Last Chance Survey


Hello! How was your day?! Mine was good except Ben’s car broke down on the way home last night so he had to take my car to work. I work from home so it wasn’t a big deal except knowing I COULDN’T go anywhere made me want to! I felt trapped! It was like I was on a car diet and I wanted some car just because I knew I couldn’t have any… I was a busy little bee cucaracha … [Read more...]

Sweat Pretty and POTM Ups the Ante


Good Morning! After a 90 degree day yesterday I woke up to a rainy morning?! Luckily I have a ton of cold weather gear I’ve been needing to test from different companies so I welcomed the chill with open, fleece covered arms Puma recently sent me some workout gear from their Puma Sweat Pretty line. This fleece is super comfy and cute with a thick pink stripe up the side. I … [Read more...]