First phone blog!


Hello from my phone...I'm on my way to Santa Barbara! I put WordPress on my phone this week, but I really have no idea how it works. So, this might be a disaster but it's all part of the adventure, right? Friday in a nutshell: I packed in 5 minutes, hopefully i didn't forget a sports bra or something... LA traffic is horrific. yelp … [Read more...]

Flapjack Friday Flashback


Remember when I would eat Flapjack or French Toast every Friday? Not sure why I stopped that, but after reading about four different protein pancake recipes in Oxygen recently I’ve been craving ‘em! Before we get to this morning I want to share that I was sipping on an adult beverage right around 8pm last night. I’m not counting this as night time eating as long as it doesn’t … [Read more...]