Thankful Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

monica run eat repeat

I am very very blessed.

When I started to think about what I was thankful for this Thanksgiving my list was l-o-n-g! I spent 10 miles / an hour and a half pondering my blessings. It made me realize – I don’t deserve it. image

I have an amazing life and so so much to be thankful for…

1. Ben. He’s smart and strong and cute and funny and the most amazing husband. Don’t tell him, but he’s too good for me Smile

2. My family. My parents are alive and healthy, my brothers are two of my favorite people in the world.

3. Our home. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Southern California. Sure, you pay for the sunshine but I joke that it’s always Heaven-dy two degrees here. It really is one of the best places to live and I am grateful I get to spend my time here.

4. My job. Times are tough. Unemployment is high and I’m grateful to have a job that enables me to make good money and work from home.

5. Run Eat Repeat. I got lucky with this little ol’ blog. I really was just at the right place at the right time and it took off. I’m not a great runner or cook or joker or fashionista or fill-in-desirable-blogger characteristic here – but RER is alive and well and I am very grateful.

6. Running! I don’t know why or how I fell in love with running many years ago, but I am still pretty happy with my favorite hobby <3

7. Friends. I am surrounded by beautiful, smart, clever and strong woman. I admire them and consider myself very lucky to know them.

8. You! I read every comment, I am grateful for every hit I get every single day. I feel like I know so many of you from your comments. I feel like I have a huge army of virtual friends along for the ride. Thanks for reading.IMG_9371 (600x800)

Now I am off to enjoy Thanksgiving 2012 with my family!

Have a blessed day.


  1. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    We (I am anyway!) are thankful to read your daily (entertaining) posts Monica. All the laughs, humor and everything else you bring our way …. is just nice.

    Throughout the years, even though (I’m) just a (blog) reader …. it is a unique and lucky world for you gals (not many fellas) in blog-dom!

    Keep funnin w/us!

  2. says

    You look beautiful, purple is a great color on you. Isn’t it wonderful when you are washed over with that huge wave of happiness and being so grateful for all you have? I had the same kind of moment on my run this morning (yes i actually got out and ran) and it stopped me in my tracks. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. says

    I am so glad I found your blog…I read it daily..thanks for inspiring and keeping it real!

    (your curly hair and purple looks great!)

    Pop on over and check out my turkey orange heads…we did the 5k Turkey Trot today and it was fun, stressful and thankful! Have a great day!

  4. Maggie says

    that purple is wonderful on you! i’ve been reading your blog for awhile now but have never commented….but just wanted to say thank you for writing such a fun blog to read! and also, after reading that you ran 10 this morning I was inspired to do the same. thank you for the motivation-now i can go eat as much as i want this afternoon :) happy thanksgiving from a washington reader!

  5. Gabrielle says

    Happy Thanksgiving Monica!! I’m Canadian and have already celebrated Thanksgiving but I can say that I’m thankful for you and your blog! I read your posts everyday and I love seeing how real you are with your writing! Keep doing what you are doing, cuz you are really good at it :)

  6. says

    you are a very positive and very REAL person/blogger and that’s what i enjoy about reading your posts! you deserve all that you have, and i appreciate that you are kind enough to share some of your experiences with all of us! thank you! have a happy thanksgiving :)

  7. Meg says

    You look absolutely fantastic! I came across RER not too long ago, but I sure do enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks for the entertainment, you’re awesome:)

  8. Meg says

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your blog is inspiring and I look forward to it everyday. I’ve found there are some bloggers who interest me each day and you always are at the top of my list. Thanks!

  9. Chelsey says

    I know you think you need to lose a few pounds, but I think you look BEAUTIFUL! I’m in workout clothes a lot as well, and I just realized that this can often skew our perception of ourselves. If you wear spandex everything all the time, of course you’re going to overanalyze your body! I do the same thing! Maybe we just need to take more pictures of ourselves in “regular” clothes for a little perspective. :)

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