Thanksgiving 2012 in Pictures


Grams’ sausage stuffing that the boys fight over… My cornbread, green bean and sweet potato casseroles (I made two separate dishes of the cornbread) Wine opener Round One. Roxy’s Thanksgiving meal Waiting for a  post-meal walk. Video chatting with Ben’s family in Florida! Dessert. Picture time. Nope. Nope. Eh. Good enough. … [Read more...]

Thankful Thanksgiving 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am very very blessed. When I started to think about what I was thankful for this Thanksgiving my list was l-o-n-g! I spent 10 miles / an hour and a half pondering my blessings. It made me realize – I don’t deserve it. I have an amazing life and so so much to be thankful for… 1. Ben. He’s smart and strong and cute and funny and the most amazing … [Read more...]