ING New York Marathon Fuel Right to PR


Helloooo! Today was a busy day for me. Taking a day off of work is always nice, but then you have twice as many things to do when you get back! While I was gone I got a very excited package in the mail… I finally broke down and ordered a new watch because I wanted to make sure and figure out how to use it before New York. Speaking of the ING New York City Marathon… The race … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Borelli Active Scarf


I made it home! It was a long day, but I finally got home around 11pm last night. I ended up grabbing a bar and drink from the airport in Dallas, but still felt a little hungry (probably just tired) when I got home and had a few handfuls of trail mix before calling it a night. I do not get a gold star on my “No Nighttime Eating” calendar for yesterday. When I got to the … [Read more...]