Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!

I really screamed, “Happy Halloween to me!” this morning when I walked into the kitchen to find a spider saying hello! spider

Exercise: Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack and a walk later Smile

Breakfast: Happy Halloween eggs and pumpkin oatmeal with pumpkin butter and almond butterhalloween breakfast

It’s Halloween, but I work from home so I don’t think I’ll bother squeezing into the Sexy Watermelon costume I bought last year. I never got to wear it because our plans last year fell through (and we just just got back from Panama).sexy watermelon

I think I’m headed to my mom’s to go trick-or-treating with my little brother (this is probably the last year before he’s too cool for me) after work. So, I am excited to get into the Halloween Spirit!

Here is a look back on my costumes from Halloween’s past…

Cheerleader:TINYCHEERLEADER_thumbWonder woman!WONDERWOMAN_thumb

Wonder woman all grown up: SCAN0272(faces hidden to protect the innocent)

Angel:angel and ninja turtle


<My scanner decided to break right here and I just took pictures of the pictures. Tragic. But, I don’t have time to fix it right now.?

Cinderella (8th grade):IMG_8792 (533x800)

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas:IMG_8788 (800x533)

Cat ears with Ben and Matt:IMG_8791 (533x800)

Question: What was your costume this year?

I really should have been Alana from Honey Boo Boo because that was me as a kid Winking smile


  1. says

    I made a giant rat costume and put a pouch on the front for my candy, it was great when I went trick or treating because I didn’t have to carry my candy bag (i’m lazy like that)

  2. Mary says

    i was so tempted to be honey boo boo haha i was a bee (boring). im pretty sure your penguin costume picture is the best ever. i love the facial expression haha

  3. Kelsey says

    Love the costumes! I was Wonder Woman this year. I can’t wait for trick or treaters, our neighborhood is packed with kids.

  4. says

    First, Good Luck on your travels to NYC! It might be an odd experience but I know you’ll make the best of it. Love love love your costumes from past Halloweens. I was on Saturday a flight attendant because I’ve been flying a bunch, also it was the only costume that “roomie” would agree to dress up as my counterpart. Although, one patron at our late night dinner thought I was Anne Romney with Mitt. So weird.

  5. says

    I love love love that Sally costume!!

    This weekend I dressed up as Kit from A League of Their Own. I’m going to a post-Halloween party this weekend with my husband and I’ll be the Evelyn to his Jimmy Dougan. My MIL even made our dog a Stilwell Angel costume, even though he won’t be attending the party with us. :)

    Unrelated to Halloween–can I ask what’s that red stuff on your oats? Do you put jam on top along with the nut butter?

  6. Suzanne says

    Oh my, your Wonder Woman costume was super adorable! I wish I could’ve been that as a kid! This year, we had 2 parties and I dressed up as a Gold Digger (or a play on that). I wore all gold (including gold shoes!) and had money pinned to me and a tiny shovel.

  7. says

    Love the wonder woman costumes! This year I was a cat one night (easiest/simplest/cheapest costume) and then I was Katy Perry- with a blue wig, candy accessories and cupcake shirt. It was pretty cool and one (really drunk) girl even came up to me with tears in her eyes telling me I was her idol! Enjoy trick-or-treating with your brother, I wish I was with mind tonight to do the same.

  8. says

    I love the pictures of your costumes from previous years, and I love the watermelon costume – I totally think you should wear it today! This year I’m pregnant with my first so of course I had to incorporate my prego belly. I’m not too creative though so I just used a tutorial on pinterest to paint a “baby skeleton” pattern onto the belly of a maternity shirt. It’s kind of fun because I’m 23 weeks along, and a lot of people don’t realize I’m pregnant yet, so I’ve been getting a lot of questions so far :)

  9. says

    omgsh, your throwback halloween pics – sooooo cute!!! Aw, totally made me smile!!

    P.S. I have*never* gotten through level 2 of 6week/6pack. I don’t even know what goes on beyond 5/6 minutes of that portion. hahah

    Happy Halloween!

  10. Robin says

    My 18 month old and I are going to be matching pumpkins (I am very pregnant so it works) and I couldn’t be more excited to take her trick or treating for the first time.

    I am *obsessed* with your Wonder Woman costumes, I used to dress up in mine as a toddler all the time, my daughter will be rocking that next year!

  11. Susan says

    Sadly, no costume this year but I used to work for a Professional Sports organization and we had a Halloween party for kids every year. I’ve been Snow White, Raggedy Ann, Dorothy, Donald Duck (I can mostly talk like him), Minnie Mouse.

    I really miss HAVING to do that for work. :(

  12. says

    I was Ariel, and my friends were other princesses. It was quite precious. I’m a fan of the sexy watermelon though. Who knew fruit could be sexy?

  13. says

    Oh my gosh – your costumes made me laugh!
    I was dressed up for work today and thought about wearing a tiara (leftover from 4th of July) and tell people I was the Duchess of Cambridge.

  14. Gloria says

    You were too adorable as a kid! I love it. My sister was actually Honey Boo Boo this year and then let my boyfriend borrow the costume on a different night. It was pretty funny. I was Daria, but to the 18-20 year olds that were also out that night, I was just a frumpy looking woman.

  15. says

    Haha please tell me you wore that sexy watermelon costume around the house today. Just imagine what Ben would have done when he got home. 😉

  16. says

    Happy Halloween! No costume for me yesterday – first, I worked late and second, Halloween is unfortunately not a biggie around here. But hey, I enjoy looking at everyone’s pics, especially my nieces who went trick-a-treating in their neighbourhood. They’re in Houston.

  17. says

    Yeah, I got in the shower yesterday morning and there was a huge centipede. Not gonna lie. I haven’t showered since. Very frightful Halloween indeed!

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