Pumpkin Spice Bagel Thins and Ragnar Swagnar

So, I heard a little rumor that Thomas’ made PUMPKIN bagel thins and I got a little too excited about it. I was on a mission to find them and went on the hunt this morning.

I decided to do an easy 3 mile run and stop by the store on the way back. I did 2 miles out (past the store because they weren’t open yet) and came back around to check. This isn’t my ‘usual’ store but I just had a feeling they would be there.

Yes! Albertson’s has Pumpkin Spice Bagel thins!

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any money on my run so I went back home and drove out to the store to grab ‘em.pumpkin spice bagel thins

Ben had a super early morning appointment so I had been up since 4:45am and at this point it was after 7am. I chomped on some grapes while cooking up the eggs. pumpkin spice bagel thins breakfastTip – toast your bagel thins together for best results.

pumpkin spice bagel thins breakfast

I liked them, but they didn’t change my life. I don’t like that companies can’t manage to make a whole grain AND pumpkin (or cinnamon raisin) bread. The ingredient list is unnecessarily long too. I think it’s a fun one time thing to enjoy for Fall, but not something I would buy run eat repeatedly. IMG_8016 (800x533)

In other fun news…

Ragnar is doing a run Blogger Relay online this week and I have the ‘baton’ today! For those that don’t know Ragnar is a Relay Race Series that has events throughout the US. swagnar

Since I did the RTB relay they asked me to share some tips on staying hydrated during a relay race. This is SUPER important for me because I drink tons of liquids every day and need even more when I’m running!IMG_1128 (800x600)rtb 1

Tips for staying hydrated during a relay:

1. Come prepared with a cooler dedicated to just liquids like water, electrolyte enhanced drinks, juice and/or coffee.

2. When you stop for gas or food check your water supply. I personally bought a gallon of water from a gas station during RTB because I knew I needed it near me at all times.

3. Check in with yourself and hydrate accordingly. Traveling, lack of sleep and running all combine to ‘confuse’ your body. Your normal signals of thirst, hunger or fatigue may  not be obvious – be smart and treat yourself well. rtb leg 1 throwIMG_1107 (800x600)

As part of the virtual relay Ragnar is giving away a ton of Swagnar!

Today you can win personal nutrition/hydration package: Clif products (case of Clif Shots & bars), Body Armor drinks and FRS drinks. Prize pack worth $40.clif barfrs drinks

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post answering…

If you were doing a relay race who is one person that would have to be on your team?

Contest ends 10/12/2012. Open to residents of the US.

For more information check out the Ragnar Facebook page.

I’ll hand off the virtual baton when I announce the winner on Friday!


  1. Jodi Ream says

    I would have my hubby and he isn’t even a runner just so I could get the moral support I need and a kick in the pants if I needed that too!!

  2. Bambi says

    My husband would have to be on my team. He got me running and he’s my rock to keep on running. He’s my hero and supports our family on military pay so I can stay home with the kids! It might not be easy,b ut together we have it all so together we would have to run the race!!

  3. says

    I just ran Ragnar PA this past weekend! 2nd year in a row and such a blast. If I could have ANYONE on my relay team I’m kind of torn – I love my teammates, but it would be very cool to have an elite runner like Kara or Shalane, or an awesome run-blogger like you, SR or SarahOUAL! Feel like visiting PA next October???

  4. Carissa says

    My great friend, Carissa (same name, yes) would HAVE to be on the team. I love running with her regardless of time or distance. :)

  5. Charliss says

    2 of my coworkers would have to be on my team – we’ve been training together (but separately) for the same HM in a few weeks. There was talk of doing a relay this spring…we’ll see!

  6. says

    I’d get Max King – he just finished 1st in the Ultra Race of Champions – 100K in the mountains in less than 8 hours. 62 miles in less than 8 hours… he’d run a lot of legs for my team!

  7. Tawny says

    I’d want you on my team…that is if you would wear that banana suit again! I think I would definately need your humor to get the team through it!

  8. Autumn Rae says

    I think I would feel more comfortable having all strangers on my team than people I know. I would ultimately feel less pressure and perform better. I’m a weirdo, I know….

  9. Eri H. says

    Stephen Colbert. I can picture him having a field day with the whole event and doing crazy things to keep the morale up! This is probably the weirdest answer ever.

  10. says

    I’d want my dad on my team — he’s always one of my biggest supporters (whether soccer or life or running) and I would LOVE to share a relay experience with him, especially now that I’ve been through a Ragnar myself.

    Love the virtual relay!

  11. says

    If I were doing a relay, my running buddy Gina would have to be on my team because she’s awesome at thinking of all the snacks and beverages we need during a run. She’s the person who goes out the day or morning before a long run and stashes goodies so we’re never without! Running buddies like her are priceless!

  12. says

    I’d definitely ask my friend Missy since she’s so fast she makes me want to run faster than I know possible….plus she thinks I’m better than I am :)

  13. says

    I finished my bag of pumpkin spice bagel thins in less than a week! They were so good! I also can’t stop eating the pumpkin spice Eggo waffles with pumpkin cream cheese! I’m obsessed!

  14. TeresaD says

    Sweet! Definitely my husband- hands down, any day. He works harder than anyone I know and pain is motivation to get it done faster. And then he would motivate me and encourage me the whole way. Probably beside me, which would defeat the relay component, but he’d want to make sure I didn’t fail the team. 😉

  15. says

    I bought the pumpkin bagels (instead of thins) and didn’t really care for them. I thought they’d be good with the Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese, but it was WAY too sweet. So I tried them with regular cream cheese. It was better, but still not great. I think because I prefer the texture of whole grain and because even toned down, they were too sweet. Maybe I just need to stick to the savory varieties because I don’t care for the blueberry, either :/

    Also, you’re correct. Toasting yields better results.

  16. Sarah G says

    I would definitely have to have my husband there. He is my marathon motivator and knows what to say to get me moving!

  17. tiffany says

    ragnar sounds so fun! i don’t have a lot of runner friends, and i’d want an experienced person…can i pick you?? haha.

  18. Jess says

    I would def. have my bf. He is super supportive and the only person that can push me without getting frustrated when I say “I can’t” 1 bazillion times :)

  19. Alyssa says

    I’d like to have my boyfriend because he’s the only person who I let rub my feet (which would be so necessary in a relay), too bad he hates running!

  20. says

    As far as the giveaway goes, I would definitely have my dad. He’s not the most athletic, but he’s supportive and always pushes me further when we do go jogging together, and he doesn’t whine about strenuous activity which is awesome because whining is irritating 😉

  21. says

    Oh my goodness pumpkin bagel thins…yum!! Going to go and look for them…

    I would like to have Sanya Richards Ross on my team! Cuz she is wicked fast and just looks like she has lots of running mojo…hopefully it will rub off on me!

  22. says

    I would love to run a relay with my friend Colleen. She ran Boston twice and is not only an incredible athlete, but a wonderful friend. We always have a great time when we get together and I’m sure this would be no different.

  23. sasha says

    this year’s vegas will be my third ragnar! i like having a team full of friends, but i wouldn’t mind putting kara goucher in my van. that sounded kind of creepy, oh well.

  24. Casey S says

    I would have my sister! She started running with me and we now run together atleast 4-5 times a week. She’s been a great support for me!

  25. Debbie D says

    i love the answer above of Stephen COlbert — too funny! I would want one of my sons (even though they are 8 and 10). Would be a good mom/son time and they like to run with me and make it fun.

  26. emily b says

    If we’re talking reality, then my running partner, Kim. If I could choose anyone…probably kara Goucher or Deena Castor!

  27. Sarah says

    I’d want Kara Goucher! Then I could spend the whole time trying to get her to change her name to Karah so we can match.

  28. Shannon in Tustin says

    My friend LeighAnn! She got me running in the first place. She’s faster than me but always comes down to my pace when we run together. She’s the BEST.

    So sad the Pumpkin bagel thins aren’t “all that”…I’ll try a package anyway though.

  29. says

    I SO want to do a Ragnar one day!
    I’m glad the pumpkin thins were not life changing for you. I got seriously excited when I saw them, but you brought me back down to reality. Thanks.

    I would want you on my team. I think about your Ragnar post when you had to run at night. It cracks me up and keeps me from freaking myself out when I have to run at night. Sometimes. 😉

  30. Bryan says

    I ran the Ragnar Great River relay this past summer! Had some great teammates, but most important was having my wife running with me! She did an awesome job and I would love to run it with her again.

  31. Erin says

    A couple of my best friends who I know I would have a great time with and not kill each other being stuck in a van together for so long :)

  32. Allison says

    A designated driver!!! It is tough driving during the night when you are sleepy and have no idea where you are going!

  33. says

    My IE running club friends….we can have fun anywhere, anytime….and we’re planning to do Ragnar So Cal this year.

    Also, you HAVE to try the fresh and easy pumpkin spice bagels. So good.

  34. Krystina says

    My fiance, Jason. I’ve run 2 races without him and it felt weird and lonely, but he was there supporting me. We encourage and push each other to do our very best and I would def need him there to get me through my grouchy phases.

  35. Dynamics says

    (skjfsldfjsldj Not a good day obviously) I would have YOU as you are experienced and funny and laid back and Hey, good choice don’t ya think!!

  36. Ashley G says

    I can’t choose just one. I have 4 friends that I’ve run my two marathons with. I’d have to have all four of them with me: Kim, Maricelly, Anne, and Natalie!

  37. Lindsay Boggan says

    I am doing my first Ragnar next month! I would love the swag! I would say Chelsea Handler would be great for entertainment! And Skinny runner for speed!

  38. Jenny E. says

    I would have my BFF and running partner on my team…we always do races together. Right now we are training for the Goofy Challenge at Disney World in January : )

  39. Marymo says

    My best friend from high school! We ran cross country together and still try to run together whenever we’re both home!

  40. Leah R. says

    Paul Ryan, we’d cheat our way into victory. Just kidding. I’ll go with Bobby Flay, he’s a runner and he’d cook us up some killer RV food.

  41. Amy says

    I love Ragnar Relays – I want to do another one soon! Since I just got my husband to start running with me, I’d love for him to experience the awesomenss of running relays.

  42. Megan By says

    I could never do a relay without my best friend Maureen! We started Couch to 5k together, ran our first half marathon together and we are trying to get a team together for Ragnar Great River next summer!

  43. Lindsay A says

    If I were to do a race relay, I’d have any of you amazing runners on my team….you, SR, or Hungry Runner Girl would def make us win!!

  44. Nicole says

    I would want my friend larissa on my team because we’ve ran our first 5ks and half marathons together so this would be a new thing to do together too! :)

  45. says

    ohhh, the possibilities. My first thought is Chrissie Wellington…shes a crazy triathlete, super talendted and nice. Or Kara Goucher. Or Meb….ugh, do I have to pick just one??

  46. says

    Do I have to choose only one person? I am running Ragnar TN next month and am pretty happy with my ultra team (though we are looking for another runner, so any takers?). I think SR would be a fun teammate, and Ryan Hall would be super fast, so I could choose him too. Alternatively, I’d take my trainer Will, who’s not a runner but who knows me well enough to make me motivated to run fast and strong–then I could fun my legs and his and still be in good spirits :-)

  47. Marija says

    I think I’d ask Usain Bolt to run with me..he could do the long parts and fast! so I could take my time and have some fun with the shorter legs :)

  48. Jamie A. says

    Can I have 2? It would be my hubby and my big sis. My husband because he knows just what to say when things get tough, and my sister because she never says the right thing, but can get me to do things I never thought I could.

  49. Suzanne says

    I would compile a team of all my awesome running friends (that I know only because of running)! That would probably be two teams of people though!

  50. Wendy says

    Either my dog Otis or my trainer Alex. Both know how to push me to make me run faster and longer than I want or think I can.

  51. says

    My husband – he can keep running forever! He encourages me to keep going when we run together, but he never makes me feel bad if I hit a wall and have to stop :)

  52. Carmen says

    Jesus of course! Who in there right mind would try to beat him? Nobody! We may not be the fastest but we would for sure win!!! LOL

  53. Lindsay says

    I would definitely want my uncle on my team! He is the one I go to for advice, and is the one who influenced me to train for a marathon!

  54. says

    Love your blog. I would love to do a Ragnar and I would HAVE to have my running inspiration Wendy on my team. She is amazing. Runs a 5K everyday just to stay conditioned when she is in between training for marathons. Love her. :)

  55. Sarah says

    It would have to be my best friend, Sarah (yes, we have the same name and are best friends). She’s the reason I started running 2 years ago. Long story short, she signed up for a race and I just had to do it too. (the competitive side of me came out), 1- 10k, 2-5Ks and 2 half marathons later, I’m hooked.

  56. Renee says

    Mine would also be a good friend – my buddy Jenelle is fast and makes me fast too! Plus she’s efficient so I’m sure she’d be good at the organizational side of a relay.

  57. Laurel C says

    I’d want you on my team of course! but really, I’d probably want to do a relay with my Saturday morning Fleet Feet fun run group :)

  58. says

    My running buddy would be my best friend Kori. She has several full and half marathons under her belt and I’ve only done a half but it would be fantastic to run one with her. Unfortunately we’ve never run a race together. Other than when we were in high school- but our races never ran “together.”

    Thanks for the chance!

  59. Aimee M says

    It would be a 3 person team and I’d choose Derek Jeter. When the third person was running, Derek and I would have the van alone…

  60. Nicole says

    Usain Bolt fo sho! or Meb. Or Ryan Hall. Or that guy that won Chicago on Sunday. Or you? haha how about them all. What a fast team we would have, which would be good, considering how slow I am. lol

  61. Holly S says

    I’d want my sister-in-law to run with me. She is going on 59, run Boston and many, many other marathons. She is always positive, and sends me little care package before my first Ragnar for good luck. She is always positive and is a great inspiration to me. I would love to run with her, and one day I hope to be able to. (we live in different states :( )

  62. Carolyn says

    my good friend from high school who’s running in college – she’s not only fast but more importantly hilarious…we’d be laughing the whole race!

  63. Ashley J says

    Ryan Gosling… it would give me the perfect motivation to haul booty to the next station and to look good doing it!!

  64. Denise P. says

    My last relay I did with virtually all strangers. I’m doing another with 4 out of that team in November. I don’t have too many other running buddies so I guess I’ll say one of the members of that squad – Patty. She gave me her sandwich when the kitchen messed up and didn’t make mine when went out for a late night team dinner. It was like 4 hours after finishing the final leg for my team, I hadn’t eaten a thing and I was fading fast. She rocks!

  65. Colleen says

    I do relay and adventure races with an awesome team. We’ve been training together for years. I wouldn’t want to do any type of race without them.

  66. Carol Landry says

    Who would I like on my team? Kara Goucher, I think. I’d just love to meet her! Albertson’s is on my home today and I’m definitely getting those bagels!

  67. says

    I would have to have that duck that hit you in the head on my team 😉 I think it would be quite entertaining to run with the Monican, SR and of course Janae!! What could be funner than that?!?

  68. TiffanyS says

    I ran Great River Ragnar in MN this summer, and it was a blast! I hope to do it again next year. I’d have my girls Rochelle, Becca, and Jen. Our van was so much fun! We are hoping to organize and all ladies team for next year.

  69. deb says

    My BF mike – he “ran” a race with me & kept me laughing the whole time. Though i would want him with me – maybe they’d change relay rules & let us run together? he takes my mind off the pain!!

  70. shelly says

    my sister! bc she makes me laugh, and at the end when i’d be getting tired and whiny she’d give me tough love and tell me to suck it up. i <3 my sis!!!

  71. Sage says

    I would want my best friend Michaela to run with me, she is so bright and fun that running long distances is more of a breeze.

  72. Elizabeth R says

    I have done RTB NH twice and had a blast! I would bring my son…if he were about 20 years older! He is 5 now and he “runs” with me and we have such a great time. Hopefully I can keep him into it over the years.

  73. Sarah N says

    I would have to have my husband. He is my motivator and is super speedy when he doesn’t have me slowing him down on a run!

  74. Mark says

    My wife, with whom I’ll be running my second Ragnar with. This will be third overall, but she had to bow out of our first one with a stress fracture.

  75. says

    I would have to have my sister “Tabs” run with me. She is my best friend and my biggest cheerleader and she started running after I did but is already a beast and 2 or 3 minutes faster than I am. No matter if the world is falling down around my ears, she can always make me smile, and that’s a must for a Relay!!

  76. Brittany says

    I would have to have my 56 year old dad on my team. He ran his first marathon 3 weeks ago and motivates me to keep running!

  77. Lauren says

    My mom! She’s the reason I started running in the first place and the first one to drive hours to run a race with me. My best friend, my best running mate!

  78. Gretchen says

    I would want my friend Beth. She is generally hilarious and can hang and not freak out when things are not at optimum. I need a good laugh and someone who is not a spaz like my self in a stressful situation.

  79. says

    My friend Catherine would have to be on my relay team. Not only is she a great runner, but she is also very uplifting. She would definitely keep spirits up with her encouragement, and her great sense of humor would keep us laughing all the way!

  80. Leigh S. says

    Wish I could have my husband and kids on the relay, but, barring that … can I name some famous people? : ) How about runners Joanie Samuelson and Suzy Favor Hamilton (my running hero as a teenager), then Bernard Lagat and Meb Keflzighi (I probably spelled that wrong), and, finally, Jackie Chan thrown in just for, erm, kicks? Thanks for the fun question–and congrats on your recent mary PR!

  81. Debra says

    My husband to be. He is military so he is used to pushing himself and going fast. Also I would have a blast doing it together.

  82. Kelly D says

    A personal masseuse, for obvious reasons! I’m running my first relay this weekend, and have already signed up for another!

  83. tara says

    I would love to run with my “big sister” from school, Laura…. we trained for a marathon a few years ago together but she has since moved to Kentucky and I miss her!

  84. Jane says

    I’d pick you or SarahOUAL. I ran Long Beach last weekend and didn’t realize you were both going to be there!!!

  85. Karla says

    I would have a woman from my running group on the team, Karen. She is ALWAYS positive and when things are going tough she makes me believe I can finish, and finish strong.

  86. says

    I tried the Pumpkin Spice Bagel Thins as well, and I wasn’t very impressed either.

    I love the virtual Ragnar–how fun! I am doing the Ragnar Relay Florida Keys in January with 11 other people who have lost an average of 100 pounds each. We’ve not met in person, but I’m super excited to get together for the race!

  87. Laura says

    It would have to be my dear friend Katie* who has lost about 75 lbs over this past year. She has recently started to run and has caught the running bug for sure! She amazes me everyday with both her progress and her never ending positivity and motivation! Who could be better than that to have on your relay?!
    (*changed name)

  88. Maria B says

    I would have RER or SR cause you guys are super fast and I am super slow! Maybe that would make up for my ridiculous slow pace. I have a bunch of running friends across the country and it would be cool to do one with them since we “virtually” run together would be awesome to have the chance to do it together.

  89. Rebeccah says

    My sister or my dad. My dad just did his first marathon at 50 so he’s a running beast… but my sister and i have so much fun together. Do i have to pick just one????

  90. Jon says

    Miss Suzanne is a must on my relay team – Super fun / funny, and she makes killer chicken salad to eat when we are not running!

  91. Michelle K. says

    I would run with my twin Amanda. We have the BEST time running together. We don’t get to do it often enough!

  92. Melissa says

    My sisters, DEFINATELY, they were and continue to be my inspiration to run and put all of heart into being the best “runner” I can be!

  93. says

    I will be running Vegas in November with my hubs! He was the driver for my first Rag(del sol) in Feb. I think anyone you run with you instantly bond with. Ragnar is such a unique experience!

  94. Amy Jo says

    I would have Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Lewis Black on my team. Stewart and Colbert would keep me entertained with political banter and Black would just yell and scream in order to keep us all moving.

  95. MaryBeth says

    I’ve been looking at the Ragnar website the other day.. I am itching to do one! (And if I did, my boyfriend would have to be on the team. We have definitely inspired and pushed one another with our running goals!) :)

  96. Vanessa G says

    I would want my dad to be on my team. He is the one who gave me the passion to run, has been my #1 fan, and a super coach. He use to be called Dan, the speedy running man!

  97. Jessie says

    My boyfriend…otherwise I’d never actually train for the race. He’d force me to – and then I’d feel compelled to do better than him :)

  98. Jamie H says

    Crazy as it sounds, my baby boy and the jogging stroller! He’s a huge part of why I run. And if he’s there, I can’t quit!

  99. Traci says

    I would love to do a team with my brother and my cousins. I think it would be a great bonding experience for us!

    Also – I can back the importance of hydration at a Ragnar race. I ran So-Cal one year and it was blazing hot! I didn’t drink enough and almost passed out! Luckily I had great teammates who took care of me!

  100. Sarah says

    I would totally pass my baton to ROAD RUNNER…..MEEP MEEP. He can run the miles, I’ll provide snacks, motivation, and smiles….

  101. Beverly Aragon says

    My boss! She runs Boston nearly every year and is headed to Bar Harbor tomorrow for her fave MDI marathon.

  102. Grace says

    Well, if I were running a relay I would not be able to do it without my twin brother, who knows how to keep my butt in line and support me at the same time :)

  103. Amy says

    well, since I did the same RTB as you (loved it, but it was a definite “check off my list” thing) I already know the answer-my husband! though I wanted to kill him half the time, he really was my rock! great giveaway!

  104. says

    i’d have a friend that was more “my speed” so that we would be on the same page and not put any pressure on getting a certain time for the race. it’s all about fun in my book.

  105. Shelby says

    I would put one of my cross country team mates on my team since i run with them everyday and would know how we work well together. Plus they are like family to me!

  106. Debbie says

    I don’t know why the first thought that came to my mind was Obama? Might be too difficult with all the secret service, though.

  107. says

    My husband! He was a non-runner until I was asked to join a Ragnar team this fall- and out of nowhere, his interest peaked! He’s been training for it for months, and I’m so proud. I think he’ll be a great teammate!

  108. Paige says

    My best friend Katie. Runs are always soooo much more enjoyable when she’s around…they provide me with my daily therapy session. :)

  109. says

    I would want my hubby and my sister with me! Not only are they great motivators but they are also both very funny and tons of fun to be around :)

  110. says

    first, I was so excited to try those pumpkin spice bagel thins and they were so disappointing :(

    Who would I have on my Ragnar Team? Johnny Depp so I can be stuck in a van with him for hours on end. I’d even run WITH him if he needed moral support 😀

  111. Jen says

    Lol! Just ONE? If we’re talking celebrity, Kara Goucher, but on a serious note, I have repeat Ragnar team members who absolutely must be there. Lots of love and shoutouts to my repeat team members who never step away from a challenge and always remember ‘it will be fun!’ Jake Walters, Jessica Walters, Jason Monroe, Yvonne Phelps-Torres, Stacy Carter, Tyree Lauritzen, Erin Pugmire, Vanessa Kline, and an honorable mention to Jamie Cruz. Can’t wait for the next one, Ragnar Vegas on its way!!

  112. says

    There are SO MANY amazing runners out there! I would love to run with YOU and other fun fitness bloggers.

    If we are going to talk about FAMOUS FAST runners to be on our relay team, I would choose Sarah Hall or even Dean Karnezes (sp?) :)

  113. Nikki B says

    My cousin, who got injured the night before Ragnar last year and had to drop out… it wasn’t the same without her!

  114. says

    If I were to choose a person on my Ragnar team, I would need someone with a sense of humor looking to have a good time…so the most funny person I can think of right now would be Tosh.O. He’d definitely make the relay interesting and humerous :)

  115. Brian says

    I couldn’t have just one. The Ragnar team of Francie Sukitch, Lindsey Finley, Steph Burkhardt, Rachel Evans, and Jen Smith would have to on the team!!! Go Diva’s!!!

  116. Laura Tiech says

    There are many…but the one I would want the most on my team would be my husband. He is my #1 supporter and my rock! We encourages and motivates me, even when I feel I am not doing my best and feel like a failure. He pushes me to want to do better, for myself. :)

  117. Clay van Batenburg says

    I’ve done a few relays and can testify to the importance of great teammates. My first choice is my husband because everything is better done with him. But, for major fun factor I’ve love to do a Ragnar as a reunion with a bunch of my college buddies.

  118. Katie says

    I would definitely do it with my friend Krista – she was my first running buddy and the one who got me into running in the first place!

  119. Brian Sukitch says

    I couldn’t pick just one. My Van 1 Diva team of Francie Sukitch, Lindsey Finley, Steph Burkhardt, Jen Smith, and Rachel Evans would have to be there.

  120. Katie W says

    Definitely my sister! And lucky for me we’re already signed up for Ragnar Miami to Key West in Jan 2013! CAN’T WAIT!

  121. Whitney says

    I’d want my team from the Wasatch Back last year all over again. 6 runners, one van, 197 miles: good times. There certainly wouldn’t be any need to remind us about hydrating. One of our teammates was hospitalized after his 3rd leg. When he was really bad off, our teammate didn’t want to drink anymore because he felt sick. Know the signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Agree in advance to watch for signs and act upon them, even if it means dragging a determined runner off the course. Everyone’s decision making is a bit sketchy after 24+ hours without sleep; always err on the side of safety.

  122. Lori says

    It would have to be my daughter Lily! She’s 13 and we just a Ragnar together (first for both of us). She’d kill me if I did one without her!! HaHa!!

  123. Sarah says

    I’ve run RAGNAR twice and would never want to do it without our team captain, the incredible Kelly Mateja. She is an awesome combination of cheerleader and organizer.

  124. Krista Martino says

    My friend Jen & the team who I am running with !! But if we are talking celebrities definitely Channing Tatum!! Like others I definitely wouldn’t mind being stuck in a van for hours with him!!!

  125. Pam Petersen says

    I’d have to have my friend Jen on the team. We were supposed to run our first Ragnar together this summer in Minnesota… until I got injured 2 weeks before. I went along just to experience it, but now I REALLY want to cross the finish line with her! Hopefully we’ll double in 2013!!!

  126. Kyle Johnson says

    I would need my best friends Grant and JC because they are the ones who have always and still do inspire me to run Ragnar and marathons.

  127. Rod Loran says

    I would have my Van 1 partners from my last Ragnar Great River as my team. We know what it takes to have fun.

  128. says

    If I were doing a relay race, I’d like to have my husband and my friend Kristen doing it with me. They are both incredibly encouraging and great runners!

  129. Aimee Pratt says

    I just did Ragnar Adirondacks 2 weeks ago and the one person I wish had been on my team was my amazing boyfriend, to be there when I was struggling and cheer me on when I rocked my first leg. Luckily he was so inspired by my team that he’s planning to join us for Ragnar Cape Cod next year!

  130. Diana H says

    I would definitely want my boyfriend as my teammate. He and I have done a few 5ks together, and it’s always more fun running with him!

  131. Nicole S says

    I’d definitely want to have my brother, Jeff! He’s incredibly positive (and fit), and really funny, too. So, he’d be fun to have around and raise spirits if they got low!

  132. Kristen says

    I would invite my friend Alisha to join me in the Ragnar race because she invited me to my first one this past may! I was grateful she invited me. I also met some good friends that were on my team!

  133. Jessica says

    There’s a very good looking and very fast guy in my running group, but since he’s not going to massage my feet, I guess my husband. hehe.

  134. Deanna says

    My brother is my insperation and is by far one of the greatest people I know. In 2010 we ran together and he cheered me on, in 2012 he was not able to run with me (moved to India for a year for work) and I missed him dearly. It just was not the same without his love and encouragement

  135. Jeremy S says

    I would take my wife. We have done multiple Ragnars and she is the best captain ever. Our team would fall apart without her.

  136. Dennyse Gonzales says

    i cant pick one , i need 2 … My Cousin Irene, we Ran our 1st Ragnar together (Wasatchback 2010) and Haven’t stopped (6 and more in teh future)…although i am slower ,she inspires me to be the Best Runner i can be. & my Husband Auggie, my Biggest Supporter and the Best Ragnar Driver any team can have, he’s not a runner but he knows how to get us to our next exchange …Love them Both !!!

  137. Chip says

    I would definitely have to add Steve Prefontaine!!! He died too soon and could wait at my 1 mile to go sign every time to take over for me !!!

  138. Melissa k. says

    I’d have to ask for my running buddy Jules. She’s a Ragnar vet with me and got me thru my first obstacle race this past summer. She’s inspiring…and super funny :)

  139. says

    I’m pretty open on who’d I’d run with…but I do know would be an extremely long relay if The Husband was with. He is too good at pushing my buttons when I’m exhausted! :)

  140. April says

    I think I would have Jeff Galloway on my team…That way he could give me great tips and motivation along the way! :) Here’s to hoping that I win the prize…I love to try new things and haven’t ever seen the FRS products before.

  141. Melissa Curran-Moore says

    I would pick Marc Tatone, the head of the Lifetime Fitness “Rogue Runners.” he makes EVERYONE feel comfortable, never lacks for a smile – and is pretty dang fast also:)

  142. Angela H. says

    Someone who works at a local Jimmy John’s so if we are hungry at any time, they call and Jimmy John’s shows up with sub sandwiches. It works in the commercials lol

  143. says

    Colin Farrell – I heard he had to get into shape for Total Recall (so he can run) and I need something good to look at during those long miles. Or think about. Whatever :)

  144. Michelle says

    I would invite my husband because he’s never done a relay before but has supporting me for a few years already. And plus he’s really hot and there’s nothing like running a relay with a hot runner to keep you running just a tad bit faster :)

  145. says

    I would have to have my best friend on my team, she has been on both of my Ragnar teams and I couldn’t get though it without her! **Suzan**

  146. Jeri says

    One person? I would cram as many as my teammates as possible into the van. They are the best running buddies/family that I could ask for

  147. says

    I’m pretty open on who’d I’d run with…but I do know would be an extremely long relay if The Husband was with. He is too good at pushing my buttons when I’m exhausted! :b

  148. Tiffany says

    my best friend! We’re not to fastest/most athletic runners, but we enjoy fitness and have a blast any time we work out together!

  149. says

    If I was running a relay, I would want my sister on my team. She’s a great athlete, but she’s also hilarious, as I imagine it would get a little tense at some point. Also, she knows exactly how to motivate me when I need it!

  150. Lori says

    I would want to take anyone that is up for the challenge, looking to accomplish one of the most amazing runs ever and looking for one heck of a good time!!

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