Casserole Casserole Casserole


I read that over 43 million Americans are traveling today – were you one of them? Not me. I was working from home doing my recruiting job. How exciting. Then, I hit the grocery store for supplies. I’m making: Sweet Potato Casserole Green Bean Casserole Cornbread Casserole Casserole Casserole Pumpkin Casserole Cheesecake … [Read more...]

Holiday Oatmeal Bowl


Happy day before Thanksgiving! T-day is my favorite holiday because I love to run EAT repeat. This morning I ran about 1.5 miles to the gym for a strength session. It was pretty empty so I had all the weights to myself. I like that. I walked back home reading blogs on my phoner. Since I’m on Pacific time I get to see what everyone else had for breakfast for inspiration … [Read more...]