Vegas is Not Impressed


Hello! I had a busy day and am just now realizing I should get through a few emails before I shut down the computer and let myself become hypnotized by Housewives and HoneyBooBoo. Tonight dinner was inspired by Sarah Fit . She tweeted something about cauliflower rice and since ‘real rice’ is all full of arsenic and I love carbs, I figured I should give a whirl. It’s easy (if … [Read more...]

Fueling For a Night Race


Helloooo! This morning I ran 1.5 miles to the gym, messed around with the weights and then ran back. Breakfast was a veggie omelet with a flatout spread with Laughing Cow cheese. I also had a scoop of sunflower seed butter while cooking because I cannot go without it. Happy Holidays! I got this Rosemary tree from Trader Joe’s yesterday and am tempted to just use this for … [Read more...]