Wordless Wednesday… work, walk, weat cereal

image image 20121124_101047 (800x600) coffee with a friend turkey salad greek yogurt snack chocolate rice krispies walk time cauliflower rice night time ritual


  1. says

    I’m so very jealous of that Dunkin’ Donuts cup-its huge! I grew up in a small Massachusetts town that had 7 DD in it, and now the closest one to me in Tampa, Florida is 15 minutes away, its a crime! They’re pumpkin spice latte’s are heaven.

  2. Dee says

    Hey Monica! I’m a loyal reader and also work for a healthcare blog, and I’m writing a story about this company (http://www.wello.co/) that does personal training via video chat. For some reason I thought of you since I know you do training and also work at home. You should check it out!

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