Runaroni Giveaway


Hello!!!! How was your day? Mine was good except my glands are still swollen despite the ibuprofen I took 3 times today. I’m probably a goner. Who wants to take over RER when I die? I made rookie mistake #1 and went to Trader Joe’s after work hungry. So this happened. At least dinner was healthy – tilapia, brown rice and roasted brussel sprouts. Love. … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday … Spicy Cashews


Hello and welcome to another round of Just the Tip Tuesday! The blog series where I admit to only eating the tips of sweet peppers… while Vegas watches me and silently judges. Just the (Running) Tip: Put on your favorite dope jams and your run will be a blast! I listened to my old faves this morning and had a great speed session. (My throat still hurts, but it’s not in my … [Read more...]