Six More Days for Pile On the Miles 2012

Good day! I started my day with a slow 6 mile run. My legs feel tight and tired – I really need to get to yoga this week. Oh, and my quads said a massage would be much appreciated too. Noted.

I wore my new super awesome Brooks Pure Flows the company sent me last week. I am in love with the color. Love love love!brooks pure flow pink

Speaking of feets… my poor toe nails are all blue and sad from the two Marathons I ran in Oct and Nov. It’s weird that the long training runs don’t turn them blue, but after a full mary they are goners. nasty running feet

One of my favorite Meme’s ever (have I shared why before?)im warming my feets

Post- run I made eggs and oatmeal. Two months ago I made a joke that this meal reminds me of a body builder’s breakfast (probably minus the nut butter because it slows the absorption of protein post workout). Well, the joke’s on me because I am obsessed with this…healthy breakfast

Ah! In the middle of writing this post I got a knock at the door. I totally forgot I changed my TV service and had an appointment for the install this morning. Don’t you love knowing the mundane details of my life? No? Oops. IMG_9602 (800x533) (800x533)

 Pile On The Miles ends this Saturday! pile on the miles 2012

Are you close to your goal?

What are you going to do this week?

I know it’s easy to get discouraged – it’s cold, your busy…

But there are only 6 more days and you can make a great dent in your miles for the month. Stay positive and on track with these Workout Motivation images:just keep runningsource: via Pinterest

get outsource: via Pinterest

funeral for my fatsource: Hasfit.tumblr via Pinterest

Leave a comment with your goals in this post and be entered to win a box of Health Warrior Chia Barschia bars

To Enter Leave a Comment answering: What are your workout goals for this week?

Contest open to residents of the US and Canada. Closes 11/27/12 at 12pm PST.


  1. says

    I love pile on the miles, and I’ve already passed my identified mileage goal for the challenge! My goal for this week is to move in some way every day and to do planks every day but one!

  2. says

    Ha ha my toes can relate to your toes! I never got a bruised toenail or blister on my foot during any of my long training runs. I run a marathon and my one baby toe is encased in a blister and my other baby toe is bruised to all heck! Very strange. Anyhoo, I surpassed my mileage last week and hope to hit 18 miles this week to meet my overall goal of 100 miles!

  3. Crystal says

    11.4 for this week will get me to my monthly goal! It’s much higher than I’ve done the past few weeks, but should be do-able!

  4. says

    I am loving my first POTM challenge! My goals this week are to keep running (another 5 miles will have me above my POTM goal and I plan to slaughter it!), get to two yoga classes, and pump that iron. I’ve started working on my abs to help combat side aches (which I get aaall tha time), so I’ll be doing crunches to the max!

  5. says

    Goals for this week : stop the eating….get more strength in my workouts!! I feel the need to be stronger so hopefully I will be less injured (but I think my hip will always be an ache in my side…truly)

  6. Shannon B. says

    Miles, running and walking. I didn’t count my “shopping” walking miles last week, so I fell a little short. Hopefully I can pick it up this week and still make my monthly goal!!! Totally agree those shoes look awesome!

  7. says

    My goal is 11 miles this week. I already have 4 down–woohoo! Thanks so much for POTM, it is the perfect capper to my running season before I head onto the treadmill for the winter.

  8. Melissa says

    Hoping to fit in a nice 8 mile run in the mix of my usual 4 miles in the evenings. As well, do a bit of strength training (60 minutes of butterfly at swim practice yesterday informed me my arms are in serious need of weights). 😀 Also, I’m only 11 miles away from my POTM goal!!! Considering I was gone two of the weekends this month I’m pretty happy about that :)

  9. Leah says

    My goal is to get outside for a workout at least once (it’s currently 5 degrees here) and hit the gym every day that I don’t get outside.

  10. says

    My goals are to detox from Thanksgiving weekend so I can retox in Vegas for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon. Yep, I signed up for the full. I need a long run before the Goofy Challenge in Jan. Looking forward to hanging out with you and Ben? this weekend. I arrive Saturday around 6 PM. We are staying at the Wynn.

  11. Krystina says

    I am about 5 miles shy of my goal, so I definitely plan on exceeding my initial goal. I have a long run planned for Saturday, so I plan on getting at least 15 miles in before then.

  12. Mary says

    my workout goals for the week are to just get moving. ive been taking it easy bc ive been feeling under the weather for what seems like forever (darn cold) but i am feeling like i may be able to start picking up a little bit.

  13. says

    I’m 17 miles away and so excited! It’s been a great month for mileage for me. :) I would like to run 30 total this week, so hopefully I’ll be hitting my goal for the month midweek!

  14. says

    Those motivation pics are hilarious! I have 30 miles on the books for this week, but we’ll see. My foot decided to cripple me this weekend. Putting on socks and wearing my shoes hurts the top of my foot right where my sock meets my ankle. :( Oddly enough, it felt ok barefoot in my Cadence, so I knocked out a couple of miles yesterday.
    Goals: At least 3 weight training workouts, roll/stretch daily, and hope to hit 30.

  15. Alyssa Houtby says

    15 miles to go for POTM! My goal this week – Run 25 miles, R.I.P.P.E.D class Mon, Tues, and Thurs after work (awesome group workout class, check it out @!) and take H.I.I.T class on Saturday! Thanks for your encouragement! POTM really helped me stay accountable for my workouts, and it is such a great feeling knowing that I am in reach of my goal! :)

  16. Debbie says

    I’m already past my goal for POTM (woohoo!) but my goals for this week are 20 miles, 2 days of strength training, and to fit in at least one good yoga session.

  17. Gabrielle says

    So far from my initial goal :( it’s getting so cold here and I hate running on a threadmill…my initial goal was 40 miles, i’m at 22.8, i’ll definitely try to get to 40 but im doubtful!

    My realistic goal is more 10-15 miles of running and 2-3 strenght session with some yoga thrown in!

  18. says

    I had hoped for 100, but that’s not going to happen. This morning’s walk/run put me over 70. But I did finish my first half marathon this month, and that was huge! Now my knee is all out of whack, which makes me want to cry huge buckets of tears, grrrr.

    Monica, thanks for the suggestion on searching on physical therapy. I found some posts. I think I may just have to suck it up, go to the doc, and have him tell me to go to therapy :(

  19. says

    I am so close to my goal that I could take all but two days off running for the week and be good to go! But I’m all about breaking things, like boundaries and rules, so I’m going for broke!

  20. says

    I didn’t come near the mileage goal I set for myself this month, but I’m happy I was able to get out at all. My goal this week is 10 miles; we’re getting kind of hammered with snow and rotten weather up here.

  21. Tara says

    Haa, Love the ‘boobs or GTFO’ if only it could work!
    This week I am taking a boxing/bootcamp class with my sister, meeting friends before work to run 5miles and getting my husband out for a 3-5 mile run to start his half training! Whoohooo! so excited for all this!

  22. Lauren says

    I’ve already mapped out all my workouts for this week. Goals include two strength classes, 4 days of running and swim workout.

  23. says

    I’m really hoping to get close to my goal of 35 miles, but I don’t want to inflame my shin so I’ll make a goal of coming close and hopefully running 10 this week!

  24. Erin1619 says

    my goal is to make it to 3 yoga classes this week- too much cardio and weights makes me sooo stiff and i notice a huge difference when i go to yoga regularly.

  25. Christine says

    My goal is to get in more walking in addition to my running. Ive been slacking on the walking but it makes me feel better after ive been sitting in class all day. Shooting for 25 running miles this week

  26. Brooke says

    I recently bought a pair of Brooks Pure Flows because they were on sale, but SOOOO glad I did because I think they are my running sole mates!! I’ve had other shoes that I liked but nothing compared to how much I love these!!! I need ones in every color!! I’m almost to my goal for the challenge so gonna see how much OVER my goal I can get!!!!

  27. Megan By says

    My goal this week is to run 28 miles, but I only need 6 more to meet my monthly goal of 100 miles! (Highest monthly mileage I’ve ever hit since I started running last December!

  28. Connie says

    I have 12 more miles to meet my POTM goal by Saturday – I had to take today off, I did 10 miles over the last 3 days and am a little sore. Next Sunday I start Slim in 6 – stupid time of the year but why not I’m hoping to try to still walk a min 40-50 miles a month too now that I’m kind of into it. Good times!!!

  29. says

    Ohhh love the pureflows color! I adore my PureFlows. I’m blanking – do you wear yours on all runs? If so, how long did it take you to build into them? I’m so wanting to do all my runs in mine but my ankles keep telling me “not yet”.

  30. Kelsey Y. says

    Goal: to reach my 100 miles. I only have about 50 to go, and while it is daunting to think about how I am going to get there, I think I can do it. I’m planning a few runs, and a few walks this week, and Jillian Michaels KickBox FastFix to keep me feeling strong! Chia bars?! I’d love to try them!

  31. Kaysee says

    I hit my goal last week! I want to run at least a mile everyday this week. I also want to plank at least three days! POTM has been great! Thanks for the motivation!

  32. Jennifer says

    Goals for the week: 1 HIIT cardio workout, 2 steady state cardio workouts, and at least 2 strength workouts. Have to get back in gear after eating an entire pumpkin roll by myself over the Thanksgiving weekend!

  33. says

    Love the color on those Brooks shoes! I’m tapering for the full at RnR Las Vegas, so my workout goals this week are to do one slow short run, and at least one day of yoga. So pumped for my first marathon!

  34. says

    My POTM goal for this week is to finish with 20 miles for the week. I’ve already got 6.5 in yesterday, and I’m running a 10k on Saturday. It’s going to happen :)

    As for workout goals, I want to run 3 more times this week and do 3 strength sessions at the gym.

  35. says

    My goal for this week is at least 15 miles. I know I can do it, I just want to push myself and get to the 60 mile goal I had in the beginning. I would love it if I could surpass that goal, but we will see :)

  36. Belinda M. says

    This week’s workout goals…to run each day previously planned. 4 miles Mon-Thurs and 6 on Saturday. I’ve missed my running goals rhe past few weeks. :/

  37. Deniz says

    Trying to hit 20 miles this week. Looks like it might be easier than I thought. I put my name on the waiting list for the rehoboth 1/2 and was just notified that a spot opened up!

  38. Ginger says

    My workout goals this week
    1. Run at least 12 miles
    2. Go to Abs class
    3. Do CrossFit workout at home at least once
    4. Win Chia Warrior box 😉

  39. Semuteh says

    My goal is to run ~20 miles this week to stay on track for 100miles by the new year. I plan to alternate running days with some conditioning (Jillian Michael’s DVDs).

  40. says

    it’s a step back week for me on my marathon training plan (yay for only 13 miles this weekend!) and I’m travelling for work all week, so I’m hoping to get in some hotel gym action…

  41. Caroline says

    Hard to believe but I already hit my goal! I’m going to try and continue with a 15 mile week…we’ll see how that goes

  42. Caitlin F. says

    I started at CorePower Yoga November 1st & my goal has been to attend 4 classes/week. I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my strength & flexibility. I’m hooked.

  43. Joyce says

    I’ve been seriously slacking on strength training because for some strange reason, it is way easier for me to motivate myself to run in the cold than to drive to the gym in the cold. I know, it makes no sense. So my goal is to suck it up and get to the gym to put some meat back on my chicken arms.

  44. Melissa J says

    My goal for this week is to REST and not run as much as I want to. I am mid-taper for the Dallas Marathon 12/9, my replacement marathon for NYC.

  45. Jodi says

    At least 20 miles this week, hoping for 25 to put me over 100 for the month. My goal was 75 and I already passed that. Got started with 4 1/2 this morning.

  46. says

    Get in all my runs and do 3 days of strength. I will do my strength training, I will do my strength training, I will do my strength training, I will do my strength training, I will do my strength training………..

  47. says

    Survive the week? I’m really dreading two things: hills on Wednesday (anyone have an alternative?) and my long run of 13 on Saturday. I haven’t been much over 10 since August. :/

  48. says

    So I only got in 4 miles last week. That is so sad. I need 25.8 this week to hit my month goal. I could do it, but I don’t know how. My longest distance is 3.1 and thats hard everyday. I can’t run tonight b/c I have a meeting at church, it will be dark by the time I leave, and the gym will already be closed. I can’t run Wednesday night either b/c I’m helping with the childrens program practice. That means I have to run 8.6 miles Tues/Thurs/Fri. That isn’t too hard for someone like Monica or SkinnyRunner or HungryRunnerGirl, but this girl won’t be able to. So I will have to just make do with what I can do. :) Thanks for the constant encouragement M!

      • says

        LOL! Crazy and crazy good! I just love reading about all of you gals doing your crazy stack of miles. I’m super pumped to be able to do 3 miles, at a time, AND repeat it multiple times per week. Just a few months ago i couldn’t run 100 yards.

        • Jodi says

          While they are awesome runners and I wish I was as kick ass as Monica and the rest, look how often Skinny Runner and Monica post about just going for a walk. And I know HungryRunnerGirl does a lot too but I have even seen her post about skipping a workout just to hold her sleeping baby. It’s a good reminder than even the best of the best take it easy some days and ANYTHING is better than nothing. 3 miles is still 3 miles more than if you do nothing and 3 miles more than the person who has never even started! :)

  49. Jacqueline says

    My goal for this week is to try something new! I have my eye on a kickboxing class later this week to jump-start my exercise routine! :-)

  50. Ashley says

    I wanted to get 3-4 runs in this week, but my right quad has been giving me troubles, and I don’t want to make it worse :( not sure I will make my goal!

  51. Sara says

    My goal is 24 miles, which is what my training plan for the Little Rock Marathon calls for. Oh, and I need to fit in some strength training too, since I’ve been slacking on that front.

  52. says

    My weekly goal is to be active for 5 days this week. Ilet myself skip last week and an falling that long unhealthy weekend affecting me. Time to get back on track!

  53. says

    I have 40 miles scheduled for this week with 2 semi long runs on Tues and Thurs. I start my runs at 4:30-5pm and why does this time change make me feel like I’m finishing at 8pm even though it’s only 5:45pm?!

  54. Jess says

    I slacked off this past week (even though I PR’ed my 5k on Thursday!), so I have to get 11 miles in this week to meet my goal.

  55. kathleenbean says

    this week my goal is to hit the boxing gym 3 more times and pile on the last few miles.. trying to get up to 6 at time.

  56. says

    My goal was 50 miles for POTM but because I was sick for 7 days I don’t think I will make the goal but I am still running on! I plan to run 4 days this week.

    Good luck to everyone in POTM!

  57. Cellabella says

    My goal is to strength train at least twice a week, even if it’s just 10 minutes with weights. Better than nothing! I find it helps balance out my running so hopefully I’ll keep it up.

  58. hayley says

    this week my goal is to run run run! i want to meet my monthly goal, and i definitely think it’s possible, just as long as i dont slip up this wk. thanksgiving break didnt see as much running as it was supposed to :/

  59. Gretchen says

    Goals: try to get to 75 miles from my original goal of 50! Would also like to try some cross training. I have a quarter sized blister on my right heel that is in league with the devil that might slow me down. Mr. Blister is a jerk!

  60. says

    Love those shoes!

    And I’m so excited (and kind of surprised!) that I have wayyy surpassed my POTM goals this month! I wasn’t sure what I would be able to do immediately post-bilateral mastectomy, but even though I can’t run (boo-hoo :( ), I am finding some missing endorphins by walking! I go for a good fast walk almost every day, and I feel great. I am so excited I’ve been able to participate and feel great walking this month!

  61. Angela says

    This week is tough after coming off a slow week. I’m hoping to hit 35 miles this week – a little lower than I would like but compared to last week, it’s great!

  62. says

    My goal this week is to get in 3 runs: 14 miles, 8 miles, and 8 miles plus at least 2 cross training days on the bike or elliptical. Already did the 14 miler so the hardest part is done!

  63. erin m. says

    I hope to get 3 runs in plus my other cardio/strength workouts. It’s cold outside here now so my running motivation is dwindling!

  64. Diana Acuna says

    My goals for this week: Monday to Friday 45 minutes Bootcamp AM class, and run or walk 1-3 miles PM
    Saturday Rest day fun with la familia. Sunday Long run 5 miles! Eat better, drink more water…Thank you have a Lovely day!!!

  65. says

    I met my 100 mile goal for POTM but I’d still like to get 20 miles in by Friday… I would also like to get back at the strength training. Weights have fallen by the side lately….

  66. says

    Since this is the week of my half (RnR Las Vegas) I’m tapering but getting in a few 3 mile runs and then some shorties once I get to Vegas. I don’t think that I will make my monthly goal but I feel good about the miles that I did put in.

  67. says

    Not an entry (feel free to give it to someone who really, really wants it!) But I have to say that the “dear extra fat” cartoon made me LOL. I want to change boobs to butt though. If I could just shift my extra fat to that region I might actually be proportionate 😉

  68. says

    In addition to returning my eating habits to a state of normalcy I’d like to get in two full body strength workouts and then streeeeeetttttcchhhh everything out at my jazz dance class!

  69. Alli says

    My goal is to listen to my body and my current knee injury and take it easy! Go to yoga atleast 2x and squeeze in some type of cardio the other days :)

  70. Brooke S says

    After finally feeling better (I had strep for 2 whole weeks before it was caught by the Dr.) I plan on playing a little catch up and trying to get in 12 miles this week.

  71. Ashley says

    My workout goal is to be present in the moment during my weekly yoga class. I tend to lose focus so I’m trying to work on it. :)

  72. Angelle says

    run, run, run, yoga & stretch, with a little resistance training!!!! I will get all 4 of these in this week.. i will :)

  73. Lindsay H says

    My workout goals for this week is to incorporate more abs and upper body weights to my workout! I tend to be a cardio addict but I need to spice it up!

  74. Sarah says

    This Pile on The Miles has been so good for my soul…I was in such a running rut and really needed a reason to get it going. I have already met my goal of 45 miles and would like to aim for 55 now! 6 days… Let’s do this! :)

  75. Samantha W says

    Strength Training two days, two easy runs of 3 and 4… and RnR Las Vegas this Sunday! This year the race is going to be great! Hope to see you there!

  76. Debra says

    My goal is to hit the gym 2 more times this week and get in one outside run. Did intervals on the treadmill & Body Pump tonight.

  77. says

    My goals for this week are to walk/run 4 times, stretch and foam roll daily and most importantly — not hurt myself just 2 weeks before my first road race ever! :)

  78. MaryBeth says

    My goal is 9! It’s been a rough month for running and I’m nowhere near my goal but I hope to get a few shorter runs in this week!

  79. says

    I love the funny pics you post! And the cable man pic…winner! What a flattering angle, haha!

    My biggest goal for these next 5 weeks leading up to Christmas is to just stay on track with eating right and working out. I’m not trying to make any big changes to my routine during the holidays, just keep to what I’ve got going. Come January I’ll re-evaluate like everyone else in America :)

  80. katharine says

    My goals this week are simple. Eek out time to workout and run around my four kids and all their classes. Bodyripped in the living room most days plus runs when I can fit them in.

  81. Gabrielle says

    At least 15 miles running (again, healing ITB permitting….) plus whatever miles I walk to/from work because the bus is full….hopefully some swimming etc too!

  82. Lindsey says

    My goal this week is to make all of my 3 Crossfit classes at my local box. I usually am only able to commit to one or two depending on my schedule, but I signed up for three and plan to go to all of them!

  83. Suzanne says

    My goals had to be altered this month for sure but it is no excuse! I need to start exercising more-even if I can’t run as much! Thanks for the reminder :)

  84. Isabel Howard says

    Just found your site this week as I was figuring out the whole twitter thing. It has quickly become one of my faves! I just registered for my first marathon–the rock n roll Madrid Marathon in April. My goal this week is to stay focused on my training plan and find a good book to start figuring out my nutrition. Hope you can salvage some toenails!

  85. Amy says

    well, since I’m working 60hours this week, I’m going to try to be realistic-I ran 6miles on sunday, did tabata and body pump yesterday, and plan on spin today-maybe 15more miles of running? depending on the weather-and another spin class and boot camp…but that may be too much-at least the running will be the goal!

  86. Melissa says

    My main goal is to have even splits for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Vegas this weekend. I am very famous for going out too fast and dying by the end but I want to have an enjoyable experience and run even splits!

  87. says

    I have done something to my calf, so I am not getting as many miles in as I’d hoped. But that always forces me to renew my relationships with strength training and the elliptical. My goal is to get some sort of workout in for an hour each day.

  88. says

    My goal this week is to get my last 5 miles in. I am not a natural runner and this has been a great challenge for me. I walked more than I wanted but I am 5 miles away from my goal. (50 miles)

    I worked out yesterday and hope to hit the gym tonight and Saturday. I always try for Thursday but life gets in the way. I think I will focus on elliptical so my legs will be very rested for my last run Saturday. I always do better when I let them rest.

  89. TiffanyS says

    One session of bootcamp, 2-3 CrossFit’s, 1 hour spinning, and 2 hour endurance spinning. It is buttcold here in MN, so taking my running to indoors crosstraining options. Also, lots of walking on my work breaks, on a treadmill of course unless it warms up.

  90. Tiffany says

    My goal is to listen to my body and give it rest when I need it. But if I’m feeling great, I’m aiming for 20 miles this week.

  91. Lauren says

    I have a very hectic week going so my goals are to get three runs in, and walk instead of drive everywhere I possibly can. Except for to McDonald’s. I’ll make another goal of not going to McDonald’s.

  92. Heidi C says

    For the month of November my husband and I are having our own version of a “Pile on the Miles” contest. We are seeing who can run the most miles… he has to paint our powder room if I win :) I am currently ahead by 9.5, so my goal for the rest of the week (until November ends) is to get another 15 in!

  93. Laura says

    My goal — to strengthen (and harden :)) my core! I’ve got the daily exercise part down.. It’s the discipline in the kitchen that needs a little work!

  94. Denise P. says

    My goals are to get back on track with consistent workouts. I have really been slacking on ST lately, so that will be my main focus this week. I don’t have another scheduled race until March (something must be wrong with me), so I’ll be putting less emphasis on getting runs in and more on doing other workouts to make me more well-rounded.

  95. says

    I am not even close to my goal…ugh! Between Sandy kicking our asses and the mess after then getting sick November has not been my best month! But it is almost over and there is another right around the corner…my goal is to finish out the year strong!

  96. says

    I have already met my goal of 60 miles! I’m just adding to it now. I think I may even hit 80 miles by the end of the week. That leaves me pretty happy!

  97. Lindsay says

    Bad news: I jacked up my knee running Buffalo’s Turkey Trot. I started putting weight on it as of Monday but my new knee brace is my new best friend. So sadly no runs this week – so disappointed. 20 miles short too :(

  98. Laura says

    My goals for the week is to go to the gym 5 days after work, and to drink 72 ounces of water day! Here goes! Hope I win the bars, they look like they’d be a good snack!

  99. says

    Gah, I got so off last week and then my Thanksgiving morning 5 miles turned into 3 because I was encouraging my 6-yr-old to finish the 5K instead of quitting. But it was totally worth it to see him do it! This week my IT band AND shins are still killing me, so I’m shooting for 18, but may do more yoga and stretching and less running this week. Boo.

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