Just The Tip Tuesday … Spicy Cashews

Hello and welcome to another round of Just the Tip Tuesday!

The blog series where I admit to only eating the tips of sweet peppers…sweet peppers

while Vegas watches me and silently judges.judge cat

Just the (Running) Tip: Put on your favorite dope jams and your run will be a blast! I listened to my old faves this morning and had a great speed session. (My throat still hurts, but it’s not in my chest at all so I felt fine to run.)image

I did 6 800 repeats and then cooled down with my slow songs. I just have the shuffle so I have to click the button 88 times before I get a slow song, but it’s nice when I get a good one.

Just the Tip: Like Almond Milk? This Dream Blends is just as good and I want to say thicker! Often times Almond Milk curdles in my coffee, but this didn’t. (It might be this brand doesn’t curdle, I haven’t tried their straight up AM.)dream blends milk

dream blends milk dream blends milk

Just the (Nut) Tip: Like cashews, but eat half a bag before you even realize it?! No? Just me. How sad.

I bought these Thai Lime & Chili Cashews from TJ’s and the extra flavor and spice helps slow my roll. thai lime and chili cashews

Every now and then you’ll get one that is super coated with the spices and it’s like that amazing Thai lemongrass soup!thai lime and chili cashews

Question: Got a tip to share with the class?


  1. says

    I dislike having to skip so many songs in my playlist too, but it’s good to change it up every once in a while and rock out to some of my oldies but goodies.

    My tip is try spinach – I put that stuff in almost everything and it supplies such great nutrients with no bulk!

  2. says

    I shouldn’t be suggesting this here, but it came to mind: Have you ever tried sticky cashews made with water and icing sugar, put in a hot saucepan for a few minutes until they become sticky? They’re a great addition to a salad!

    When it comes to music, I used to skip almost everything to find something I wanted to listen to, until I filled my iPod with stuff that I actually did want to listen to! Some inspirational/motivational CD’s work great, too :)

  3. Emilie says

    Those TJ’s Thai lime cashews are my favorite. I find them very addictive and have to be very careful not to over do it. They also have wasabi almonds which are also good. I have had a cold for a week now, and continued running my normal scheduled days and the same number of miles I usually do, but Monday’s run left me with a sore IT band and general fatigued muscles. Not sure why… Maybe with this cold, I was getting less oxygen while running? Ideas?
    I don’t have a play list, I listen to slacker radio instead and usually choose trance which is upbeat and fast, no slow music there !

  4. says

    Those cashews look awesome. Must find time to get back to TJ’s and get some. I have had the same trouble with Almond milk curdling in coffee. I actually stopped using it because of this. I’ll check out the Dream blends. Thanks!

  5. courtney says

    ahhh obsessed with those cashews! sadly vt is too small (apparently) to even qualify to have a tj’s so i have to stock up whenever i travel somewhere. but yeah, bombdigs.

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