Detox and Retox

Hello! I gave myself the day off from blogging yesterday – hopefully you were too busy with fun stuff to notice Smile

But, I did manage to take a few pictures so let’s catch up…

I slept in (for me) and went on a 16 mile run around 8am. I would never be able to start running that late in the summer, but it’s FINALLY starting to cool down a teeny bit here. The run was okay, nothing exciting to report.

Well, it is exciting that I ended my run at Whole Foods and got a Detox Juice to sip while I shopping around. I grabbed some WF salad/hot bar for lunch and enjoyed it at home.

detox juice

I also bought an almond pastry to share with Ben. He picked me up and I had a few bites on the way home. You can see it’s noon at this point from my new Garmin (the Garmin 305 didn’t tell time). almond danish

Once home and showered, I killed a few hours watching TV –> without the computer in front of me! And then Ben and I went out to buy supplies for our Halloween costumes. I have a really fun, easy idea for our costumes that I’m pretty excited about!


We were actually supposed to go to a Halloween party last night, but Ben started to feel sick so we opted out last minute. Boo. I had my costume ready and everything. Sad smile

Mid-shopping trip we walked by a cupcake shop and I said, “If they had pumpkin cupcakes I would be all over that…” This isn’t a great cupcake place so I was assuming they didn’t.

Well, Ben bet me they did and the loser had to buy a cupcake for the winner. (That’s a complete formality given how we handle our money.)

Yep! They have pumpkin cupcakes! pumpkin cupcake

Nope, it wasn’t that good! The cake wasn’t very pumpkin-y and needed more spice to it. I wasn’t impressed and let Ben have it after 2 bites. pumpkin cupcake

Since Ben wasn’t feeling well we stayed in and I just heated up leftovers for dinner.

We watched the movie “Friends with Kids” because multiple people have suggested it to me. I think the people who suggested the movie thought it was going to make me see the beauty and humor of parenthood and I kinda missed that part?! I did like the movie, but I kinda thought the relationships part was a little sad too. I’m weird.friends with kids(source)

This morning we took a short walk and enjoyed the great cool weather. It looks like it drizzled overnight.walking path

I made soychorizo with eggs for breakfast. I served mine up with a 1.5 flatout wraps and some nut butter. soy chorizo and eggs

Then, we tagged teamed the house for a cleaning spree!IMG_8562 (800x600)

IMG_8564 (600x800)

Time to be productive Smile See ya later…


  1. Rochelle says

    I just saw that movie and thought it was pretty funny, but im not sure it would help you make the decision to have kids :)

  2. says

    Every year I contemplate dressing up for work (our high school encourages the kids to dress up) and NEVER do. I’m always afraid I’ll be the only teacher, not like it should matter!

    Have you tried Spinkles’ pumpkin cupcakes? I thought they were pretty good!

  3. kate says

    I saw your Target shame on the twit and I don’t want to seem like a nag or anything, but where are your reusable bags?
    Happy Sunday!
    (rhonj lost footage tonight!)

  4. Suzanne says

    The 305 actually does tell time but it is teeny tiny and not on the main screen (it is at the bottom of the Menu screen). Not sure if you knew that. I have that watch and so do a lot of my running buddies and many did not know about the time either.

  5. Tara says

    I felt the same way about that movie. I liked it, but it made me sad!
    (kid free here, we are just fine with our 2 pups!)

    Nice job on the run!

  6. says

    I hate when a treat turns out to be disappointing.

    I always forget we have flatouts in the fridge until I see you post about eating one. And then I plan to eat one the next day, and forget.

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