26 for 26


How was your day? I am trying to bust out as much work as I can before the holidays. How exciting. I had a random, but fierce craving for hummus and hit the store after work. And I randomly scored some salmon on sale – bonus!  I also “accidentally” bought this fancy wine/vodka thing. It is a French wine mixed with vodka and lightly carbonated. IT WAS MADE FOR ME! I … [Read more...]

Weight loss Wednesday–Weight Loss Boss


Hello! Happy Wednesday This week is super jam packed but I made some time to run 8 miles this morning… I’m sure as I’m running by people in their cars think, “That girl really loves pink…” I do. I really do. Weight Loss Wednesday… A publisher sent me Weight Loss Boss a while back and I’ve been flipping through it here and there. It’s written by the President and CEO of … [Read more...]