Fake It Till You Make It


I had a lunch date today! Ben has jury duty this week and got picked for a case (I told him to say he was biased, but he’s all honest and ish). He had a 1.5 hour lunch and came home to eat with me. It was nice I’m very superstitious and insecure, so I normally hesitant to tell you about things that I’m nervous about because it gives me anxiety. But, I’m sharing this … [Read more...]

Not Too Smart Not Too Smart


So, last night I tried to add a page to RER that would update all my Instagram pictures automatically for all of you who don’t use the ‘gram (and so I can scroll back through my life when I’m 86 years old and remember the good ol’ days). But, I did it wrong and it updated on the front page. When I saw that this morning I was like, “FWORD!!! THE SKY IS FALLING! CALL THE … [Read more...]