Disneyland for the Holidays


I made a last minute decision to hit up Disneyland after work today. It was drizzly all day so I was hoping there wouldn’t be major crowds, and I was right – not too shaby for the holiday season! My main focus was to hit up the Holiday themed rides like Small World and The Haunted Mansion. Done and done. There was some choir thing going on right on Main Street though so the … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday– Best Mascara


Hello! How are you? This morning I did a run in the rain. I was going for speed, but that didn’t happen. I just wasn’t feeling it E for effort? But we’re moving on to Just the Tip Tuesday… Just the Tip #1: I heard you’re supposed to cut out white foods like sugar, white bread and potatoes. So, I used brown sugar on my acorn squash which makes it super healthy right?   … [Read more...]