Just The Tip Tuesday– Best Mascara

Hello! How are you?

This morning I did a run in the rain. I was going for speed, but that didn’t happen. I just wasn’t feeling it Sad smile E for effort?

But we’re moving on to Just the Tip Tuesday

Just the Tip #1: I heard you’re supposed to cut out white foods like sugar, white bread and potatoes. So, I used brown sugar on my acorn squash which makes it super healthy right? Winking smile

Wrong, but so so right.

acorn squash

Just the Tip #2: I always get questions on what mascara I use. If you guys learn nothing else from RER trust me on this tip…

I am an albino alligator.

Or a natural red head, which is almost the same thing.


Without getting into too many details let me just say this means I have light red eye lashes. That’s the worst.

See? Without makeup I look kinda sickly and it’s difficult to do a good eye if you don’t already have a good dark line of lashes.

IMG_9928 (800x600)

Tip – This is the BEST mascara = Maybelline’s Volume Express

Get the waterproof kind, please. I haven’t cried since 1985 and it never rains in SoCal, but trust me it lasts best.

IMG_9935 (600x800)

I have a shaky hand and don’t always like to deal with eyeliner, but since my lashes are so light I sometimes put a swipe of black eyeliner on the inside of my upper lid so you can’t see spaces between my light lashes.

IMG_9939 (800x600)

Curl your lashes, Add 2 coats of mascara and Call Me in the morning Maybe.

IMG_9937 (800x600)

Okay. Enough makeup talk.


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  1. says

    Ah! You knew my question before I even had the chance to ask. Best mascara, yes! I always switch my mascara up because I haven’t felt like I found the one. Maybe this one will make my foot pop (a la “Princess Diaries”). 😛

    On a side note, yes, we should all eat some make-up to be more beautiful on the inside.

  2. says

    Brown sugar and winter squash is super awesome together!! And there are no “supposed tos” in eating. Everything in moderation! (I usually sprinkle my squash with some cinnamon and salt too. Love sweet and salty.)

  3. says

    hmm can’t think of a tip.. how sad is that.. :(

    Love that pic of you when you were little! Isn’t it funny how back then we got dressed up like adults for our pics? Is it a Mexican thing I wonder? I look like an attorney in so many of my pics?! LOL

  4. Dayna says

    Hey Monica!

    I just started using the Volume Express mascara and I love it. But I made the mistake of getting the waterproof kind and couldn’t wash it off for the life of me! How do you get it off of your eyelashes without having to pull all of your eyelashes out??


  5. Abby says

    That is my absolute favorite mascara of all time. I get glam black and so many people compliment me on my lashes. I tried a different shade and it doesn’t have the same effect as glam black which is perfect.

  6. says

    Great tips!
    My tip would be to put your running shoes, upside down, over the furnace vent before going for a winter run (if it’s cold where you live). Your feet will thank you! Even if the heat is lost quickly, your feet will warm up faster.

  7. says

    If you don’t have to worry about having light coloured or skimpy eyelashes try L’Oreal – Voluminous Power Collagen Waterproof. I have tried many mascaras and this one was superior to the rest for me.

  8. Whitney says

    My mind always go to the gutter when you do the Just the tip posts! LOL I will have to try out the mascara! :)

    The only tip I have is don’t eat yellow snow.

  9. says

    If you say you are going to call (or text) your mother …DO!….They never forget and worry if you don’t!!! 😉

    I just bought the Maybelline Pink tube…that’s been around FOREVER..in water proof…LOVE IT TOO…lashes totally stick out and it doesn’t run and stays on!! (Eye makeup remover by Maybelline, on a cotton ball, gets it off no problem!)


  10. says

    Is it just me that always has a MAJOR fail when I try to put on mascara? I think my last attempt was in 2004. It’s always incredibly clumpy and looks awful on me!

    My tip of the day: Peel a banana, cut it up into smaller pieces, freeze it. About 5 minutes before you want to eat it, take it out of the freezer.
    When you eat it, it’s like icecream. SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

  11. says

    As a fellow redhead, I totally feel ya on the light eyelashes. Without anything on my eyes I look like I’m sick. This is totally where my eyeliner / masacara addition stems from.

    Last week I forgot to put on my mascara before work, since I was running late, and my co-worker actually thought I was sick. When I told her it was just my lack of mascara, she freaked when she saw my freak-ish red lashes… LOL

    I may have to try Volume Express, but I’m stuck on Lash-gasm from Too Faced right now (probably only cause I got it in a set and ran out of my other mascara).

  12. Steph says

    Yes, your lashes are light in color (mine too) but damn…they are full and long and so many of them. I pay good money for Latisse, only to have lashes half that lush. And probably future blindness.So at least be happy for that part.

  13. says

    My favorite mascara is from Mary Kay. My friend sells it and told me it was the best… but it took me awhile to give in and try it. She was right though!

  14. Jen says

    Have you ever tried high end mascara like Lancôme? I always doubt that it works much better than drugstore brands but something is enticing about it.
    Also I recommend Mac retrospeck and other creamy gold/taupe/ tan toned eye shadow for light complexions, the white has a wash out effect.

  15. Steph says

    As a makeup artist, I’m always buying the name brand mascara like Lancôme, which I love. Truthfully though, drugstore brands do the same darn thing!!
    As a redhead, I think you’d look beautiful with some taupe/gold tones in your eyeshadow. Mac has one called retrospeck which would fit the bill. You could nix the white all over your lids (it isn’t doing you justice and looks 80s!) and replace it with some more creamy natural tones for an everyday look.

  16. says

    That meme is hilarious. I use that kind of mascara, but the non-waterproof kind. I used waterproof mascara one time in my life and it was an absolute nightmare to get off. I always get a new tube of mascara in my stocking and right now its much needed so I’m looking forward to that on Christmas, hopefully my mom knows to get me this kind its my favorite too.

  17. Nicole says

    I don’t have red hair or eyelashes, but I definitely have pale skin (seriously pale!) so if I don’t play up my eyes, the whites of my eyes blend in with my skin. :) I really like the Maybelline’s full n’ soft – I think I get it in very black. I’ll have to try this one though!

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