Marathon Meals–Time to Carb Load

Hello! I didn’t end up getting home until close to midnight last night! By that time I was hungry and Ben and I shared a homemade banana / strawberry yogurt smoothie and then hit the hay.

This morning I was not ready to crawl out of bed when my alarm went off, luckily I had an easy 6 miler planned and that woke me up just fine Smile

I also busted out the fancy coffee because I figure I’m going to be drinking a lot of it today…tiramisu coffee

Sad news: My jar of Barney Butter is gone Sad smilebarney butter

Good News: I made pumpkin oats in a jar with it Smileoats in a jar

Scary News: The New York Marathon is only 12 days away!

Happy News: That means it’s time to carb load!

This Sicilian Pasta dish is the last Marathon Meal I filmed for the ING New York Marathon. It’s super easy and only requires 6 ingredients! Watch my video below and check out the Sicilian Pasta Recipe here.

Question: Got any Sad / Happy / Scary / Fun News to share?


  1. says

    I’ve never run a marathon before so I have to say, I didn’t realize it was important to begin carb loading so much ahead of the race itself.

    When I was doing research on food/preparation for my 1/2 marathon this Saturday, I found this:

    True carb loading is depleting carbs a week before (in an attempt to get the body to want to hold on to any carbs it gets, but that may have been debunked), and then eating mostly carbs 3-4 days before. I think people eat around 3.5-5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight.

    Is that what you mean by carb loading now? I still don’t know what my preparation will be for this Saturday, outside of what I have been doing…

  2. Emily says

    Today I completed my application for nursing school. I’m happy and excited, but terrified about being rejected. Also sad when I think about leaving my current job and coworkers, whom I adore!

  3. Bethany says

    My happy/scary news – I just realized that today is exactly four months from my due date. I have no baby stuff. I don’t even know where to start. Oh man. I’ve been freaking out all day!!

  4. says

    Started a 10K training plan today.

    But better yet, my exciting news was my motivation for running this morning.

    If I didn’t do it this morning, I would have to do it in snow tomorrow. Winter storm coming through!

  5. Suzanne says

    Over the weekend I won 3rd female overall in a small Halloween parade 5K! Got $50 for that effort. I ran the entire thing in a bathing suit because my costume (with a group of friends) was Baywatch or Lifeguard. :)

  6. says

    Scary…how much candy I ate over the weekend

    Happy….that the cabin is now closed for the winter

    Sad….my little XC daughter has an awful pulled/stressed/knotted muscle on the side of her calf and may not be able to finish the season…no Sectionals or State run for her??? (she is at an orthopedic doctor right now)

  7. says

    Sad / I am lazy, not working out and eating bad

    Happy / Had a great weekend filled with lots of good friends and celebrations

    Scary / No idea how I will handle a toddler and a newborn and try to fit work in there somewhere.

    Fun / Um…gonna clean the house when I get home, does that count?

  8. says

    well I had an interview today and a second interview there on Wed, and I have an interview at a dif place on Fri. I am hoping for a job soon.

    Bad downstairs neighbor came up to tell me we have plumbing issues after my shower, her living room wall is all wet and her mirror fell with dry wall. :(

  9. says

    Bummed…have not been able to run since I strained my hip flexor muscle on a training run over the weekend. But excited for you and NYCM.

  10. Christa says

    Ran my first marathon a few weeks ago, sub 4, no “carbo loading”. Just ate my usual (granted that my food intake increased while training but there was no last minute load up) , the only difference in my pre marathon meal was carbs the night before, rather than just my usual assortment of veggies.

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