Strip At Night Expo

Hello! After a very late wake up call Susan and I headed to the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Expo. These are scenes from the fun…

IMG_9509 (1280x960)

I grabbed an iced coffee on the way in and had a few protein bar samples at the expo.IMG_9514 (1280x960)

I hit up the REFUEL booth for a prize too.IMG_9525 (1280x960)

IMG_9530 (1280x960)

I was lucky enough to meet a few readers too! Hello to Jennifer, Melissa and Sarah something or other aka Skinny Runner. I feel bad because I never think to ask someone to take a picture (because I assume the wouldn’t want to?), but I took a risk and this soon-to-be Marathon Maniac agreed! IMG_9531 (1280x960)

Susan is running the race with me tomorrow and hasn’t been to a race expo in a long time so she insisted we do all the fun/cheesy things today! I’m glad because we ended up having a lot of fun!20121201_131219 (1280x960)image

But, we stayed there a long time and didn’t end up getting food until 4pm!! Who am I?!IMG_9533 (1280x960)

IMG_9534 (1280x960)

By the time we walked out it was dark and now we’re relaxing in the room.IMG_9537 (960x1280)

IMG_9539 (1280x960)

IMG_9541 (1280x960)

ProCompression is sponsoring me to run RNR Las Vegas Half tomorrow! Thank you x a million!image

I’ve become pretty obsessed with them and now want this argyle design. (They have a very awesome top secret new design coming out this week too!!!) If you want to get some compression socks use code FIT40 to get 40% off and Free Shipping! That is an amazing deal. Check out Pro for more.


  1. Jayne says

    Ordered. I have been using lululemon’s compression socks but they don’t feel tight enough. Either that or I have skinny legs.

  2. says

    I feel the SAME away about asking someone to take a picture – heart is racing and all. lmao. usually people are great though.


    I ordered my first pair of (purple) pro compression socks and I’m impatiently waiting for them. Can’t wait!!

  3. Jenn says

    Yay, I love the picture and I’m so honored to have made the blog! 😉 Had a great time chatting with you today. I’m definitely going to try and make it out to Cali for a race next year… so many to choose from, so little time. Enjoy the half tomorrow!

  4. says

    The expos we have here can’t even be called expos! Would love to have a chance to visit one of these expos – LV looks awesome!

  5. Emy says

    I’ve been checking out the Pro Compression site recently, plotting my purchase, so was very psyched to see the deal in your post- I just ordered the baby blue argyles, yay! Also, I was in Vegas a month ago and running in the morning on the Strip is definitely an experience. Like a runners’ jungle gym- with the stairs, sights, and great people watching. Good luck in the half tonight! :)

  6. Jaclyn says

    Thanks for the coupon code for ProCompression. I have been debating about purchasing some socks. The coupon code plus free shipping was the perfect excuse!

  7. says

    Thanks for the code and for fueling my compression sock addiction. :) I love ProCompression, ever since I found them through Skinny Runner. Good luck with your half; have a blast!

  8. says

    Haha I’ve never seen a compression sock that was argyle before, pretty cool. I really want to visit Vegas at some point, its like Disney World for adults! It must be really cool to have people recognize you and ask to talk to you- like a celebrity!

  9. Running a Healthy Mind & Body says

    I just tried using the coupon and it said that it has been removed. By any chance do you have another?:) Thanks!

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