Wordless Wednesday but Tuesday

wake up

at the gym



reading and eating

timekeep calm and carry on

apple and almonds

walk with friends

post officesurprise delivery!

holiday survival kit


food should taste good chips

dinner taco salad

cookies for bens potluck

blurry vegas


    • says

      Hey Joe, Thanks for asking! I actually did great last week and fell off on Saturday after the marathon. Now I’m struggling to get back on track, but I am doing better than I would have without the challenge. I only ate a sliver of the pumpkin pie from yesterday and one cookie last night. I have a tendency to have an all or nothing mentality so I think that is progress :)

      • Coby says

        Good answer to an obviously snarky commenter. No one is perfect 100 percent of the time. Just do the best you can, most of the time. Good progress! :)

        • jen says

          But she does IT EVERY WEEK. Monday rolls around…new challenge. 3 days later back to binging in the car and eating crap. So you are one cook and pumpkin pie. what about he chocolate and chips above? by the way, looking great in that gym photo. I know when i have dark circles under my eyes and stand with my legs spread looking chubby i think i should post this for the internet to see!

          • says

            Hey Jen (or is it Lauren since you’ve posted as both), Yes, many weeks I set mini-goals for myself to work on. I have been eating cleaner and did it all last week. I didn’t eat the chocolate in that picture, it was just part of the package I was sent. I did eat the chips and I have no issue with that – my goal was to cut back on sugar so that doesn’t bother me (funny that it seems to bother you though…).
            If you really think I have an issue with binging, which is an eating disorder – what kind of person are you to call me chubby in the same comment?

          • Holly says

            Jen/Lauren/Joe….whoever you are…I, for one, appreciate Monica keepin’ it real. MANY of us struggle with trying to eat better. But some days, it is an hour by hour struggle. We win some and we lose some, and many of us “start over on Monday.” I go to the gym at 5:00am and I’m sure I don’t look good. The only fitness/food blogs I read are the ones who are honest, “real” people. Keep it up, Monica.

    • Coby says

      I like to think that most people in life are not like joe/jen/lauren, but I’m starting to fear that isn’t so. It’s so easy to comment on someone else’s health — and I realize that Monica has a blog where she puts herself out there for the world to view. But it says a lot about your own health, particularly your mental health, to post nasty comments to deliberately bring someone else down. I’m not saying the world should be all rainbows and butterflies. Lord, no. But why not choose simple decency?

  1. says

    What are the kisses in those nipple cookies? I make them too but they are pb with a reg kiss. Those are some mighty fleshy looking kisses and it might make a hilarious(yet delicious) baked good for holiday parties.

  2. Mary says

    This is my first comment, but I have been reading for a while. I love everything about your blog, especially your fun sense of humor! Keep up the awesome posts :)
    I know you’ve mentioned that you aren’t crazy about oatmeal, but this morning I made pumpkin oats and added a little cocoa powder, brown sugar, and sunflower seed butter. I thought I’d share because it was really good and almost tasted like cookie batter!

  3. Jenna says

    You’re AWESOME! Seriously, we LOVE you in this house. Such a real person and fabulous roleidel ALWAYS. Way to go with the confidence and savvy responses! You’re the best!

  4. Jennifer Sahene says

    Holy snarky comments! Monica I love you and your nipple cookies! :) nobody is perfect people so get off your high horse! If at first you don’t succeed try try again you snarky jerks! <3 you Monica, do your own thing.

  5. says

    Why can I not find those pumpkin hershey kisses anywhere? I want to make cookies with them to bring to a friends for Thanksgiving, where did you get those? Also, is that guacamole or avocado hummus in the picture with the chips because my mouth just started watering.

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