Confession Thursday–Running Identity Crisis


Last night I had some port wine (it’s a dessert wine) with a Lindt dark chocolate truffle and it was beyond amazing. It was the last one in the package (that I forgot about in the back of my fridge) but I am getting more ASAP! (It’s best to not keep them in the fridge so the inside is all melty. I took it out earlier so it was perfect.) 1. I am very loyal to the old blogs … [Read more...]

Brooks Nightlife Vest Review


Hello! This morning I woke up around 5am with Ben’s early alarm (he’s on an early sched this week). So, I was up and ready to run a few easy miles before the sun. I’m always hesitant to run before the sun (mostly because I’m scared of the dark) but Brooks recently sent me the perfect piece of gear for this - Brooks Nightlife Vest The most obvious thing that makes it great … [Read more...]