! I avoided bread and wine for over 12 weeks!

  7. says

    i’ve got to say i wouldn’t be able to live the kind of lives those fitness comp people do. firstly because it seems most of them limit the cardio and i’m addicted to my miles but then the big issue of FOOD! i’m sorry, but i live by the run hard, eat hard creed and they just are way too spartan in the diet area for me. 😛

  8. says

    I actually think it would be so fun (but nerve wracking) to do a bikini competition. I would like it not so much for the competition part, but for the training…I guess I really just want a personal coach, nutritionist, and mentor….don’t really need the competition….

    • Angie Kilar says

      Madi, i used Kim Oddo ( he is amazing and very motivational, never a bad comment. He is a pisces so he knows to watch what he says. He trains with all the huge fitness competitors. I’ve used him 4 times just to get the competitor look. Not for the show and it was amazing. he made it painless…and YES you can do alot of cardio.

  9. says

    I’m intrigued by the idea of doing a bikini competition one day, I just don’t think I’d have the drive (or the discipline) to actually pull it off. The workout parts I’d be fine with, it’s just the eating-super-clean part I’d struggle with. Daily chocolate person right here. :-)

  10. says

    Monica, if I do end up moving down to the OC (near family) and get a job teaching at a CC (after I graduate next spring/summer), I will TOTALLY say hi if I run into you and bring you a watermelon if you wanted to go on a run :) Even if you are a mexican and not ‘fancy’ or anything :)

  11. says

    Funny stuff! I did do a figure comp. any years ago. It had been a dream of mine for a long time. IT wasn’t easy, but it was awesome! I don’t EVER wear heels , so you can imagine what I looked like clomping around in 4 inch “hooka” heels. :-) I ate a lot of clean foods and when I got too hungry I would go to the store and get and devour a cookie the size of my head ( I have a big head). I just confessed this fact to my husband the other day–the comp. was about 6 years ago….. 😉

  12. says

    You make a great point about the difference in how one needs to eat depending on her fitness goals. I don’t think I could ever do a fitness or bikini competition because I love my carbs way too much. I’m starving enough as is… if I could only eat plain lettuce and boiled chicken, I’d go absolutely nuts!

  13. says

    I would love to do something like that but I have a fear it would leave to a distorted eating habit so i’m staying away from the extreme dieting and working out

  14. says

    Funny enough, we have a new coworker at work (we’re all cooks in a restaurant) who is a body builder. He’s won competitions and is in magazines. All of us are FASCINATED by it. We keep bombarding him with questions about what he eats and how he works out. He said he eats like 3-4 POUNDS of chicken breast in one meal. A dozen eggs (cooked, but still!) for breakfast. Doesn’t drink water before the competition to get real tight. It’s extreme for sure. It seems less about “fitness” and more about manipulating the body for a certain look.

    I would never do that mostly because I’m just not disciplined enough. And since I’m working on dropping 100 pounds, I’m really just striving for moderation in my life. No extremes for me.

  15. says

    Even if I was in the shape to do a fitness/bikini competition I really doubt that I would do it. I don’t think I’m one of those stable/healthy people that could handle it! 😉

  16. says

    Oh my line ever…”No….I’m just a Mexican”. Oh and btw what weirdos hang out at the port a potties. Wait, oh…

    I was totally lol-ing at that. As far as fitness competitions – uh no. Not interested.

  17. says

    I see fitness/bikini competitions as the same as beauty contests…they just creep me out. Parading around in front of people trying to prove that you look better than the others…that’s just weird.

  18. says

    One of my favorite ask a monicans ever! I was cracking up! my co-workers think i’m nuts now for sure…oh well, they probably did anyway.

    Although I do have to say I read your blog kinda in the same way you read Oxygen…it’s very inspiring for someone who sucks at running…if it wasn’t for your blog, I may never have though of running as a good idea. So cheers to that. I’m SoCal too (well, SB) so if I ever see you I will totally say Hi. :)

  19. Caity says

    I cracked up laughing at “I’m just a Mexican..”! Hahah.

    If I saw you at a race (because I was for some reason in California), I would totes say hi. And talk to you about totally irrelevant things like chocolate and how you get your hair so shiny.

    I would never enter a bikini/fitness competition because I love food. And I personally find the “look” that they go for to be very unappealing. I’m all for completing goals and whatnot, but that particular goal is not for me.

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