Friday Fun – TRX

Happy Friday!!!

Is today your last day of school or work before the Holiday?! Until 2013?!

This morning I met one of the trainers I used to work with for a TRX session. A company is sending me a home model and I wanted a tutorial on it. So, my friend Sarina gave me a TRX training session. Whew! It’s tough!trx exercise

For those that don’t know… TRX is a suspension training system where you use your own body weight and balance for exercise. trx exercise

I thought I had decent balance, but today I was pretty off. I would lose my balance or need to take a break. I kept getting frustrated and Sarina would tell me, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” Story of my life.trx gym

Except we say, “Don’t be such a hard on, yourself.”

Anyway, it was difficult but fun! I’m excited to try it at home so I don’t make such a fool of myself at the gym again. trx system

Five Friday Favorites….

1. I finished up the pears Harry and David sent me and I’m still dreaming about them. I am seriously considering buying some for myself, but I kinda feel like it’s something you gift?IMG_20121205_123554


2. Putting together my race calendar for next year is getting me so excited!


3. Favorite condiment – I put ketchup on my ketchup. IMG_20121216_152326

4. Evening walks are the only thing keeping me sane, so even though it’s chilly I get out for at least a mile.IMG_20121119_170924

5. I was born in the wrong century. Jezebel had an article that 100 years ago the New York times said Elsie Scheel was the perfect woman at 5’7 and 171 pounds. God bless her.

They were looking for a woman who most closely resembled the Venus de Milo’s body. I can appreciate that Winking smilevenus de milo(image source)

Question: What’s your holiday vacation schedule?

What was your favorite thing this week?

Are you too hard on yourself? stop it.


  1. says

    You should indulge in Harry & David pears whenever you want! They are amazing! I miss not being able to stop by their original Country Village store on my daily commute.

    My holiday vacation schedule is packed with family fun starting with my daughter’s birthday on Sunday. Can’t wait!

    My favorite thing this week was our snow day yesterday. So relaxing!

  2. Susan says

    Today is my last official work day of 2012. HOORAY!!!

    My favorite thing(s) this week are:
    1. the banana nut bread I made-you can’t just throw away bananas because they are TOO ripe!
    2. exchanging holiday goodies with our neighbors
    3. sending (and receiving) Christmas cards.

    I am too hard on myself-even at 47 years old-I’m not sure that I will ever completely be able to stop it. I might have eased up slightly once I hit 40…but it’s still there.

  3. sally says

    the timing of this post couldn’t be any better. We were all looking at pictures from our office holiday party last night and i was so disgusted with the way i looked. I picked apart everything from my pointy nose to my thick thighs. I even deleted some. (shhh). Yes, i’m too hard on myself. My coworkers reminded me that i’m athletic and can run marathons.

    TRX looks cool. I’m looking for a crosstraining option to do at home for 2013.

    Holiday schedule is 2 long weekends. We get off from work the eve and the day for xmas and new years. first time in a long time i’ve had to work the day after xmas:(

    My favorite thing this week was getting a cool nike windbreaker last night as a gift from my boss. He knows me well.

    Have a lovely holiday season Monica!

  4. says

    Good for you for trying a new workout! Your body likes the challenge :-) So don’t be hard on yourself. I just started rowing at the gym last week. Way harder than running! I felt like a very out of shape blob. But i’m already improving & loving the new activity!

    My favorite thing this week was my zucchini pasta i made last night!

  5. says

    I’m off for three glorious weeks. Off to Phoenix for Christmas and then nothing. My favorite thing this week was finding a new doctor that actually takes me concerns seriously. Good medical help can be hard to fnid (no I’m not dying).

  6. says

    Mmm I love me some Harry & David pears! I could never get enough of those things. And yes to the ketchup comment…I put it on everything!

    Our holiday vacation schedule is going to be crazy. We’re leaving tonight to fly to Phoenix to be with family all week. Splitting our time between three different families, celebrating Christmas, and two baby showers calls for one hectic week!

  7. says

    I have never met a woman who isn’t hard on herself. We all have issues of our own don’t we?

    The family watched the Disney version of Charles Dickens ~ Christmas Carol last weekend…one part had ladies all fancy with the “old” time dresses on…big boobs falling out on top, cinched in waist and larger bottoms the girls commented on the fact that the ladies were bigger…I replied with: “Those were the good ol’ Days” when it was a rich status thing to be heavier. They could buy all the food they wanted and have it served to them on platters. I should have been born then too. 😉

  8. GA says

    You’re going to have a eat a lot more pears if you want to look like the Venus de Milo. Pears dipped in caramel sauce. With chocolate. You’re looking so buff, girl. I sorta want you to get some couch time over the holidays and help the rest of us not feel like total slackers.

  9. Lynda says

    Those Harry and David pears are amazing!! my hubby’s bday is tomorrow and every year his mom sends an order of the pears to us for his birthday. We love them!!

  10. says

    Have been off work since last Friday; not doing much except chilling out at home, catch up on reading, walking, browsing malls and getting last minute Xmas-sy stuff. This downtime and relaxed pace is good.

  11. Ella says

    My husband has that ketchup shirt! His friends bought it for him. When we go to In n Out he always gets, no joke, about 20 packets of ketchup.

  12. Scallywag says

    Whenever I feel toooo bad about myself I pull up renaissance images- those were their PERFECT women- they were curvy and a bit athletic and smallish breasted and that was the IDEAL. Reminds me that the definition of beauty changes and that if I had been born a thousand years ago, I would be it!

  13. says

    I’m a teacher and we’re off for the next two weeks so my favorite thing is chill mornings spent drinking coffee, hanging with my hubby (also a teacher!) and my kids, reading blogs, getting in some training runs before the Disney Half Marathon, and just decompressing. Love this time of year!

  14. says

    I’m a TRX instructor. FYI: The handles on the straps in your pictures are connected incorrectly. Not only is this unsafe and bad for the product, it might be the reason you were having such balance issues. Have someone show you the proper way to connect the two before you try this exercise again. It might make a difference. (Also, TRX is a great strength addition to any running program. Keep up with it!)

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