Death By Grapes


I almost died today! Yes. It’s true. You guys know how I pride myself on eating dirty grapes because I’m not afraid of some dirt. Even when I would drive home chomping on grapes and end up with dirty fingers and think about how much of that I was eating… Even after I ate dirty grapes in Panama and then projectile vomited at the Dole Summit last November - I hung in there … [Read more...]

The Runny Egg


Yesterday I received a HUGE package from my favorite delivery guy. TWSS. No really, I wasn’t expecting anything so it was a real surprise when I opened up the box and saw this… What is it? Who is it from? There were no obvious name brands or logos so I was intrigued. The big cardboard box it came in had an ice pack so I suspected it was edible. I peeled open a corner and … [Read more...]