Pile On the Miles–Thanksgiving Week Goals

Good day! How was your weekend? Did you catch my post-marathon vlog? It’s a train wreck and you’ve got a first class ticket in the front seat!

I did 6 miles to start the day and now I’m digging into a breakfast of eggs and oatmeal SmileIMG_9336 (800x600)

Pile on The Miles Check In!pile on the miles 2012

How is it going?

A lot of you are rocking the #POTM Challenge and hitting new distances and/or speeds!



Keep it up!!!

This week is going to be a challenge for us in the USA because of Thanksgiving so let’s share our goals in the comments. This week I’m breaking mine down by day:

  • Monday: 6 miles
  • Tuesday: Speed work (if my legs feel up to it) and Abs
  • Wednesday: Strength and a walk
  • Thanksgiving: 10 miles
  • Friday: Strength/Abs
  • Saturday: TBD

there is no telling how many miles

Question: What is your plan to stay active this week? Are you traveling? Share!


  1. says

    I’m traveling, but I plan on bringing my dog and will use him as my reason to get out each day and run! It always helps to have him along because I know when he gets exercise, I’ll get exercise, and we’ll all be happy. :) Have a good Monday!

  2. says

    Had a bad week last week for POTM. Was hoping to make up for it this week but woke up sick this morning. If this sickness goes away after today I will be shooting for 20 miles this week.

  3. says

    I did pretty well last week (and on Sunday got a new 5K PR, yay!) I’m looking forward to some longer runs this week since I won’t have to work Thursday and Friday!

  4. Elizabeth says

    New to your blog! Enjoying it so much! We have planned a family 5K for Thanksgiving morning! Grandmother is the official time keeper ad my pregnant sister-in-law and mother-in-law are watching the water station, so we have the whole family participating. We even made t-shirts!!

  5. says

    Good morning! Watched you vlog, Oscar stuff right there.

    Mileage goal for 11/18-11/24 = 15.

    Low goal b/c of scheduling due to church, hoiday, family, OU/OSU, and a wedding.

  6. says

    I’m not traveling, but we host Thanksgiving, so my week will be filled with getting the house super clean! (Seriously, my Nana innocently [or not so innocently] checks on our guest bedroom, on our baseboards, etc – she’s a clean freak, so I gotta appease the Nana!) I skipped my LR this weekend (eeek! oops?) but my goal for the week is to do something active every day. I already have my spin classes, yoga classes, and running schedule mapped out to make sure I stay on track!

  7. Jodi says

    I killed my 20 mile goal last week with 30.5!!! I’m keeping it real with the holiday and both kids home this week and setting another 20 mile goal, but hope to pass it again. They let me get 7 in on the treadmill in 58:40 this morning while playing on the iPad and iPod and I have a 10k on Thursday, so that is more than 1/2 my goal met between today and Thursday.

  8. says

    I’m thinking I’ll do a little bit less mileage this week -I’ve been building for 3 weeks. My goal is 25 miles including a Thanksgiving Day 4-Mile race!

  9. krystle says

    I ran my first half marathon on Sunday (yay!) so will probably try to take it easy this week. I’d like to make it out for an easy 3 miles on Thanksgiving morning and I’m hoping to go on a hike I’ve been wanting to do forever on Friday morning.

  10. says

    So I’m guessing you’re going to do those miles in the morning on Thursday? My plan is to be very active these next few days, and then do a long run on Thursday morning before heading to the feast. Hopefully I’ll feel up to getting into it on Friday and Saturday too, but when I mess my diet up I never know how my body is going to feel (most likely sluggish on Friday). Good goals!

  11. Carolyn says

    I’m hoping to convince my sister to go on an early morning run with my on Thanksgiving…always fun to have company :) Somehow I’m less than 10 miles from my goal?! but I’m hoping to stay steady and keep at about 15 this week, slightly less than last week but a bit more realistic with craziness and family time this week!

  12. Alyssa says

    I’m running a 10k Turkey Trot on Thursday…with my dog! Our first race together, I can’t wait. It’s a free race too, in Pismo Beach. Can’t wait to go be home with my family in the beautiful place I grew up :) Oh ya…35 mile goal for this week!

  13. Robin says

    I’m 39+ weeks pregnant and still jogging! My doctor can’t believe I’m still pregnant (for other reasons) but this little man seems to be smart enough to realize that if he sticks around through Thanksgiving then he gets a nice turkey dinner with all the fixings!

    • says

      Wow! You are amazing! I was just having a conversation with Ben yesterday telling him girls don’t run that late into their pregnancy – you are exceptional! And what’s your secret??

      • Robin says

        It’s for my own sanity, plus I’m a morning person so I use it as my “me” time (we have a 19 month old daughter too) since I know that is going out the window soon. I can’t wait to make your cornbread casserole!

  14. DebraD says

    Planning to get 12 miles in this week (treadmill and hopefully at least one run outside). Did a 5k Saturday and ran the whole thing for the first time! And PR’d! It was a great feeling :)

  15. says

    You have an awesome week of workouts ahead! I have the Turkey Trot on Thursday morning and then am hoping to get in two trail runs with my dad while I am home, plus maybe a run tomorrow before I leave. 12-15 miles goal! Also will do a bunch of CrossFit.

  16. Kelsey Y. says

    Attempting a simple week of walks and runs, and maybe a Jillian DVD or two. It has been a stressful few weeks, and these few days before Thanksgiving are proving to be no different. So I’m hoping to run today (after work) and on Wednesday, and a walk tomorrow. Thursday is the Gobble Gallop 5K that I’m stoked for. This weekend (Fri-Sun), hoping to mix up a run, some walks and a couple of DVDs. Let me stay true to myself!

  17. karen says

    I’m hoping for 10 for the week! We have so many family members in town visiting, it might be tough to get away, but going to do my best!

  18. says

    I’m in Canada so this is a normal week for me…but it is a busy one! My goal is to fit in all my scheduled workouts – five runs – plus stay on top of foam rolling to keep me injury free!

  19. says

    I only need 15 this week but I think I am going to try for 25 again! I hit 23 last week and could probably do more this week with days off from work and extra time. Seeing that I COULD possibly surpass my original goal and make it to 100 miles in November is motivating me to keep going :)

  20. says

    Woah! 10 miles ON Thanksgiving! You are so inspiring! I’m signed up to do a Turkey Trot kinda 5K on Thanksgiving and was THINKING about trying to get a few extra miles in before the race… but, I’m sure the warm blankets and smells of good food will be enough to talk me out of it! :)

  21. Jessica says

    17 mile goal this week! Already scheduled a run for Thanksgiving morning to start the day off on the right foot! Now if only I could convince my Italian family to cook a tofurkey this year instead…..vegetarian girl problems….

  22. says

    My goal is 25 miles this week – though, with a couple of extra days off from work this week I really should be able to kick out a few more – So 30 Miles is my “stretch” goal : )

  23. Jess says

    9 miles on the schedule this week. Taking it easy this week (because I ran my first 15k yesterday!) then a fun Thanksgiving 5k on Thursday.

  24. Sienna says

    My goal is 12 miles this week including a Thanksgiving day 10K. Can I count the miles I walk around the mall shopping on Black Friday?

  25. Melinda says

    My goal this week is to run 3 miles the next 3 day and do my 1st 5K on Thursday. So exciting…. Turkey Trot followed by turkey gobbling.

  26. says

    I am so excited to have a long weekend! It will definitely help me add a few more miles this week. My goal this week is 10 miles. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  27. says

    Well, I missed my 2-mile walk with the kiddos yesterday because it got dark so early here! Boo. So, I’m going to try for 18. Last week I ended up 2 miles short because I tried a new route that ended up being shorter than I thought it was. I was so pumped with my time only to find out later that I was wrong. :/ oh well, at least I ran…

  28. says

    I logged a whole ONE MILE last week. My back went out Wednesday morning and I was finally able to do some activity on Saturday. I walked a slow one mile on the TM. I’m so sad because I had a turkey trot yesterday that I had to miss, but I was happy to watch my friend run it and she PR’d! I am not sure I will be able to do much this week, but I’m hoping to at least walk some miles so it’s not a complete bust.

  29. says

    I’m using this as a rest week for my IT bands, which are still giving me problems since my half. I plan on walking a few days, doing a 5k thanksgiving day run, and maybe Pilates or a bike ride.

  30. Sarah says

    I’m front-loading my week with cross-training this morning (done!), a short run tomorrow, then rest, then a Turkey Trot! 5 miles Thursday morning in a nearby park. Then Friday is hopefully opening day at one of 5 nearby ski resorts. I’m so excited! I’ll go to whichever one is able to open!

  31. says

    My traveling will actually be helping my fitness routine. I will be traveling to Florida which is a much more pleasant place to run in November than Michigan! And I will be trying your corn bread casserole as a new side dish… it is always fun to add a few new things in with the classics.

  32. says

    I ran 23.51 miles last week–58.5 miles total so far! I hope to stay strong this week, starting today with 5 miles after work (since I snoozed through my workout today in typical Monday morning fashion). I might try to push to 7 miles on Thanksgiving, which would be my longest distance yet!

  33. Shannon B. says

    The weather is looking to be on my side in Nebraska this week!! Hope to do my miles in some fresh air! We sadly won’t be going anywhere for the holiday, however that will be a positive for me to keep up with my miles (and less food)!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. says

    I ran the Philly Marathon yesterday so the rest of this week is all about recovery. In addition to yesterday’s mileage of 26.2, I am hoping to add an additional 9.8 miles of walking for a total goal of 36 miles this week. I’ll be traveling to Atlanta on Thursday and will be getting outside for sure.

  35. Amy says

    Monday – 2mile (Just ran a 10k on Saturday and a 4m turkey trot on sunday!)
    Tuesday – 6mile
    Wednesday – 2mile
    Thursday -6mile
    Friday – rest
    Saturday – 6mile

  36. says

    My fiance’s 8 year old son is running his first 8k on Thanksgiving morning! He did the 2k last year when I did the 8k and he said it wasn’t far enough. So, we’re doing the race together for fun! Is it weird that I’m super excited?!

    I’ve been doing terrible for #POTM, so I’m going to try for 10 miles this week.

  37. says

    I’m so excited for Thanksgiving because I’ll be running my first ever race! A 5K Turkey Trot. Then I plan on stuffing myself with deliciousness and working it off on Friday. I’m going to aim for 6 miles Friday which will be my longest run to date!

  38. Debbie says

    I’m ahead of my POTM goal, but I hope to do 21 miles this week including a Turkey Trot 5k on Thursday, and a 10 mile run on Saturday. 10 miles will be a new record distance for me…if I actually survive it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. says

    No traveling for me, I plan on running 20 miles this week, but none of that running will be from official racing. My BF is injured and if I had signed up for a Turkey Trot he would have felt obligated to run also. He’s competitive like that :) So I thought I should save him from himself and just run my normal miles at the levee.

  40. says

    My goals are to keep up the mileage even while I’m traveling. Our hotel has a gym so I’m hoping to run but have a great trip too! So much to be thankful for:)

  41. says

    PLanning on a few classes at the gym and a 5K Turkey Trot on Thursday. Using my day off Friday to clean my basement and uncover the treadmill buried under junk. The cold weather scares me so the treadmill is my saving grace!

  42. says

    Am I the only one not able to get the spreadsheet to open to log my miles? Oh and I am headed down to Florida to visit my inlaws and right after I booked my flights I registered for a 5k on Thanksgiving!

  43. says

    My overall goal is 25 miles this week. I’m hoping to do a 15 mile run on Saturday – it’ll be my longest run ever. And I’m not even in training for anything; I just want the challenge.

  44. says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite because we don’t travel! My husband and I stay home and celebrate by ourselves. It’s wonderful :) I’ll start the day with a 10K, and then cook all day until our feast is ready. Well worth it for days of leftovers! I’m hoping I will get to 25 miles for the week.

  45. says

    Here are my goals
    Monday- strength training
    Tuesday- 5 miles
    Wed- 3 mile run and then car ride to mom in law’s house
    Thurs- Turkey Trot 5K with my daughter
    Fri- nice run around the neighborhood- 3 miles
    Saturday- rest day and ride back home
    Sunday- Harvest Hustle- 10 K
    Love it when i do not have to commute 2 hours a day!

  46. says

    It’s going to be hard to get in my planned workouts this week with the traveling and family time, but I’m going to set a goal of 12 miles. Some of those may include a walk with my mom and grandpa, but hey, at least I’ll be up and moving!

  47. Kasey says

    Hoping to hit 16 after last week’s half marathon PR and weekly total over 30 miles (that never happens for me!). I’d love to get a new 10k PR on Thursday, too!

  48. says

    I’m Canadian, so no Thanksgiving for me, but do have a weekend jam packed with an engagement party AND a birthday party! So, going to have to keep my food super tight this week, since the weekend will be a bit of a splurge. Mileage goal for the week = 25.

  49. Amber says

    My goal for this week is 6 miles. That’s a lot for me! Pile on the Miles is very motivating for me. Well actually seeing how amazing everyone else is doing motivates me! But I’m really proud that I’ve been hitting my goals so far. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  50. Aly says

    I’m traveling, BUT there is a Turkey Trot near where I live so I’m leaving AFTER I run the 10k! Ran Philly on Sunday and it was AWESOME!! Great energy and very organized!

  51. Liz says

    30 miles with an 8k Turkey Trot Thursday – yoga twice, strength twice, and hopefully hitting some Sculpt and High/tight Brazil Butt Lift DVD workouts.

  52. Gabrielle says

    15-20 again, IT band permitting….including my first ‘race’ in almost seven years!!! (I’m excited about that….but haven’t yet told the husband that we have ‘turkey trot’ plans for Thanksgiving morning!)

  53. says

    I’m lucky and don’t have to travel too much this week, so Pile on the Miles isn’t being affected. I just might have to wake up a little early later this week, but I guess I can survive since I have all day to run most of the time.

  54. says

    No traveling for me this week so I should be able to stay as active as usual….maybe even get in a few extra miles since I don’t have to work on Friday. We are doing a local Turkey Trot as a family on Thursday morning so that should be a good way to fend off some of the urge to overdo it with food.
    Goal mileage is 30. I can do that!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  55. Patricia says

    I won’t be traveling this weekend, so here are my is my plan for the week for POTM

    Week 4 (18th-24th): 21.2 miles
    18th – 6.2 (10k) mile run– 3.1 walk/jog
    19th – 2 mile walk–
    20th – 3 mile run/2 mile walk–
    22nd – 4 mile run (Turkey day!)–
    23rd – 2 mile walk–
    24th – 2 mile walk–

  56. says

    My plans/goals for the week:

    Monday – Cross Train (check!)
    Tuesday – 4.5 Miles
    Wednesday – REST!
    Thursday – Turkey Trot 5K
    Friday – Turkey Burner 5K
    Saturday – REST!
    Sunday – 9 Miles (currently training for my second half marathon!)

  57. says

    I have gotten 12 miles+ in this week thanks to my first attempt at 15K yesterday. Family is here for 3 days, but I still hope to get some time in! 21 by the end of the week for sure! I said 75, but really am hoping for 100

  58. says

    Well, I got a lecture from my trainer that I shouldn’t be trying to run through achilles tendonitis so it looks like I’m done with Pile on the Miles. I’m going to do my best to keep active with cross training though.

  59. Denise P. says

    I’m skipping the usual Thanksgiving morning turkey trot, but I do have a 10k one on Saturday instead. I did a killer boot camp this evening so the rest of the week might be kind of touch and go depending on my soreness. I’m thinking rest day tomorrow, 3 miles at lunch on Wednesday and yoga on Thursday.

  60. Suzanne says

    I will be running tomorrow to prep for my race on Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving morning, I will be racing with my husband (and 13,998 other runners) in the local Turkey Trot (8k). This race is the oldest continually footrace in North America. It is my 3rd year running the race but my husband’s first time!

  61. Susan says

    I was going to do a Turkey Trot at my local Y on Thanksgiving but have decided to save to $25 and go to a park for MORE miles.

    Plan for the week is 20 again.

  62. Linda says

    I will be doing the Turkey Trot 5K. And lots of cleaning before Thanksgiving! The weather should be good for a few days so I will be running outside instead of at the gym.

  63. says

    Mon-3 w/hill repeats; weights (done!)
    Tues-7 mi
    Wed-3 mi; weights
    Thurs-6 mi (celebrating Thanksgiving on Fri since my husband works on turkey day)
    Fri-Rest (but might switch with Sat); weights
    Sat-16 mi
    Sun-2 mi

  64. Lindsay says

    This is a race week for me – 117th YMCA Buffalo Niagara Turkey Trot Race! It’s an 8k and keeping in mind family and the holiday I saying I will do 8 miles this week (I know puny – but I’m traveling and stuff!). So excited!

  65. says

    This week’s plan: Make it 10 miles or BUST dangit!

    Monday: made an excuse and didn’t run (lose a mid-week rest day)
    Tuesday: Weight lifting & 2 miles running
    Wednesday: walk and/or run 3.1
    Thursday: Walk around the lake or neighborhood with family (2-3 miles)
    Friday: Run 2, walk additional 1-2
    Saturday: Run 2, walk additional 1-2
    Sunday: REST

  66. Brittany says

    Oops I must have missed this check-in post! My plan for Thanksgiving week:
    Sunday 11/24- Ran 3 miles.
    Monday 11/25- Ran 4 miles.
    Tuesday 11/26- Plan to run 3 miles.
    Wednesday 11/27- Plan to run 3 miles.
    Thursday (Thanksgiving)- Running of the Turkeys 5K
    Friday 11/29- Plan to run 2 miles.
    Saturday 11/30- Plan to run 2 miles.

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