Weight loss Wednesday–Weight Loss Boss

Hello! Happy Wednesday Smile

This week is super jam packed but I made some time to run 8 miles this morning…IMG_9974 (800x600)

I’m sure as I’m running by people in their cars think, “That girl really loves pink…”IMG_9971 (800x600)

I do. I really do.pink running shoes

Weight Loss Wednesday…

A publisher sent me Weight Loss Boss a while back and I’ve been flipping through it here and there. IMG_9975 (800x600)

It’s written by the President and CEO of Weight Watchers – cool, right? IMG_9976 (600x800)

Even though it’s written by a WW guy, it’s not all about points. The book addresses male weight loss, which I appreciate – most diet books are written for women.

There are profiles of different weight watchers through out the book which gives some realistic tips from ‘real people’.

I liked that it talked about weight loss, holidays, exercise and maintenance. I think it would be most interesting for a Weight Watcher though. IMG_9978 (600x800)

In other news… A lot of you were asking about my hat and coat from yesterday. Some lady at Disneyland stopped me to tell me it was a great coat too – that was nice Smile  It’s from Marshall’s super super cheap too.red coat

I bought myself this hat when I went Christmas shopping the other night. Busted. Anyway, it’s from Target.  hat hair

Instadamn… so I have been going back and forth about Instagram’s new TOS (they are saying they can use and sell any pictures you post for whatever they want). On one hand I LOVE Instgram and Twitter – I think I’m best in small doses so this is perfect Smile

Buuuut, I couldn’t help but make the joke – “Hope this doesn’t end up on some herpes ad one day…” when I ‘gramed something yesterday.

Then this happened.

different area codes(Picture from www.carrotsncake.com)

Ironically… this morning a reader sent me, Tina and Ashley a head’s up that our picture is featured on a dating column blog. The guy is basically saying he has girls in different area codes and doesn’t want to tell his fiancé so he’s asking for advice. Whelp, I guess when you post a million pictures of yourself on the internet one might end up “borrowed” and insinuating shady things. And here I was worried about ol ‘gram when I should have been worried about a blog event photo.

The only thing worse than that is seeing how tragic I looked with blonde hair. Why didn’t someone say something (nicely) so I wouldn’t do that…


1. What’s your favorite color right now?

2. Do you wear hats?

3. Should I start writing a dating/relationship column too cause I think it’d be fun?


  1. says

    Not many weight loss books are geared towards men- that’s nice this one includes them!
    Ha- I can’t believe somebody used the photo for that!! You’re right though- the more info/photos people post on the internet, the more likely they’ll be used in a way you don’t want them to be used.

  2. says

    Favorite color is anything in the gems tone–sapphire, plum, magenta, etc. Um..guess that isn’t one though..

    That jacket and hat look awesome on you–not everyone could pull that off!

  3. says

    Love the jacket and hat!

    1) Fave running color is bright yellow, but overall fave color is turquoise
    2) I try to wear hats but I think I look ill in them
    3) You should def write a dating column. Your running blog is so fun, I can see the dating one being great. Plus, I could use all the advice I can find as I’m no pro at dating and am still searching for love in my 30s! :)

  4. says

    I read an article on Facebook yesterday allegedly written by the CEO (?? head guy) at Instagram, and he said that was not true. So, I’m not sure what is true. I think you look great in that picture! My favorite color today is orange, just because I’ve been juicing carrots all day and that vibrant orange is just….amazing. I’m not a hat person. Tragic. :(
    Also, YES please start a relationship advice column! That would be super fun to read!

  5. Lauren Michalak says

    My fave color is red. I CANT wear hats. Nope. Nuh uh. Not cute on Mrs. Lauren. And a dating column?! Hell ya! Youre awesome and hilarious, Id love to read more of your writing, even if it is a totally different platform than health and fitness.

  6. says

    Its funny, growing up my favorite color changed a lot. As an adult, my go to is also pink. I like the femininity of it! I saw in the picture you have on the Brooks, Pure Drift? Have you done a review on them and I missed it? I’m thinking about getting them when my shoes wear out.

  7. says

    Ewww what a creepy man using your picture! I have a dumb–aka not smart–phone so I’m not part of the intriguing world of Instagram. And I enjoy your hat as well. Wearing a hat tends to annoy me, but maybe I’ll head over to Target so I can be cool like you with a super cute hat.

  8. says

    I can’t wear hats. They drive me insane. I have to literally be freezing for there to be one on my head. It’s happened before, but it’s a rare thing.

    As for colors my favorites have been blue and purple since I was a kid. My niece thinks I’m allergic to the color red because I have mentioned enough times in front of her that I hate that color. It looks fine on other people, but I will run away from it if need be 😉

  9. says

    I love pink but my all time favorite is Aqua Blue. The bright blue a lot of running shoes come in :) I love the coat and hat as well! And about instagram I guess I shouldn’t worry bc most of my pictures are of food or my feet.

  10. says

    Wow, that kind of scares me to think what pictures I’ve posted are floating around the unknown and incredibly frightening world of the web. Maybe I should consider actually photoshopping myself a little more in that case. :)

  11. says

    Welp! Sorry about the photo theft! MomJovi just dealt with that too. It makes me nervous especially since a lot of people use Google Image search. I think I need to start putting my blog name on all my photos like others too. Extra work for me, woo.

  12. says

    I borrow pics from across the interwebs (linking back to the source or providing the content author when available, of course), so I suppose the Instagram thing *shouldn’t* bother me too much… but I think I’ll be careful not to post really personal pics lest they be used in magazines.

    I wish I could get away with a hat… I used to, when I played piano in a band. I had a whole Alisha Keys phase, except not as pop-y, and way paler… haha :)

  13. says

    1. Since it’s Xmas, red and green but red is a year-round fav anyway. And I love, love, love your coat. Too bad I’m in the tropics and can’t wear it here.
    2. Nope, same reason as above.
    3. Hmmm…no clue!

  14. Kate says

    I’m sure you’re probably aware, but if your photo is used without your permission, he owes you $750 per use, up to $30,000. You can also force him to remove it.

  15. Susan says

    My favorite color is blue.
    My husband says I look good in hats but I don’t wear them very often. However, he doesn’t like me in baseball hats.
    I think a relationship blog by you would be great.

  16. says

    I just found your website, it looks great. I am also a runner so I have been looking around for other running/weight loss sites. Keep up the great work!

  17. says

    My favorite color is blue (but I’m also very partial to pink!!:)
    I love hats, i have a ton but don’t wear them as often as I’d like/should in order to justify buying them ….
    You should def. write a relationship/dating blog, anything you write would be amazing (and hilarious) I’m sure!

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