Running Vest From Space

Last night I had my second favorite dinner after pizza –> salmon, sweet potatoes, veggies…IMG 8475 800x533 thumb Running Vest From Space

and wine! IMG 8477 533x800 thumb Running Vest From SpaceI enjoyed a little chocolate after dinner but stayed at the table chatting with Ben instead of eating a pile of it while watching Housewives of America.

This morning it was a little chilly so I busted out my bright pink Brooks running vest. I’m pretty sure you can see me from space in this thing. It is SO BRIGHT!!!IMG 8597 600x800 thumb Running Vest From Space

I did 6 miles.

I am still getting to know my new Garmin and a full review is coming, IMG 8601 600x800 thumb Running Vest From Space

but my initial thoughts are…

The bezel thing is hard to figure out at first, but I think I have the hang of it. Kinda.

I do not like the plastic strap. My old Garmino had a replacement velcro strap and it was much easier to adjust and didn’t move around.

My arms are hairy, which is weird because my parents are not hairy people. (But they don’t have red hair either so there’s that.)IMG 8600 800x600 thumb Running Vest From Space

Question: Palm Tress or Pine Trees? Pick One.

I do love the smell of the mountains and pine trees while camping, but I’m going Palm.

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  1. Ashley G says

    Pine trees. I grew up with pine trees, and nothing beats that scent. Palm trees provide no shade, no scent, and just drop fronds that either smack you on the head when they fall, or get stuck under your car and do damage. (Can you tell I miss pine trees? :) )

  2. says

    UGH…I have seen my share of Pine trees living my entire life in MN…I am going with the PALM trees for sure. ;-)

    Hmmmm…maybe a palm Christmas tree this year??? I wonder how lights would look on one? I suppose you know though…

  3. says

    I love pine trees because they smell so good, and remind me of camping and Christmas and being in the mountains. I love palm trees because they remind me of the beach and being warm and relaxing. In south Texas we don’t have either, so I guess it doesn’t really matter…

  4. Sarah says

    Neither. FIR trees are where it’s at. Those are the good kind. Very pretty, fluffy, smells great. 95% of your typical Christmas trees are fir trees so I can only assume Jesus also prefers fir.

  5. says

    Palm, it’s all I know.

    So beyond jealous of your dinner. I tried making salmon (which I love) once since I got pregnant and could not handle it – so yuck. And though I would LOVE some wine I take growing human baby parts pretty seriously. Really think of all the parts you have to grow just right, it’s overwhelming. So ya, jealous over here.

  6. Nikki says

    My vote goes for pine!

    Let me know if you figure out the Bezel–I have had my garmin for almost a year and still find the thing annoying/non-cooperative!

  7. Shannon B. says

    Well the Pine trees where I live are dying of some horrible tree disease (Pine wilt)…so I’m going with Palm.

  8. says

    Pine trees!! Moving to the land of palm trees hasn’t been very nice to me. Maybe once I get the hang if things in this part of the country I will change my mind, but for now, I miss the east.

  9. Shannon in Tustin says

    PINE! I get plenty of Palm here in southern California.

    Garmin advice: go to Amazon and search “mizuno wristband” they come in pairs and you can get two for about $6-8 (depending on color). Wear one UNDER the Garmin. Miracle of all miracles. I was hating mine for the first few weeks until I got those. I just wash them with my compression stuff in a lingerie bag every few days.

    The bezel can be a little tricky but you can lock it without affecting the start/stop buttons. You’ll definitely get the hang of it in no-time!

  10. Jody says

    This looks like the Garmin 410 which is the one I have. It came with a spare velcro strap… Maybe you can find one online?

  11. Lisa says

    Palm, because i’m in New England and I don’t get to see them alot.
    AND…I’m a redhead with hairy arms too? I don’t feel so alone now.
    But makes me wonder…do all redheads have hairy arms?

  12. Alex says

    My husband says the same thing about his Garmin and we happened to have a dozen green sweatbands left over from little league so he threw one of those on underneath. Problem solved!

  13. Gloria says

    I have the same Garmin too, but mine came with the Velcro strap and I was able to change it so that it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. Maybe someone bought your watch previously, returned it, and stole the Velcro strap just for fun? Maybe not likely but its a theory…

    I like the Pines that are at the top of the Palm Springs Tram ride because they smell like vanilla :)

  14. says

    Mmm that’s definitely one of my favorite dinners too. So good!!

    How about regular trees? I live in East Tennessee, and I couldn’t live without the tree-covered mountains!

  15. Tara says

    Although I love the smell, look and atmosphere of the pine, I will have to say Palm.
    A few of our neighbors have huge pines trees in their yard, although we end up with so many freakin’ pine needles, pine cones and sap all over our patio/garden/yard, it gets really annoying. (and sap leaves stains that are near impossible to remove-patio, patio furniture, pants )

    So ya, PALM!!!

  16. Alison says

    I have the same garmin… my only tip is turn down the sensitivity of the bezel… and I always locked it on my long runs… Nothing worse than looking down and the screen has changed…

  17. says

    Allergic to pine…. PALM ALL THE WAY. I moved away from TN (pine) to live with the palm trees(CA and FL) I like them so much. I’m determined to finish the Womens Half Marathon in less than a month even though I just got released from PT because I want the PALM TREE MEDAL!

    I’m absurd.

  18. says

    that’s my kind of dinner too! I have that same Garmin & I loved that the strap was plastic- my old velcro one got super nasty & smelly after 1 summer. I’ve had it for a few year & I’m not a fan of the touch bezel- it’s just a bit cumbersome to use at times.

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