Motivation and Music Monday

Hello!!! How was your weekend?

I went shopping on Saturday and ran a half marathon on Sunday.

My throat was still hurting when I woke up. Boo. Normally my immune system can fight things off pretty well but the combo of lack of sleep and running a half didn’t help.

But, I still wanted to run this morning! I kinda just like running. Shocker.

I put on my holiday half shirt from last year – I just realized I didn’t get my shirt from yesterday’s race! Aaand last year’s race was hilly and I was faster by a minute. I need to get back into smart training!!!doing it with class 'cause i gotta big ass

Anyway, I was about to go for a run…

But I stopped myself.

 “Monica Melinda, you are getting sick and ran a half yesterday. Take a rest day or I’m going to throw my chanca at you!”

So, I took a walk and found a bunch of motivational writings on the floor. I’ll see them again tomorrow Smile running motivation

Breakfast! Pumpkin oats with sunflower seed butter and egg whites that I cook up to look like an omelet but I kinda feel like real omelets need filling, yes?IMG_9786 (800x533)

Then, in the biggest not cool of the day… Ben put the Cholula in the fridge. #NotCool

I don’t put ketchup or hot sauce in the fridge because I like my food HOTHOT HOT. I would send him a strongly worded text, but he’s still blocking my messages after the whole ketchup crisis of 2011.cholula

Music Monday – Saturday night I put some new music on my ipod (finally). I always have one song that really makes the race for me (and I repeat it 7 times). Oddly enough it’s usually a song that makes me want to STOP running…and dance. Yesterday it was this:

Confession: I’m listening to it right now and dancing. Don’t judge.

Question: What’s your favorite song right now?

What are your mini-goals for the week?

My goals are to get enough sleep, eat plan out my snacks before randomly grabbing things and catch up on email and admin stuff.


  1. says

    Ugh, hope you are able to keep this sickness at bay. I tried my hardest, but sadly, it defeated me. Nothing a little potent drugs can’t knock out though. :) I’m feeling MUCH better thanks to antibiotics! :)

  2. says

    Confession: I have 82 songs on my running playlist & I keep it on “shuffle” so I don’t know what song to expect next. I love so many of them but one of my newest favorites is Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars. It’s fun and gets me moving. Some times I’ll even hit repeat so I can list to it again :)

  3. Shannon B. says

    I can’t seem to hear “Pumped Up Kicks” enough lately. over and over and over…it’s not even that pepe of a song?

  4. says

    I can’t believe I’m actually going to type for the world to see that I like Ke$ha’s “Die Young”. It gets me pumped up 😉 Goals this week are to keep this ever nagging sweet tooth in check. Congrats on the half!

  5. Katie says

    ok, first of all, that Jay-Z song needs a translation or something to go with it. all I heard was f%ckin this, and shi&t and nig&as? so he says those things and it’s called creative license and poetic “art” or some crap like that. If i used the “N” word (never do-hate that word) Im a rascist. Hypocrisy. Jay-Z can degrade women in his “music” by calling them bitches and hoes and Obama has him campaign all over for him. but its republicans who have waged this made up “war on women”?? *sigh* Ok ok getting off soap box now. sorry Monica. I cant stand the messages Jay-Z sends out especially to kids and you posted that video and it caused me to go on this little tangent.

    anyhoo, congrats on your half time! thats awesome! and you look skinny minny lately!! keep it up, girl. you look beautiful!

  6. Leah says

    I ran that song into the ground by listening to it during every single run for 6 months straight. All motivational value has been lost. :( Now I’m doing the same thing with “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore, have you heard of it? OMG soo good.

  7. Grecia says

    Girl on fire by Alicia Keys is my favorite song to run to right now. Mini goal is to do yoga 5 times this week.
    I’ve never tried cholula, it’s all about valentina :)

  8. says

    If we’re being honest, my favorite song right now is “Die Young” by Ke$sha.

    If we’re trying to save face by listing a less ridiculous (but still great) song, I’d go with “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit.

  9. says

    I had to show my husband the back of the ketchup bottle where it says “refrigerate after opening” before he stopped mocking me for demanding all condiments be stored in the fridge. I’m the weirdo that likes cold condiments on top of hot food so I get the fun sensory experience of mixing the two.

    His family still stores condiments in the cupboard **shudder**

  10. Deb says

    O.M.Gosh – you have to get your shirt! It’s all about the shirt…..
    Hope you feel better soon. Probably just a bug. Get some rest.

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