Christmas Eve 2012

<Updated to add: Just titled this post 2013 – and I’m not even drunk! Unless this eggnog has…>

Hello from Florida! The red eye was rough so after we got to our home away from home I took a long nap <- that never happens!

Then, I ate breakfast/lunch – PB & banana and eggs.

IMG_0076 (800x600)

and took a lil walk to get some fresh air. Doesn’t plane air make you feel jacked up?image

After a few errands it was time to get ready for church. I feel jet lagged, but rallied. red church dress

Silent Night…Holy Night…All is Calm…All is Brightchurch candle

Ben’s fam does the big present opening shenanigans on Christmas Eve so after dinner we gathered around the tree.Christmas TreeThere are way too too too many desserts here! Brownies, cookies, candy, ice cream. I helped myself to a little of each…brownie with ice cream

Then, the neighbor brought over a fresh pecan pie. I’ve never had this kind of pie before so I had to try it. Sugar city. I live there.pecan pie

Please Send Help.pecan pie and brownies

Time for presents! IMG_0096 (600x800)

For obvious reasons, this family is so artsy!!! My stick figure drawings can’t compete. (Ben’s dad is a professional artist.) His sister made these labels…for you presents

present name tag

IMG_0110 (600x800) IMG_0123 (800x600) IMG_0119 (600x800) atomic clock present name tag

Happy Holidays!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, I hope it is beautiful and full of love.

Thank you so so much for reading Run Eat Repeat and following along with with me. I know you feel like you “know” me, and I feel like I know you too (I sometimes talk about you to my fam too).

I am truly blessed with amazing family, friends and you. I hope you are enjoying this season with the people you love. God Bless.


  1. says

    I could just have those desserts for my main! Had a fab start to Xmas with a 14.3km run with a friend this morning. Merry Xmas Monica, Ben and your families.

  2. says

    Thanks for having a great blog and sharing part of your life and your love of running with all of us. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you have a blessed time.

  3. HannerNanner says

    #1- Monica, you are beautiful. I’ve been struck lately by some of the pictures in your blog. I hope you see it too!
    #2- I cannot believe you hadn’t had pecan pie, (EVER??) until Christmas Eve.. do you feel like your life has been devoid of meaning til now? (obviously, I’m a fan.)

  4. says

    Merry Christmas!! A day late. I’m so glad you married a boy with family in the south so you can experience Peter Pan PB (my favorite) and pecan pie (another favorite)!! And the first time I had ever heard of Trader Joe’s was your blog (I know, horrifying thought) and I’ve still never seen one in person. Some day, some day :-)

  5. Caroline says

    I have to second the comment above–you are GLOWING these days!! Looking fit and fab and fashionable. Thanks for all that you do. Happy almost new year!

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