Merry Margarita Monday

Merry Christmas!

My tree magically went up over the weekend and thought I’d share the fake Walgreens tree fun all classy like. Plus, I’m going to use this pic for my Christmas card, so this counts as my card to you. merry christmas

Skinny Runner, Katie and I have been trying to meet up for dinner with our guys for the longest time. It finally worked on this lovely Monday night. Katie chose a Mexican place so I’d feel right at home. IMG_9803 (800x600)

Margarita Monday!!!

Or is it? I don’t really drink during the week. Then, I have an excuse to make up for lost time on the weekend Winking smilemargarita monday

margarita did it

We are all parting ways for the holidays so this was a nice little dinner before we go. I cannot say enough good things about SR and Katie, they are both super smart, kind, gorgeous girls and great friends.

I am counting down the days until our walks start up again in 2013 (mostly so I can pick Katie’s brain for medical advice). Katie is a Nurse Practioner and did confirm my glands are swollen in my neck(!!). So, I’ve decided I need my tonsils out. favorite girls

Fajita salad to balance out for all the chips? It was just okay.IMG_9811 (800x600)

And now I’m settling in for a long winter’s night. Seriously though, my glands are swollen and bugging me. I’m off to text Katie more questions about my illness… but, the last time I did that she suggested I see a “head doctor”? Wonder if my insurance covers that.

Question: Do you have alcohol rules? Drink during the week? Set limits?


  1. says

    I have a ‘no drinking through the week’ rule but let’s just say its fairly loose. What it really amounts to is ‘no drinking during the week unless the bottle is open and staring at me’. This happens a lot. Fail.

  2. says

    I didn’t say you needed a head doctor, I said you were dying of a terrible, painful, debilitating disease. That’s muuuuch better anyway, right?

    You looked muy linda this noche. The end.

  3. says

    One drink rule always applies during the week….however, on the weekends I have said more than I care to share…..”Why didn’t I just stop at ONE?”


  4. says

    I think its fine to have the one drink during the week….just make sure it stays at the odd one! If you like red wine, its a great choice and can actually be pretty benefitical…which is a nice bonus!

    If you’re detoxing though….steer clear of the alcohol! :)

  5. kate says

    A few years ago my body said, “Hey bitch–no more alcohol for you! Nope–not even a glass and a half of wine at that Bat Mitzvah unless you want to be in bed until 4 pm tomorrow with Pedialite and pretzels.”

  6. says

    I try not to drink during the week and moderately/low cal on the weekends. (Miller 64 isn’t half bad)

    However with the holidays I think the rule may take a break. I have a yankee swap tomorrow and I am sure the wine will be flowing.

  7. says

    I don’t really set any rules or anything for drinking; I just try not to drink excessively too often. Usually if I drink during the week, I don’t drink much. Then again, sometimes there are those nights where it’s like…why not? I don’t have anything in the morning.

  8. says

    I try to drink much less during the week and leave the fun for the weekend, all balanced out by water. I do participate in Twitter #beerclub on Mondays in Milwaukee so I have a few to start off the week :)

  9. says

    Let me also echo the “you’re looking great” comments. :) Normally during training season I’ll keep my fun to Saturday nights (Sunday is my day off), and rarely drink during race weeks, but now that I’m taking a little time off, it’s been a few days a week. Trying to practice moderation though – it’s hard when you’ve spent a year cramming your fun into one night per week, trying to unlearn that! :)

  10. Ashley G says

    I try to always stay in moderation with alcohol. I like wine and beer a lot, so I like to have one drink a day, everyday, and try my hardest not to go over that any day of the week. Lately, I’ve been having closer to two drinks a day (one glass of wine while I’m cooking/eating dinner, and another glass around 8:30/9 pm). I never feel the effects of it, but I end up feeling guilty if I have more than one glass. I should keep my two drink days for Saturdays only.

  11. Katie says

    We have a rule of weeklends only but I broke that rule last night. Eh, it was open, it was there and it wanted me to drink it. So truly not even my fault.

  12. jodea @ says

    I always try really hard not to drink in the week but it gets a lot harder at this time of year. Love your tree pic.

  13. says

    Hope you feel better soon!

    I don’t set any rules about alcohol. If I want one, I have one. My average for the week is 1.5 alcoholic beverages, so I’m probably doing okay without rules.

  14. says

    I would definitely consider getting your tonsils out! I will warn you/admit that it is a hugely painful recovery (felt like I was swallowing glass for 10 days, and I had a “quick” recovery) but I used to get strep 8-10 times a year and after my surgery two years ago…I have not gotten a single cold or sore throat! there are tons of horror stories about tonsillectomies on the internet so don’t do too much research because you will scare yourself out of it. but for me…it was beyond worth the painful recovery.

    • peach says

      I will second this.
      I had my tonsils out last spring (after months and months on antibiotics) and it was pretty damn hellish. And yet? No regrets. I haven’t even had slight cold in 7 months.

  15. says

    I don’t really have any set-in-stone rules when it comes to food or alcohol (except for avoiding gluten like the plague, that nasty devil to my body).

  16. says

    I just had a sore throat/tonsillitis before Thanksgiving, and it was the 3rd time for me in 3 years which I felt like was a lot, so I finally went to an ENT (a “head” dr) and found out it was my adenoids! I got a great dose of antibiotics and a sense of relief of finally understanding what was making me sick. My dr. had a high reoccurrence rate before removing tonsils (like 6 in a year, or 3 times a year for many years in a row).

  17. says

    I drink all day, everyday. SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS

    Just kidding.

    Where did you get that pink shirt in the tree pic? It’s super cute and I want one.

  18. says

    Word to the peeps saying you look skinny minnie! I just started reading, but I’ve basically read/stalked all your posts and you look amazing! Idk what you’re talking about needing to lose weight crazy lady :) But…I get it. Lol

    • Christine says

      I think she looks great too! But I think it’s just a more flattering hip pose angle! Other angles she looks the same!

  19. Maren says

    I got my tonsils out over Christmas break freshman year of college. While I wouldn’t wish that surgery on anyone, I’ve never had a sore throat since (6 years ago!). I will spare you the details, but let’s just say it was WAY worse than getting my appendix out. Hope you don’t have to go through it, but if you do, prepare to take a couple weeks off from anything!

  20. says

    I have no rules for spending quality time with my wine glass, especially during grad school. (Grad school + working full time = an excuse to cry incessantly and drink constantly). I try to monitor my weekly habits so I’m not boozing everyday and my family holds an intervention.

    I had my tonsils out as an adult as well. While it is not a party you want to be invited to once the anesthesia wears off, I lost 10 pounds and haven’t had any issues since – so not all was lost :)

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