Sabra Tastemakers Dinner

Yesterday afternoon I landed in Richmond, VA around 5:20pm with just enough time to change into my jeans and meet the group. IMG_8353 (800x600)

I stood on a toilet seat cover for help.IMG_8352 (800x600)

We had a big ol’ party van with colored lights and everything. It was fun.IMG_8355 (800x600)

The van swept us off to the hotel where we had 45 minutes to get ready for dinner. IMG_8361 (600x800)

The Sabra peeps left us a welcome package in the room. More on this later. IMG_8358 (600x800)

We went to CanCan BrasserieIMG_8364 (800x600)

IMG_8365 (600x800)

I was pretty hungry at this point and started with two pieces of that delicious nutty fruit bread. IMG_8366 (800x600)

And I got the second wine down on this list after I asked the waiter for something sweet and fruity SmileIMG_8375 (800x600)IMG_8376 (600x800)

Me and Brittany!IMG_8373 (800x600)

Here is my new friend Ram Shackle Glam IMG_8385 (800x600)

I’ll introduce you to the rest of the group today…IMG_8374 (800x600)

Din-ah!IMG_8377 (800x600)

(Tip: Get the trout. I wasn’t in love with the salmon and everyone who got the trout was happy.)IMG_8378 (800x600)

I am bummed I had to use flash, but they dimmed the lights halfway through dinner (so romantic) and I had to capture this fleur de sal chocolate cake. It has some kind of boozy ice cream and a cookie too.IMG_8380 (800x600)

I set my alarm for 6am, but when it went off it was still dark. I stalled for 30 minutes and finally set out toward the canal path Brittany told me about. Since it was still pretty dark when I left I didn’t feel comfortable or confident running and kept stopping. 20121015_070945

Once the sun came up I kept stopping to take pictures! It was gorgeous!!




I ended up doing about 5 miles, but they were stop and start with a half mile walk at the end.20121015_070818


Now I’m sipping on an iced coffee and talking to you nice people SmileIMG_8388 (800x600)

I’m off to tour the Sabra factory and eat lots of hummus! You can follow along with the hashtag #SabraTastemakers on twitter.

Question: Ever been to Virginia?


  1. Meghan says

    Actually I have, I stayed at the Omni Hotel downtown and went to a few nice places in Richmond. I love the old cobblestone roads and stuff it really takes you back. I was there for a work conference though so it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. There was a great little beer and restaurant place not far from the Omni that was awesome. I suggest if you get the chance trying it out.

  2. Meg says

    I recently visited Richmond and LOVED all the running. Definitely check out Belle Isle and Maymont Park while you’re there. Also, Heritage is a delicious and awesome new little spot in town and they have a phenomenal drink list/bartender, should you need to ‘rehydrate.’

  3. elizabeth says

    yep, i live in the metro richmond area, about 30 min. south. sorry it’s a dreary day here. hope you enjoy your visit. so cool that RER is here!! p.s. did not know that sabra was so close.

  4. says

    I’m in Richmond!!! I love CanCan… if you like burgers theirs is especially delicious. What did you think of Carytown? Did you see the deuling froyo (yapple and sweet frog) right next door to each other?
    Are you doing anything else fun while you’re in town?

  5. says

    I’m from Richmond! Love all your pictures, isn’t it a pretty city? What’s funny is a had no idea the Sabra factory was there. Have a great time!

  6. Kristin says

    I live in Richmond! Welcome! We have some awesome places to run.. The trails are incredible around the river, if you find the time! Glad you are getting to experience my little town, enjoy! Oh, and check out Maymont park if you find the time!

  7. says

    I’ve only passed through VA on drives farther south. It’s such a beautiful state.
    Looks like you’re having a great time. Can’t wait to hear more :)

  8. Tricia says

    I live in Richmond about 2 blocks from Can Can! Had I known you were in town I would have brought you a watermelon :-) Hope you had a great time!

  9. Lynda says

    I live in VA (about three hours from Richmond) and I LOVE living here! I think you and Ben and Vegas need to move east!

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