Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

This morning I woke up before 5am to get on the road 2 hours before the RnR Halloween Half Marathon in LA. Los Angeles is about 50 miles north of me so I figured a hour to drive there and an hour to park/get to the start.

I flew down the freeway until I got to the exit for the race. Then, stuff got crazy. Short story: I sat on the freeway off ramp bridge for 45 minutes inching along. Lesson: This is why you get married or get a friend so someone can drive you and you can jump out of the car and walk to the start.IMG 8723 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

By some Christmas Halloween Miracle I got there, found a parking spot, hit the bathroom and was able to walk into Corral 5 to run.

The race started / finished at LA Live and the Staple Center area. Considering these places are designed to hold big crowds I thought the freeway crisis was odd.IMG 8724 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

I wanted to take it easy on this race, but I don’t trust myself to run smart. Luckily (??) my ipod wasn’t working so I didn’t have music to pump me up. Thus, I ran conservatively.

Also I broke Race Rule #1 – Don’t try anything new on race day.

I have been considering wearing compression socks for the ING NY Marathon, but I’ve never actually worn them to run (only for recovery). So I tried it today! I know, I live on the edge. (I’ll share my thoughts on this soon.)20121028 094952 600x800 Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Since I was trying to enjoy the race I decided to bust out my phone at mile 9 and take some pictures. I never do this!!! Wow – I’m really feeling fiesty today!

I finished in under 2 hours, I want to say 1:57 ish and felt great! At mile 12.2 I realized, “Hey, you have your phone so you could use that for music genius!” I listened to 2 songs and then the race was over.

20121028 093614 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

As soon as I crossed the finish line I headed to the Chocolate Milk booth for some refreshments. For some reason cold chocolate milk is 10x more delicious after a run. Check out Team Refuel for more information.20121028 094133 600x8001 Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Then, I met a few readers – Hi Monica and Ann! And headed to the VIP tent. (I scored a VIP wristband from ING.) IMG 8736 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

It’s pretty sweet – they have food, beer and champagne and tables for people to relax and hang.IMG 8735 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half MarathonIMG 8734 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

I circled the food table admiring all the goodies before digging in…IMG 8726 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

IMG 8728 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

IMG 8727 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

I met up with my #INGClassof2012 partners in crime Dave and Steve there!IMG 8731 800x6001 Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

I got a waffle, fruit with some granola, an egg burrito and that amazing Pumpkin Cookie. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling the burrito and only took a bite of the cookie, but forgot about it when I went to the watch the concert.IMG 8733 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

See? We watched the post-race concert from backstage.IMG 8737 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

The fun thing about this race is it’s right before Halloween and so many people dressed up! There was a costume contest at the end and I got a couple of great shots of the top contenders. (A reader was in this contest – please let me know who you are!)IMG 8741 800x600 Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half MarathonIMG 8743 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

IMG 8744 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

I have to give a big shout out to RnR for working with the ASPCA and encouraging pet adoptions. They had puppies and an adoption drive at the finish line festival!IMG 8745 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

It was fun to hang out with my NY marathon guys today! We’ll all be meeting up again in New York in less than a week! Crazy.IMG 8739 600x8001 Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

After the race I headed to my mom’s (who lives a lot closer to LA) for a visit. But, I made a little stop at my favorite old nail place first. It’s been too long!

IMG 8746 600x800 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

And my victory dance… cereal and watermelon. Yeah buddy.IMG 8748 800x600 thumb Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

image thumb34 Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Now it’s just a big ol’ countdown till New York. Time to rest, carb load and hope Sandy is long gone before I get there!

Question: If you were going to dress up for a race – what would you be?

I would be a turtle so I could take my time.


  1. says

    Awesome race- I’m getting nervous about NY! I hope the hurricane blows through there & the race is normal! I guess we’ll just have to wait & see how widespread the damage is with flooding & power outages. My mom thinks I’m nuts for still going….

  2. Nicole says

    I was looking for you there this morning! (Not sure how I missed you in that bright shirt! Lol) I even had access to the VIP tent… We must have just missed each other. Also, I was stuck back in Corral 18. How do they determine which corral to put you in? I mean, I know I’m not super fast (finish time today was 2:30:49), but 18 seemed a little harsh. ;)

    I’m starting a local chapter of a running club for moms called Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) and I wanted to let you know you’re a HUGE inspiration to me. I met another MRTT Chapter Leader today and was telling her about your Pile on the Miles Challenge next month. She said she’d already signed up!!

    Glad you had a good race today. Next time, we should try to meet up at a race, k? ;)

      • Nicole Leonard says

        I would love that. I don’t have another race on my [non-existent] race calendar, but I’m thinking about doing the LA Marathon (as a two-person relay with my sister) in March.

        My running group is based in Rancho Cucamonga. You should come out this way sometime and run with us!

  3. says

    Congrats on finishing! Looks like you had an awesome time. I went to the RnR expo when it was in town last weekend, but I’m not up to the distance yet, so I didn’t enter the race. I’m planning on being there next year, for sure… even if I have to walk it!

  4. says

    Congrats on the run.
    I’ve never worn compression socks – but seems like they are all the rage–do they make that much of a difference?
    I came up with, what I think, is a creative costume idea–dress as a kid and pin/carry flowers…”Flower Child”

  5. says

    That looked like a really fun race. Love your compression socks, I have the same ones, my husband thought the orange color is crazy, but I love it, especially this time of year. I can’t believe NYC is here! Hopefully Sandy is long gone by the time I fly in on Friday.

  6. Susan says

    I haven’t dressed up for anthing yet but there is a Santa Hustle here in Indianapolis in December that I might try to do something for. And then we are going to do Wickedly Fast in Kansas in April 2013 so I’m hoping to channel my inner Dorothy.

    Congrats on your race :)

      • Susan says

        Clever! I just signed up for Pile on the Miles. I did my own personal challenge like that in July when it was a BILLION degress and still surpasses my goal by 4 miles.

        BTW…I found you through Skinny Runner.

  7. says

    and how were the compression socks??? loved them right?? I wear them running all the time…wish they would just make my legs go faster..ha!

    Under 2 hours would be wonderful for me!!! Or just to run more than 6 miles at a time would be great for my entire body!!

  8. Bethany B. says

    Hey Monica,

    Great run today! Nice job! Good seeing you for two seconds. haha

    I was Princess Peach who gave you a quick hello as our Mario Kart group was walking back stage. The nine of us were really hoping to win the costume contest (I desperately needed those new Brooks shoes!), but the winner was well deserved. Any guy who runs 13.1 mi in sparkly red shoes, gingham, and a basket with Toto is definitely going to win! I think he PR’ed, too. Good for him.

    PS. Did you see Will Ferrell on the course? He had on a black Funny or Die tech shirt and was rockin’ a serious mustache. He finished in 2:03! I had no idea he was a runner.

    • says

      Bummer you didn’t win. I heard “Dorothy” say he PR’d and got blisters because his ruby slippers were his super old running shoes.

      AH! I didn’t see Will Ferrell but my friends saw him at the start and one of them got a (bad) picture with him. He wasn’t really into taking pics with fans at the start (I don’t blame him). But I wish wish wish I could have met him!!! Did you get to meet him?!

      • Bethany B. says

        We didn’t meet Will, either! I definitely understand if he was not in a picture taking mood.

        It was neat to run into you yesterday… I had no idea you were going to be there. I live locally (Hermosa Beach) so I might see you at future races!

        Good luck next week!

  9. says

    Definitely want to hear the review on running with the sleeves on! So, I live in DC and we’re definitely in a storm. Sheesh! But, I think by race day in NYC you’ll be fine! They did a bunch of evacuations, just depends on when your plane comes in! Um, I would dress up as wonder woman. Is that bad!?

  10. says

    Great job on your half! I’m a slow poke right now but working on speeding up a bit. I really wanted to find a race that I could dress up for but nothing was going on in my area. Lame. Hope you liked running with out compression socks. I always do and love them!

  11. Sarah says

    I ran a Halloween race this weekend. As part of my costume (I was a black cat), I wore my black compression socks. I normally only wear them for recovery, but I PR’d in my race and my legs felt great! I might have to race with them on more often… Am interested in your upcoming post on them!

  12. Jenn says

    So u ran a half them got your nails done wo showering? That’s disgusting. Then again u eat dirty fruit and binge in your car…

  13. Jennifer V. says

    I have a question…where did you get your running shorts? I would love to try some!

    I can’t wait to hear your opinion on the compression socks too!!

  14. says

    It was fun hanging out with you yesterday. Great time and run before ING NYC. Use this week for rest, refueling and rebuilding. Maybe one speed workout and some cross-training. See you in NY if my next flight isn’t cancelled. It will probably be pretty crazy but fun. Train Focused.

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