Sunday Set Up to Florida

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! This morning I started my day with a walk to the store for some dinner supplies. I’m making that pull apart bread Skinny Runner made a while back – been dreaming about it ever since. image

When I got home I made an epic omelet with scallions and Laughing Cow cheese. image

Right now I’m frantically packing and getting ready to head to Florida! I’ll be there for 2 whole weeks. Crazy, right?

Since I don’t want the boys to think I’m too smart I booked a red eye again. I always end up hating myself in the morning, but it’s the most efficient way to get there from SoCal…red eye

All I packed for this trip are running clothes and one dress for Christmas mass. Happy Birthday Jesus. christmas dress

I’m looking forward to a lot of sunny runs and relaxation. Yeah buddy. IMG_4192 (800x600)IMG_4212 (800x600)IMG_4215 (800x600)

And of course… DD!

 IMG_4223 (600x800)

Hey, it gets me running…IMG_4222 (800x600)

Now it’s time for my fam’s Christmas – see you in a bit!


  1. Gillian says

    How I miss Dunkin’! Spent my whole life in CT and Boston, MA and now that I am here I seriously wish I had the $ to open a DD! Merry Xmas! Enjoy!

  2. says

    Merry Christmas!!!
    Enjoy your time in Florida! (I’m a little jealous – wish I was on a beach!!! But happy to be home with my family.)

  3. says

    I’m an Oregon gal, and all I have to say is: You make me want to take a trip just to go to a DD! I work at a coffee shop, but all the talk of DD iced coffees makes me drool, and I’ve never even had it. Guess I’ll just have to stick to my own for now 😉

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