Losing the Internet War against Al Gore (rhymes with whore)


I spent all day fighting with the internet… and I lost. For some reason after the TV guy came my internet was not cooperating. I would blame him, but it’s more likely that my 6 year old laptop needs to be taken out back and put out of it’s misery. I basically spent over 8 hours today trying to connect to the internet, cussing, restarting, calling the help desk, crying, … [Read more...]

Six More Days for Pile On the Miles 2012


Good day! I started my day with a slow 6 mile run. My legs feel tight and tired – I really need to get to yoga this week. Oh, and my quads said a massage would be much appreciated too. Noted. I wore my new super awesome Brooks Pure Flows the company sent me last week. I am in love with the color. Love love love! Speaking of feets… my poor toe nails are all blue and sad from … [Read more...]