Merry Margarita Monday


Merry Christmas! My tree magically went up over the weekend and thought I’d share the fake Walgreens tree fun all classy like. Plus, I’m going to use this pic for my Christmas card, so this counts as my card to you. Skinny Runner, Katie and I have been trying to meet up for dinner with our guys for the longest time. It finally worked on this lovely Monday night. Katie chose … [Read more...]

Motivation and Music Monday


Hello!!! How was your weekend? I went shopping on Saturday and ran a half marathon on Sunday. My throat was still hurting when I woke up. Boo. Normally my immune system can fight things off pretty well but the combo of lack of sleep and running a half didn’t help. But, I still wanted to run this morning! I kinda just like running. Shocker. I put on my holiday half shirt … [Read more...]