And Then I Fell 5 Days Before the New York Marathon

I fell. I fell this morning on my run. Puchero.

sad runner

I woke up before my alarm around 5:20am today and figured it was my body’s way of telling me to get up. I have a busy day, so I crawled out of bed and I peeked outside to see it was still very dark. So, I put my super bright Brooks Running Vest on so cars would see me in the dark. It was a bit chilly too so I also donned my orange NY Mary gloves.

Well, cars might have been able to see my pink vest, but I couldn’t see the ground and completely tripped and slammed into the ground before I was out 1 mile. I picked a route lined with street lights, but there’s 30 feet in between each one where it’s too dark to see the ground.

It happened so fast I think I heard my knees slam into the concrete before I even realized what happened. Luckily (?) there were no cars or people around so my ego was able to hide in the dark.IMG_8778 (600x800)

I’m glad I was wearing my gloves, so my hands aren’t scraped up. IMG_8780 (600x800)But, my right knee took the brunt of the fall and I got a big scrape.It’s worse in person, so if you want to come over later and check it out let me know.IMG_8783 (800x600)

So, now I’m eating breakfast (I faced my fears again and bought grapes!), and icing my knee in hopes that it’s just a surface wound. It’s already feeling a little stiff Sad smileIMG_8785 (600x800)

CANCELLED: I am hosting a twitter chat TODAY (Tuesday) at 11am PT/2pm ET all about food and running. Come share what you eat before a big run or after or during! You can find me @INGRunnerNation and #INGClassof2012 today that time. 

UPDATE: The chat is being cancelled due to the storm. I’ll let you know the new date/time as soon as I have it.

Question: Are you on twitter?

Guess what is the most popular food runner’s love after a race?!


  1. Holly says

    Ouch! I was actually worried about falling this morning too. For what it’s worth, I wear a dorky camping/scientist headlamp when I run in the dark. You strap it on your head (or, you could even wrap it around your wrist and hold it). They’re only about $10 at Target and they really do the trick. Or, you could try the slightly cooler looking knuckle lights? Hope your knee feels better soon!

  2. says

    aw, poor you! i hope the ice makes your knee good to go! very good thing that you were wearing gloves though.
    i am definitely on twitter. my whole, extended friend group is, so things can get a little crazy in the evening hours. i had it set as private until somewhat recently, bc i thought i’d be more mature after graduating college, but i should probably go back to private… 😉

  3. says

    Ice it up in 20 minute intervals–too much icing isn’t good either(unless on a cake–OH SNAP)–Also, ibuprofen 6-800mg is safe every 6 or so hours as long as you don’t exceed 2400mg in a day. I’m sure you know about elevation and resting it :) <—-I'm a nurse

  4. Allie says

    I am guessing NYC is still worse off then you. It will be interesting to hear how the city rallies. ( and you too!)

  5. says

    I did the same thing the week of Twin Cities Marathon! I was also running in the early morning darkness and tripped on a pothole. I scraped my knee and fortunately was also wearing gloves so my hands were mostly saved. My knee hurt for awhile, though. Also weirdly did not rip a hole through my capris, but the skin on my knee kind of made this weird flap that ripped open and kind of bled all over the place.

    It wasn’t too bad during the marathon, and I probably only noticed it at the start because I was worried about it. Give it plenty of air to let it heal! And if it makes you feel any better, I was running with a light and *still* fell. :-)

  6. says

    :( so sorry you fell!! I hope it’s not hurt too badly. I was eating grapes yesterday (UNWASHED!!!) but I made sure the check them thoroughly for deadly spiders. I am on twitter – @halfin2013

  7. says

    oh gosh! I’m glad you’re OK and it wasn’t serious because I immediately felt super nervous after the first sentence!

    Do you not like grapes?? I am OBSESSED! Frozen grapes, girl!

  8. Jill says

    be careful! i fell at the end of august, right after my honeymoon and scraped my knee through my tights, went home and cleaned it and iced it…but it got SO infected. i had to go on antibiotics. i blame that i ran home after with the tights still over the scrape.

    bad. news. bears. so take care!

  9. Robin says

    Sorry about your fall! Has there been any word of postponing the marathon? My husband says no way it’s going on, and my reply was a) you underestimate NYC, and b) you REALLY underestimate runners.

  10. Karin says

    Ouch! Good luck at the marathon, I hope everything goes smoothly after the storm! I just started reading your blog after a friend posted a link to the November challenge on facebook and I am hooked :)

    Twitter @Bearsfan30

  11. says

    Hope your knee feels better soon. Sounds like you need to invest in a head lamp for running in the dark! They work great, are a cheap investment and can be used for SO many things.

    My favorite post-race food is usually pizza and chocolate milk.

    By the way, my Twitter handle is @HappierHeather1

  12. says

    Oh NO!!! I fell two weeks ago and STILL have the scab. Yours looks a lot better than my knee, but it is still a pain to have!! I hope it heals before Sunday!

  13. says

    Urgh- that stinks! I usually fall about once a year…I’ve tripped over the same “bump” in our sidewalk several times- usually when I’m realy tired or really distracted.
    Hope you head- I’m getting a bit worried about the marathon….things are looking back in NYC! I can’t imagine they will have all the preparations and personnel in place to pull of all the logistics by Sunday…we shall see!

  14. says

    I’ve fallen a couple times while running, but my gymnastics skills as a kid save me – each time I’ve rollen over my shoulder and gotten back up. Ninja instinct! :) I do have a scar where my husband’s car jumped out and got me… while parked (aka – I have my moments too :D)

    And I read twitter more than tweet, but I’m @quixotique. Hope your knee cooperates (as does the storm!).

  15. says

    Chocolate milk? Is that considered a food? Otherwise, banana. 😉

    (Although, after my last half marathon…MONTHS ago…they had pretzels available…for the first 5 minutes or so I was so thirsty and thought pretzels seemed so dry to be handing out…well, after I drank a butt load of water…i went back and got some pretzels and I must say they were MIGHTY tasty.)

  16. Shannon B. says

    Boo…drink lots of water with all that ibuprofen your liver will thank you! At least that’s what my doc said to me when he prescribed that high dose.
    After a race, while I feel I could eat a whole pizza, I usually opt for bananas.
    Sending positive vibes to your knee to feel better!!

  17. says

    Ouch. Thankfully I have never fallen while running on pavement. I’ve nearly taken a few headers while running on trails though. My best fall was while sprinting playing paintball. Complete faceplant! It was like the ground dropped right out from under me, and WHAM! My gun got dropped in an effort to save myself and as I scrambled back for it I got shot about three times I think.

    I’m on Twitter (@chrispy47) and my guess would be some sort of energy bar.

  18. says

    Ouch. I am sure it is way worse in person! You should have Ben come home from work and make lunch for you today ; )

    The first (and still only) time I fell trail running I was actually excited because I felt like it made me officially a trail runner – I was happy to have that bloody dirt infused knee!

    Any word from ING about the status of the race? The damage looks pretty scary on tv.

    I am on twitter @ohwellwatevr and still trying to figure it all out. I think you followed me?

  19. says

    Glad you’re okay. I’ve been lucky, so far I haven’t fallen while out, but I’m sure eventually it will happen. Love those gloves, BTW!

  20. says

    Last year, the Saturday before my first marathon, I did the same thing. Except I tripped on a stick and sprained my ankle so badly that I was on crutches through Wednesday. Needless to say, the race didn’t go as planned and all he hard work was out the door… I ended up running the race and being stubborn, but boy it was not as fun as I thought it could be. I did learn I could run 26 miles on a softball ankle… And I’m still trying to get the courage up to train for another :) good luck this weekend and keep that knee iced!

  21. Mandy says

    I fell last night and I’m 3 weeks out from my half! Goose egg on my knee, but my hand got the worst of it. I wasn’t wearing gloves, so it looked like a horror movie by the time I got home. I did finish my run, though! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  22. says

    I hate to admit it but this post MADE MY DAY…don’t hate me, I have a good reason!! I am soooo very sad that you fell and I hope that you are okay for your race! Last Tuesday (same day, kinda freaky) I fell HARD, I actually slide across the pavement! I am still all beat up, not sore or hurt just scabbed badly 😀 I have a blog post about it so you can read it and feel better about yourself. I am here to help. For the past week I have felt like a complete idiot and for some reason knowing that I’m not the ONLY one who falls while running make me feel all warm and cozy inside 😉 Feel better and good luck on your race!!! If I’m ever in CA we should meet up for a run…or fall, which ever you prefer!

  23. Pamela says

    Sorry to hear about your fall, been there so I put a light on my hat. I see woman all over this area with them at 5:00 am. Hope you heal fast.

  24. says

    Uh oh! Hopefully ice, aspirin and rest will keep the inflammation away. If it’s a surface wound, I would recommend a “second skin” bandage while you run. It will keep the wound protected.

  25. sally kate says

    hopefully everything is up and running by this weekend for the race!!! this morning on the today show everything looked HORRIBLE!!
    I think the most popular food after a race is a banana- not because that’s what i like to eat, but because they always have them available at finish lines.

  26. Kathy R. says

    OMG! Thanks sooooo much for the much needed laugh. As soon as I saw that first picture I burst out laughing. That picture is too funny.

    But then I felt guilty for laughing out loud when I saw the picture of your scraped up knee. :(

    Wishing you speedy healing and good luck with the race.

  27. Jamie Reynolds says

    Hey girl! I really need your opinion. So what do you think about these running shoes? I just saw this Reebok commercial with J.Sparks, Lil Rel, and Ruben Studdard and they look really hip and comfortable.

    • says

      I wear Brooks to run in, so I can’t really give you advice on those. I would definitely go to a running shop and compare those to your current running shoes befpre you make a switch.

  28. Maura says

    There must be something in the air today because I took a fall this afternoon on my run, right before the first mile… and I had such a great time going! It was only my second fall while running, but due Sandy and the fact that I was running on a trail, I was covered in mud and my hands and right knee took the brunt of the fall. At least there was no one around to see it and I got a good laugh out of it as I finished my run!

  29. says

    Ouch! Hope it doesn’t hurt too bad.

    Although if you look at my hands and knee on my last blog you can see that I am not immune to evil sidewalks either!

  30. Susan says

    Dang – that sucks :(. I seriously felt sympathy pain when I read you “heard your knees slam into the concrete” and felt sick to my stomach. Hope it heals quickly & feels fine.

    I started following you on Twitter a few days ago. I’m @blingchaser65.

  31. says

    Dang, I’m so freaking scared of the dark, I can’t imagine living someplace where the sidewalks were too dark to see! Headlamp all the way!

    I think the most popular post-race food SHOULD be trail mix, but I suspect it’s something boring like bagels.

  32. Suzanne says

    I am guessing pizza for the popular post-race food. Also, I (somewhat) recently joined Twitter (@SuziSchin) but I hardly tweet because I don’t know much about it. If you have some simple tips for how to use Twitter effectively (or at least so it’s fun), then help a sista out!

  33. says

    Not sure how open you’re to alternative care or if you can find a Chinese physician near you – I find them very helpful although I must warn you that what they do is usually what Western docs would avoid! For something like this, expect him to press/massage (hard) on the area – something about dissiapting the blood from the area/so the blood doesn’t pool around the wound.

  34. Leigh S. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your fall (as I’m catching up on weekly reading just now). I don’t get to comment often here, Monica, but I read your blog as much as I can. It’s weird, but I had this exact same thing happen to me at the beginning of August (though I wasn’t training for a mary). We were visiting relatives in Columbus, OH, and I went out for a long run (for me, then, it was 8 miles). It was clear and bright, but the sidewalks in that neighborhood were bad. The sidewalks combined with my ever-present klutziness, and I tripped on an unexpected raised section about 1 mile in, taking the brunt of it on my right knee (only a little on my ungloved hands). My knee bled a little, but I didn’t stop the run. Not sure if anyone saw it happen, but it’s possible. Anyway, sorry again to hear about the fall, Monica–hope you recover very quickly.

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