Runaroni from Brooks


Remember how Brooks Running sent me a HUGE 8lb. chocolate egg a while back? God bless them. Well, the fun deliveries continue and I got this pack of “Runaroni” in the mail recently. Running and carbs (like this pasta) go hand and hand, right? This pasta is special because, as the package states it will give  you strength and energy to PR! WOW! Where can I buy a case of … [Read more...]

Eat Breakfast Like A King


Good Morning! I woke up feeling fanfreakingtastic   I think it was a combination of the amazing Runaroni I carbed up with last night and great sleep I got. Feels so good. (more on the runaroni later!) Since I felt good I laced up my shoes and hit the road for an 8 mile run. Oddly enough, I felt a lot faster than my Garmin showed? Either I need another rest day or the … [Read more...]