Sunflower Seed Butter and Celery

Hello! How’s it going?

It was sprinkling this morning!!! Crazy! A week ago it was 110 degrees and today sprinkles?! wet leaves

Vegas didn’t care and sat outside on the wet fence so he could drag his muddy feet back into the house. He’s grounded for a week. bad cat

After my easy 4 miler I was craving oatmeal and polka dots Smilepolka dot bowl

Then, I ate lunch during a conference call and then met Skinny Runner for a lunchtime walk Smileimage

Mid-afternoon I found myself scrounging around the kitchen for a snack. I had less than 2 Tb. of sunflower seed butter in the jar and decided to scrape it out. But, the bottom of the nut butter jar is always so hard, right?

I added some raisins and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. sunflower seed butter snack

This made it super easy to scoop out. Yum!sunflower seed butter

Last night I read an article about Food Addiction in the IDEA Fitness Journal. I joke about being addicted to cereal or fro-yo, but it’s science. Hyper-palatable foods that are filled with sugar, starch, salt and/or fat are compared to drugs in how our brain responds to them. I don’t have any ‘off limits’ foods, but I do try to keep certain foods out of the house because the dopamine makes me want to eat them all. IMG_8594 (600x800)

I don’t beat myself up if I overdo it with a “hyper-palatable” food because I realize this and I choose to handle it in a way that works for me. But, I wanted to pass it on in case anyone else was interested…

Food Addiction: The Dopamine Made Me Do It


  1. says

    Interesting thought. I guess it makes sense though. Sugar has much of the same effects as a drug so it’s easy to see how people can become addicted.

  2. Lexi says

    Do u really like celery?? I try to make myself eat it, even with peanut butter, but I can’t seem to fall in love?

  3. says

    Hi Monica,

    How does the MaraNatha Sunflower Seed Butter compare to TJ’s? I know that MaraNatha’s doesn’t have the cane sugar …but on taste??


    • says

      I think they are very comparable actually. I think if you’re already ‘used to’ sunflower seed butter than it’s an easy switch. Going from PB to the Maranatha might be difficult, but I didn’t notice the difference from TJ’s to it.

  4. says

    I once read someone phrase the issue with comfort and indulgent foods that when foods taste really good, it overrides our natural senses (hunger, satiation) and we instead focus on the positive feeling it gives us (comfort). It totally made me think about why three slices of pizza seem so, so good and necessary even though I end up being overly full!

  5. says

    Love sunflower butter and celery. Never thought to sweeten it up with a few raisins. Good idea.
    I wish we would get a few sprinkles here in the desert It seems like it hasn’t rained in months.

  6. says

    I totally can’t bring sugary delicious items into the home, because I will eat them up at a frightening rate. I don’t understand how people say “everything in moderation.” For me, it’s all (i.e. all 16oz of the chocolately trail mix), or nothing!

  7. says

    oh yes…I waaay overate the mini candy bars this weekend at my mom’s house (all of her Halloween treats were just calling out to me!!) I have been craving more, more, more now and feeling grossly bloated.

    I need to do a little cleansing of the sugar. 😉

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing the article– I’m in a Health Behavior and Theory education course and my semester long project has been researching and writing about over eating and binge eating disorders. We are creating a PSA at the end of the semester for our last project…which should be more than interesting 😉

  9. says

    I rarely ever eat cereal anymore and I used to LOVE IT. It’s amazing what dietary changes you can make (and how “easy” it can be), if you just try. Now froyo, that’s a different story. I definitely consume it a lot less than I did a year ago. I’d say by at least 70%!

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