Ask a Monican #46

Hello!!! I am facing some more computer issues today (Santa are you listening?) and finally wrestled it into submission to upload my vlog.

By request – Weight Loss Wednesday is back and I do a quick review of Pete Thomas’ book Lose It Fast, Lose it Forever diet book in this episode of Ask a Monican.lose it fast, lost it forever

Ask a Monican #46

  1. Biggest Loser contestant Pete Thomas’ diet book
  2. I cannot get over how I did in my last marathon! Help?!
  3. I think I have Runner’s Knee…
  4. Would you be so focused on running if you didn’t blog?

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  1. Karen says

    Great comment about the IT Band vs. the runner’s knee, I had the exact same problem. Except that the doctor was the one who mis-diagnosed it as runner’s knee, and my knee didn’t get better until much later when it was finally correctly diagnosed. From my doctor friends I’ve heard that they see runner’s knee so often, that it’s really common to hear someone is a runner and has a knee problem, and immediately jump to runner’s knee. So I’d add on to make sure you see a sports doctor, and make sure you give them the full description of exactly where it hurts and when, and don’t let them immediately jump to runner’s knee! Injuries are awful either way, you definitely want to get it correctly diagnosed and fixed ASAP!

  2. says

    The 4th question is a great one!
    I definitely love running for running..and had NO intention to blog about it..but I do feel like the blog has pushed me and made me more motivated to stay consistent with running!

  3. says

    I have pes anserine bursistis, which feels like an inner knee issue, but is muscle related (tight adductors and hamstrings). Def important to stretch and strength train to reduce injury and like you said, RICE early before an injury gets worse!!!

  4. says

    Monica – tell Santa you NEED a Mac for christmas ; )

    Thanks for answering my question, even though it got cut off. Silly technology. If you do quite your blog you better at least keep it going until you have a little tiny MoniBen baby!

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