Hug a Runner


Just not me. Hello! Today was pretty busy – I’m trying to pack 5 days worth of work into 3 and it’s not easy. Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited to have a day off ( to focus on running and eating!) it’s just been more stressful than usual Just the Tip Tuesday – Don’t eat rice because it has arsenic. And we’re all going to die. I actually heard a story on NPR a few weeks ago … [Read more...]

Monica Runs On Dunkin Donuts


As you may have realized, I am a fan of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. Maybe it’s because there are no good iced coffee places in California. So I have to enjoy it when I’m in Massachusetts on a Relay Race or in Florida when I visit fam and it’s like an extra vacation perk? Maybe it’s because you can buy the hugest cup of it at DD and I love big drinks, and I cannot lie. Maybe … [Read more...]