Going Going Back Back To Cali

Even though the marathon was cancelled my mom, Ben and I tried to make the best of the weekend. IMG_8877 (800x600)

Luckily, two of Ben’s best friends live in New York and another one lives in Boston and took a bus out to NYC. We only see them once a year or so (at weddings) and I know that really sucks for Ben.  So, we had already planned to spend a lot of time with them this weekend.

They surprised him with a birthday dinner celebration which was really sweet (his bday was in Sept) and I know it meant a lot to him Smilenew york frozen yogurt

Dan just had a baby a few weeks ago but I missed seeing his wife Cathy and the babe when I had a meeting Saturday. Sending love to their adorable tiny baby <3 (Seriously cutest baby and so so tiny!)new york frozen yogurt

After dinner we went back to his friend’s apartment and just hung out. I slacked all weekend on taking pictures, but I swore I took a pic of their apartment and can’t find it?! I’m so intrigued by New York City living since I’m such a suburbs girl.

Dinner Saturday was noteworthy – I think this is the first time I’ve had real New York style pizza?! Pizza is my favorite food and I don’t know of any good pizza places near my home. I was looking forward to carb loading before the race with a big ol’ slice. IMG_8995 (800x600)

My mom and I split 2 slices and I think I am a fan of thin crust?! I would have never expected it since I’m such a bread fan, but I think thin crust might be my new fave (outside of legit Chicago deep dish in Chicago only).IMG_8925 (800x600)

Then we saw an off Broadway musical – Newsical. It was a comedy about the news and current events. They poked fun at everything from the election to binders of women to Paula Deen. I liked it!IMG_8996 (800x600)

This morning we woke up at 4am to get to the airport for our 7am flight.  I think I’ve gotten 4 hours of sleep or less every night since Thursday’s red eye. I’m feeling pretty tore up at this point.IMG_9002 (800x600)

We got to the airport and through security pretty quickly.IMG_9007 (800x600)

I figured since we were flying out of JFK there would be a lot of food options past the security line. Wrong. There was only one place open and all they had were plain bagel sandwiches or muffins. Bah.IMG_9005 (800x600)

At 6am Peet’s opened and I bought an iced coffee. The sunglasses are necessary given my extreme lack of sleep this weekend. IMG_9008 (800x600)

I am so so ready to go home! I would have went straight home Friday if it wasn’t for Ben and my mom being here with me.

IMG_9011 (800x600)

Now I’m blogging from the air on a Virgin America flight. It’s so fancy.IMG_9012 (800x600)

We’re supposed to land around 11am and then I am hoping to get some errands done before I go back to work tomorrow. My boss text me as soon as the news the marathon was cancelled hit – I think she thought I would end up working today, but I’m kind of a zombie.pile on the miles 2012

PILE ON THE MILES Week 2 is here!

Please update your mileage from last week (Nov. 1-3) in the spreadsheet:


Q: What is your PILE ON THE MILES goal for this week?

Leave a comment with your goal and be entered to win a box of Honey Stinger gels and bars.honeystinger gels

Open to all. Closes 11/6 Tuesday at 9am PST.

Winner of the Week 1 Prize – a case of Chobani is Kathy: image


  1. says

    I really hope you enjoyed your time here this weekend – I know the weekend had a black cloud over it at the beginning :(
    NYC pizza/thin crust makes everything better!

  2. says

    My goal this week is 12.5 miles. I have already done a little under 4 as of yesterday!
    Hoping if I aim high I will end the month higher than my goal of 50 miles.

  3. Martha says

    This week’s goal is 12 miles — I have visitors coming this weekend, so that will cut down on my running opportunities. Gotta get at it while I can!

  4. Amanda says

    My goal is 12 miles! I’m slacking hard lately.

    So nice that Ben got to see his friends, it must be hard to live so far away from them.

  5. says

    15 miles this week. It’s less than my original goal, but injury and sickness are plaguing me. If I can get 15 in, I’ll be thrilled!

  6. says

    You and your mom are so cute!

    That pizza looks so gooood and that certainly does look like a fancy airplane. I’ve been on so many and we never had lights like that! haha

  7. Brooke says

    My goal for the week is 40. My week will end Saturday with a 10 mile race at Navy Pier in Chicago. I’ve never tried Honey Stinger before, how do they compare to GU?

  8. Jessica says

    My goal this week is 12 miles! (Tentatively) made a decision to run DC’s Rock n Roll half marathon in March — here we go!

  9. says

    I love NYC pizza! It should really be available all over NY and not just in the city!

    My goal for this week is 9 miles, hopefully more, but with a sick 3 year old I never know how long I’m gonna get.

  10. says

    My total goal is 50. I am running the Divas Half in San Juan this weekend. I think that my overall goal was very reasonable and I hope to blow it out of the water. I can’t imagine running more than 10 miles before Sunday (race day).

  11. Suzanne says

    I did a 10K on Sunday, so I have a head start! But, my week is extremely busy so I am not expecting to make my goal of 15 miles, but I will try… Only 8.8 more to go…

  12. Sarah says

    POTM goal this week: just 26.2! My legs are giving in to taperitis and so I am resting every day until I run the Richmond Marathon on Sat!

  13. says

    My goal for this week is what I’ve already completed. 26.2 miles! I ran my first marathon yesterday (along with some who had planned to run in the NY marathon). Such a great experience! I’ll be running another again – just not sure when. I know I can do much better next time – I’ve learned so much this time around.

  14. Ashley G says

    My goal is 25 slow, easy miles. I did 6 on the trails yesterday to start the week out, but while they were slow, they were not easy miles. The rest of the week, I’ll stick to the goal 😉

  15. Jamie says

    My goal is about 14 miles. I am 28 weeks pregnant and shoot for about 2 miles a day. At this point I am walking, but hope to get back into running next year!

  16. Jean says

    My goal is for 5 miles this week. My weeks are so hectic come the fall and I have putting running aside, so I hope this little goal will help me stay on track

  17. says

    My goal this week is 30 miles. Since I had been tapering for the marathon, I only ran 9 miles last week (6 for the count here) so I want to make up for it! Planning on running my on 26.2 miles in a couple weeks up at the trails I completed all my long runs.

  18. says

    Goal this week is 44 miles. Ufff.

    YEARS ago, the H and I did a walking food/architecture/history tour of Greenwich, complete with pizza samples from 3 different places. All delicious. I’ve never had better pizza everywhere, and I try REALLY hard to find delicious pizza.

  19. Shannon B. says

    My goal for the week is 12 miles. It will hopefully be more, but since I don’t know about the weather this weekend I’m keeping safe with miles I can get in during the week!
    Hope you had a good time and a safe flight back!

  20. Jamie says

    My Goal this week is 30 miles. A mix between running and walking! :) I started this morning with a quick (I was running late) 4 on the treadmill.

  21. says

    The first 1/2 week was a complete bust for me due to work craziness and then going away for the weekend. Time to kick it into gear. My goal this week is 15 miles, that’s quite a lot for me.

  22. Kelly R says

    My goal for this week is 11 tracked miles. I’m going to be a lot of traveling by foot, but won’t be tracking all of the miles.

  23. says

    I wanted to do 7 last weekend but only got in 5, so I walked 2 yesterday just because. So, along with the 16 I was already planning on doing for this week, that brings me to a total of 18 for the week. Wow, that sounds amazingly high for this lazy girl!!

  24. Karen says

    This week I’m hoping for 15 miles. My parents are in town for a few days so that will make it more challenging, but maybe I can get a couple miles out walking with them.

  25. says

    My goal for this week is 20 [I did my first 8 miler yesterday in prep for the Las Vegas Half!] I have a 10k this weekend where I get to run through our local zoo. Yes, I said it. A zoo. I’m going to pretend there are lions..and tigers..and bears..chasing me as incentive. Totally legit, right?

  26. Sara Kolpek says

    I plan to walk 24 miles this week!!

    I am planning on re-routing my morning walk with my dog to get in some extra mileage!!! Thank goodness for daylight saving! I love catching the beautiful morning sky’s with my dog!

  27. Nicole says

    Oh my goodness I forgot that walking counted as well. I walk everywhere (don’t have a car) but oh well, I think I’ll just count the run miles. Goal for this week, run 3 times. I was also thinking about doing one run per week focusing on time not miles or pace.

  28. Debbie says

    15 miles this week (running) and an extra 6 walking with friends and my dog. Still working on getting my friends and dog to run with me.

  29. says

    I can’t believe I didn’t bump into you at all this weekend. I did my 26.2 miles all over NYC yesterday and ended with the last few miles in Central Park. It was an incredible feeling with all the other runners, so memorable. Also, the apartment I stayed in was three doors down from the Levain Bakery. I saw the lines out the door and had to go get one of those amazing cookies too. I looked for your gorgeous red hair all weekend but never saw you. Maybe next time!

  30. says

    I just ran a half marathon this weekend, so this week is all about recovery for me. This week will be low mileage- aiming for somewhere between 8 and 10 miles. And lots of yoga. And foam rolling:)

  31. says

    My goal for the challenge is 60 miles! I’ve got a half marathon this weekend though, so I’m guessing I may log up to 20 or more miles this week? No taper for this girl!

  32. Annie says

    My running/walking goal for this week is only about 20-22….post marathon recovery week, so more walking that running!

  33. says

    I am slowly allowing my body to adjust to the Kinvara’s and I would like to increase my running from 3mile runs to 5 mile runs in these shoes. Hopefully I can do 3 days of that.

  34. Kate says

    My goal this week is just to get back to running a few miles after my very first half marathon this weekend…my legs are so sore!

  35. says

    I’m hoping to pile on 30 miles this week….hoping to get some of those in pre-dawn and work off the lb’s I gained from this past weekend’s fun.

  36. Michele says

    Did you find that many of the marathoners in NYC decided to stay and help volunteer? Did you take the canceled race as an opportunity to volunteer? If so, how was the experience? Would love to read a post about it. What did the other ambassadors for ING do once the race was cancelled? Did they volunteer?

  37. says

    My goal for the week is to get back on track. Sandy hit us hard but we are alive and have a home still it may be dark and cold but it is standing so I will not complain too much any more.

  38. Emily Jones says

    My goal this week is 20 miles! I ran my first half maraton on Sunday (and it was a trail run, super hard!) and don’t want to stop now so I will do a few ‘recovery’ runs this week. I’m addicted!!

  39. says

    Welcome back! Seriously, isn’t NY pizza the most amazing?! My mileage goal for the week is 42.2 (the .2 is because I’ll be running the Malibu marathon on Sunday).

  40. Theresa says

    Hoping to get in 70-80 miles, 2 swims, a yoga, and *maybe* some strength training if I can motivate myself to stop being such a slacker!

  41. Jennifer says

    I hope your flight home was uneventful and you are going to finally catch up on sleep!

    My goal for this week is 20 miles!

  42. Suzanne says

    Because of health reasons, I will set my goal at 6 miles this week. Oh and I went to NYC at the end of August and ate at 16 Handles EVERYDAY!! So yummy (especially the salted caramel flavor-did they still have that one??)! And I (like you) also discovered that I like thin crust pizza better-who would’ve thought!?!?

  43. Niki says

    My Goal is 15 miles this week of running and maybe a few of walking. Just realized walking miles count too. Might have to up my overall goal!

  44. says

    I got my 15 miles in walking all over Disneyland and California Adventure this weekend…along with some other random foot movement. This week I plan to do another 15 or so over 3 days. :)

  45. Jess says

    My goal for this week is 26 miles, I’m hoping to get the ok to be able to run again after a knee injury so here’s hoping I can run some of them instead of walking.. yeehaw!

  46. March Rhodus says

    Going for 25 miles, my lungs have been complaining (I have bad asthma – but running so helps!) and I hope this week to be on the upswing.

  47. laura says

    my goal is at least 15 miles. I have a 10k but not til sunday. So my “real” goal is to do it in 1 hr 20mins…..because i’m slow :)

  48. says

    My goal this week is 55 miles!!! See ya soon Richmond!!!

    For those of you who are runners are you counting miles walked as well or just your runs?

  49. says

    I am aiming for around 50. I like it half of 100 and I need to get back into the higher week numbers! I also love Honey Stinger ANYTHING!

  50. says

    My goal this week is actually lower than usual – 22 miles. My official LA Marathon (my FIRST EVER marathon!) training plan starts next week so I’m trying to take it a little easy beforehand.

  51. Karoline says

    Ahh all these Americans and their miles! I’m
    Not in the competition because personally school is way too intense So I’m just hoping I can pull out a 10km! Ps- your mom is beautiful! You guys look a lot alike despite your different hair colour

  52. Amy says

    ideally, I would say 25-30, but since we’re supposed to get another Nor’ Easter this week, I have to work 48hours of night shifts, and the treadmill and I are NOT friends, I’m going to aim for 22…but really, 25!

  53. Allie says

    I plan on 10 miles this week. We went to phili for a short weekend with the kids and I walked alot, but time to get back on track now!

  54. Kasey says

    I got a slow start last week (just 3.5 miles!), but this week, I hope to get 15 miles. I’m halfway there already!

  55. says

    So grateful for this post. Flying out of JFK soon, a super early morning flight (with my baby, and wondering what would be open. I suppose terminals could differ, but I’m hedging my bets and packing big for the journey — thanks for the heads up!

  56. says

    If I can get out and do 10 miles running and at least another 10 walking the pup this week, I will be thrilled. I came down with a nasty cold last week that has left me coughing nonstop. I really need to get crackin on my miles!

  57. Gretchen says

    Goal is between 12-15 miles. I have a nagging sore “haunch” for lack of a better term that is holding me back…o and stupid Daylight savings time.

  58. says

    My goal this week is 5 miles. I realize this sounds very small to some, but I’m still new at running and very busy most days and it gets dark early. I think I may try my hand at a morning run since the sun is up earlier these days.

  59. Janice says

    My goal for the 4th through the 10th is 32. I ran a half this past Sunday and have another this Saturday with some miles on my own in between.

  60. Nicole H says

    My goal for this week is 18 miles. I had a 10km race last Sunday on top of my usual weekly runs so that should put my weekly milage up a bit. Unfortunately at my Monday running class the next day my running coach thought it would be a good idea to do hill repeats. Not fun :).

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