Vegas is Not Impressed

Hello! I had a busy day and am just now realizing I should get through a few emails before I shut down the computer and let myself become hypnotized by Housewives and HoneyBooBoo.

Tonight dinner was inspired by Sarah Fit . She tweeted something about cauliflower rice and since ‘real rice’ is all full of arsenic and I love carbs, I figured I should give a whirl.

It’s easy (if you have a food processor) – just put chunks of cauliflower in a processor to ‘rice it’. Then, fry it up in a pan with some oil and seasonings. Unfortunately I don’t have a food processor (Christmas List!) so I used a blender and it was a little too smashed. BUT I STILL LOVED IT! This is my new favorite thing!!

Served up with eggs for dinner… this plate is so white just like my husband, but I did have tons of greens with lunch and veggies in my breakfast eggs.IMG_9637 (800x533)

Ben got a special prize at work today and handed me this note during dinner. I have to keep it a surprise for now, but it’s a food blogger’s dream! I’m so bad at keeping secrets, and I’m so excited!! I’ll share within the next few weeks.IMG_9639 (800x533)

I know. I hate when people keep secrets too. If it makes you feel any better I have to live with this stink is not impressed

Pile on the Miles Check In Winner of the Chia Bars is: image


  1. says

    Oh I love this cauliflower rice idea! With that and a grain free almond flour bread recipe I just found, I my dream of giving up carbs completely is taking on a plan of action. Ok, NOT actually, bc I’m not always that together and I really love carbs! But still!

    Anndddd a totally pointless cat comment is coming in 3.. 2… 1… Your cat is adorable!

  2. says

    OK…girlie do me a favor please….I too have food processor on my “gift to me Christmas list” but where to start shopping????

    I am known to be kind of cheap so I don’t want to pay a ton but I want a good one…any suggestions??


  3. says

    You can make mashed potatoes out of califlower too– they’re so delicious! 1 head of cauliflower, 2 oz of cream cheese and some miced garlic and salt. Seriously delicious and great for low carbers!

  4. kate says

    Nobody likes a tease.
    I think it’s a new computer or camera or something of that ilk.
    What else would be a food blogger’s dream (besides 99% of the existing
    crap food blogs to go away.)
    Spill it, sister. (smiley face)

  5. says

    I’ve made cauliflower “rice” once, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was also a bit mushier than I thought it would be–still pretty good though!

  6. says

    I love Cauliflower Rice, I use a grater as well, saves on the clean up and rather than fry it off I “steam” it.
    One microwave container with a lid, put the riced cauliflower in there no water as the cauliflower has enough then cook on med-high for 6 mins.
    Fluff with a fork and season to taste.
    I love to add chopped carrot, peas and corn before steaming for veggie rice.

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