Bad Pizza Is Better Than No Pizza. False.

bad pizza is better than no pizza

I don’t know how, but I managed to make bad pizza last night!

Okay, I do know how – I tried to make no-rise crust (because I didn’t have yeast) and only have whole wheat flour. It looked like normal pizza, but the crust just wasn’t good. IMG_9336 (800x533)

Served up with green bean fries and humble pie. IMG_9340 (800x533)

Pile on the Miles Check In!POTM 2012

Are you close to hitting your goal for this week? These POTMers are on a roll:


Note: Reader Liz is helping to organize Dash For Dreams – a 10k race in Central Park on Dec 1st. It is a fundraiser for Flying Kites, a program in Kenya that works to educate orphans. Check out that link for more info!


This morning I did Jillian’s Six week 6 Pack Level 1 again. I think I might move up to level 2 next week. Maybe. I am digging it though and kinda wish I could have done the full 6 week challenge.

Happy Friday! IMG_9345 (800x533)

I ate my eggs with oatmeal and iced coffee. But, we’re all out of milk Sad smile I seriously considered stirring some yogurt into my coffee – is that the worst?IMG_9350 (800x533)

Question: What’s going on this weekend? Fun plans? Run Plans??

I didn’t tell you guys but I randomly met two ladies forming a running group the other day on a walk. The group would be training for the LA Marathon in March. Now, I am not ready to recant my story about retiring from marathons, but I am tempted to at least run with them sometimes because I need a friend.


  1. says

    Yikes, that pizza is… interesting, to say the least. At least the toppings look good?

    I’ve definitely put yogurt in my coffee, and it was a BAD IDEA. But who knows, maybe you’ll like it!

  2. sally says

    I’ll be one of the displaced nyc marathon runners running the philadelphia marathon on Sunday! While I’m going it alone with no friends or family to support me I’m happy that there will at least be strangers there cheering and not jeering=)

  3. Jodi says

    I’ve already passed my 20 mile goal for the week and still have a run planned for tomorrow morning and am hoping to make it longer. I did 5 miles today with 6 800m intervals and some strength in between each 800.

    Beware, in my experience, level 2 of 6 week 6 pack is a great workout, but hard on my legs as opposed to my abs. My butt and thighs are always SO SORE the next day but my abs are a-ok.

  4. Katherine says

    I love Jillian’s 6W6P and I’ve actually found level 1 to be a better workout for me. Level 2 has some really detailed moves and I find myself getting more hung up on the choreography aspect of it than the actual ab-burner aspect. I stick to level 1 99% of the time, and no matter how often I do it my core is sore the next day. Love it!

  5. says

    Bad pizza is very unfortunate! I saw my dad put vanilla ice cream in his coffee once because he was out of milk…and I think I know where I got my sweet tooth :)

  6. says

    Updated my Pile on the Miles and noticed my mileage from last week was very high! Updated it accordingly.I think someone accidentally added their information to my column.

  7. says

    I HAD to do six miles last night and ended up running them in rainy 45 degree weather but I pushed through and got it done somehow lol. Once I was already wet and cold I figured I could finish and get it done!

  8. says

    Hey, I am a new reader/blogger saying hi! I love that you are doing Pile on the Miles and will attempt to join! I’ve been there with the no milk issue before….I’ve actually eaten cereal with water – desperate much? :)

    Have a good weekend!

  9. says

    Turkey Trot 5k tomorrow!

    My neighbor told me that they put ice cream in their coffee when they run out of milk/creamer. I tried it once and it wasn’t as good (sweet) as I thought it would be.

  10. says

    We have plans to attend the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this weekend in Vegas, should be a good time! This is the last week before my husband tapers for his marathon… So this is our last happy weekend until the 1st!

  11. says

    I have one more 8 mile run on saturday, in the rain, to finish my week out with the goal of 19 miles.

    I wish I was closer to LA so I could train with a group of runners for the marathon in March. I signed up last week! My first one. I’m scared!

  12. says

    Ha. I would like to put on record right now…you will run another 26.2 at sometime…you can’t quite the marathon…never ; )

    I am going to be volunteering at Chimera III a 100 mile trail race up on Saddleback mountain. Should be fun seeing as it’s sitting up on the side of the mountain aiding runners and my shift is only 31 hours…oh and I’m hugely pregnant. What have I done?

  13. Jennifer Shaw says

    Running 4 miles ( this is HUGE for me), then off to San Clemente for a much needed “girls overnight”! Ahhhhhhh!

  14. says

    BOO for bad pizza! Nothing worse than making a meal you THINK is going to be delicious and then taking a bite and realizing it’s hardly edible. ESPECIALLY pizza!!! Boooo!!!

    I did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred (level 2) yesterday. Girl kicks my booty everytime. Love her.

  15. says

    I’m picky about my pizza, sorry that didn’t turn out so well! This weekend is my last few days of enforced rest after my marathon, so sleeping in, socializing, and just enjoying pretending to be normal for once! :)

  16. says

    I am one of those displaced NYC Marathoner’s that will be showing up at the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday morning! I’m excited and can’t wait to finally get to race after all the hard work of training. :-)

  17. says

    i am seriously blowing chunks with my POTM this year. ugh. im lucky if i run 10 miles a week and i havent even been logging them on the sheet! i will go ahead and blame it on my first holiday season working in big-bucks retail in NYC :-) i am looking into joining a charity team to get into the NYC 1/2 marathon in the spring, though!!

  18. Erica D says

    Someone once fixed me Kahlua with some yogurt mixed in because they didn’t have any milk, and I remember it working! Then again, that person happened to be a cute guy…and I think I might have been drunk already…so who knows.

  19. says

    Might just hafta drop off the POTM – inflamed left ankle this week…on top of a still-not-well strained right hip flexor. How much bad luck can there be? :(

  20. Tess says

    I’ve lost my name on the POTM. I didn’t post on Saturday (which is actually the date of the POTM if you could ‘splain that to me Lucy?). Did I get kicked off for my tardiness?

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