Under Armour Giveaway

I woke up with a scratchy throat and went to Twitter MD for help. The consensus was to gargle with salt water… so I did (because you should always listen to what complete strangers on the internet tell you to do).gargle salt water<Note: Marbles giving himself a bath in the background.>

Then, I took off on a 7 mile run. It was windy today!!!IMG_0185 (600x800)

Now I’m waiting to hit up DD for some ice coffee and my life will be complete. I am easy to please Winking smile

Recently Under Armour sent me an email with a bunch of different gear I could choose from to try. Of course I picked the yellow hoodie because I love all things yellow these days.

This is their Women’s Armour Fleece Divide HoodieWomen’s Armour Fleece Divide Hoodie

The front is bright yellow and the back is white. It’s super comfy and the color is fun!Under Armour Giveaway

As a belated Holiday gift Under Armour will send one RER reader this hoodie too. Then, we can be twins and go to Twin Day together at school (tell me you had this).

To Enter: Leave a comment answering this question:

Do you have a twin?

Optional: Would you want one?

Contest ends 12/28/2012 at 8am EST. Open to residents of the US only.


  1. says

    I don’t have a real twin, however, when I was younger my sister and I got mixed up by people all the time…we don’t think we look that much alike, but apparently others do/did.

  2. Rebecca says

    I don’t have a twin, but I remember growing up I always wondered what it would be like to have one (there were 3 sets of fraternal twins in my year from elementary through high school). I think it would be cool to have one because they share a connection that few have (or understand). I think I’d rather have a fraternal twin than an identical one though!

  3. Dayna says

    Hmmmmm, that’s a good question. I don’t actually have any siblings, and I sometimes wish that I did. But, I don’t think I would want to have a twin. Two of me would be too much! haha :)

  4. shawn says

    No i dont have a twin but would have loved to have one…I always thought twinsense and their own languages were interesting. I would have also loved to pull some unknowing pranks if we were identical…lol!

  5. Tammy says

    That is a great jacket! I have such a jacket fetish :-p I do not have a twin, but while growing up, I thought it would be fun to. Now, I’m glad I don’t. I kinda like being one-of-a-kind. I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

  6. Valerie says

    I do not have a twin, and I’m glad that I don’t. I am way too selfish to share my birthday with someone else! Just kidding…kind of.

  7. Rachel F. says

    I do not have a twin. And I wouldn’t want one. Sharing a birthday party? Hell no. Plus Having a younger sibling is the best. I used to be able to make my brother do whatever I wanted. Man, I had it made then. Now he’s 8 inches taller than me, but I can still boss him around a bit 😉

  8. Daphne says

    I don’t have a twin, and no, I don’t want one. (Couldn’t imagine a second silly me running around. One is enough.)

    • LG says

      I must add – Get some Zicam. Forget the gargling salt water – it’s a symptom treatment only – won’t do anything to keep the crap away – and if you are still in Florida, the virus “bugs” are horrible here right now, worst we’ve had in a long while… :)

  9. Melissa says

    I don’t have a twin, but my sisters are twins, and I always thought it was cool that they were so close–definitely a closer/different bond than just normal siblings. So, maybe I would want one.

    Also, we definitely had Twin Day at school, and it was always a big deal, planning who would be your twin and what you would wear to look the most alike. It was serious. :)

  10. Theresa P says

    my bff/roommate in college was my fake twin for many years. We don’t look alike as much anymore, but while we were at school we wore each others clothes, colored our hair the same color and did everything together. Random people would ask us if we were twins/sisters all the time!!! it was fun :)

  11. says

    I don’t have one, but I swear my town has more than any other I know! Something is in the water here, I swear.

    I woke up Christmas Eve morning and was siiiick, so I’ve been doing the salt cocktail as well. Go us.

  12. says

    I don’t have a twin, and I don’t know if I would like one… guess I’ll never know!
    I dressed up with my best friend for twin day in elementary and middle school

  13. Laura B. says

    I do not have a twin but I soooo wanted one when I was younger. Since I already have three siblings, I guess I wanted a true partner in crime. I would love pink, her purple. I would be the best dancer, her the singer. We could crimp each others hair and have double the amount of cool clothes. Yep, dreamed it!

  14. Amy D says

    No official twin, but I would gladly be your twin (whoa, that sounded creepy)! Happy holidays and I hope that a)your throat stops being scratchy and b)I win an Under Armour sweatshirt:)

  15. Denora says

    I don’t have a twin, but my childhood best friend and I looked very much alike, so everyone assumed we were twins. We did have Twin Day at school, and she and I always dressed the same.

  16. says

    I don’t have a twin – I’m an only child actually, but I always wondered what it would feel like to have siblings. I don’t think I’d like to have a twin, per se, but a sister would have been nice!

  17. Karin says

    I do not have a twin. I am not sure if I would want one. I am sure there are positives and negatives! I would love to be an Under Armour Hoodie twin though 😉

  18. Tracey says

    I don’t have a twin. I’m an only child. I would have liked to have a twin or just any sibling would have been nice.

  19. Michele Williams says

    No, I don’t have a twin but I would LOVE one! Maybe then someone would finally understand all my craziness! Haha!

  20. Sarah says

    No twin, but I might like one. I’d like to be close with a sibling. My brothers and I don’t have much in common.

    Very cute sweatshirt!

  21. Michelle says

    I have cousins that are twins and I always felt like the third leg. I would love to have a twin to be able to share secrets with.

  22. Keri says

    I don’t have a twin, but twins run in both sides of my family, so maybe I’ll end up having twins when I have kids??

  23. says

    I do not have a twin myself-but I do have twin daughters! And the answer to your second question-sometimes I do, but my girls FIGHT alot! Sometimes, they are so sweet to each other, though!

  24. Tara says

    Love the sweatshirt!
    I do not have a twin but my sister and I are 2 years apart and were always treated as twins-you know, the same clothes, same toys (just different colors) shared the same friends……

  25. says

    Oh my gosh twin day at school sounds so fun! I wish I had that!

    I don’t have a twin but I always thought it would be fun to have one. I feel like there is a special connection between twins that isn’t necessarily the same between other siblings.

  26. says

    I do not have a twin however my Mother has an identical twin. I’ve heard that “having twins” skips a generation and none of my Mother’s siblings had twins thus it would be my generations “turn” to have them. None of my cousins had twins either. I never had any children so I think I might have dodged that bullet. I don’t think I would want to be a twin. I’m the only girl and the youngest of three children…but I wasn’t spoiled! :)

  27. Karen B says

    I’m an only child, and after spending the holidays with my husband’s large family, I’m glad I’m a lonely only. :) I do have a niece and nephew who are twins, and they are the cutest things ever…but boy, are they a handful.

  28. Jessica J. says

    No twin here. And I do not want one. My brother picked on me enough growing up, I didn’t need any more siblings. :)

  29. Angie P says

    I do not have a twin but sometimes think I would like to have one. I hear twins are the best of friends and I could use a good girlfriend!

  30. Colleen says

    I don’t have a twin but think it would be amazing! I have several friends that are twins and the bond is priceless!

  31. says

    Love Under Armour! Wearing UA right now! Nope, no twin for me. But I would love one b/c then you could shop together and have each other try on everything…then….poof!…you’d immediately have a 3-D image of what you’d look like in it. Super convenient!

  32. Kaitlin says

    No twin for me… it could be fun though! I’m good friends with twins and their love/hate relationship is hilarious. I guess I’d take one 😉

  33. Kadye says

    I don’t have a twin. I think having a twin would be fun. 1 – think of all of the crafty trouble we would get in together. And 2 – wardrobe would expand by a whole closet, love sharing clothes!

  34. says

    I don’t think I’d ever want a twin. When I was growing up I always thought it’d be cool, but now I’m thinking I would have had to share everything with herl. haha

  35. Amanda W says

    I do not have a twin. In fact, I am siblingless. I don’t think I would want a twin or other sibling.. I had it good.

  36. Christine says

    Merry Christmas Monica! Jealous of your warm weather runs! I don’t have a twin and wouldn’t want one, feels like it would be too much pressure!

  37. Pamela says

    I don’t have a twin. I think having a clone would be more fun. Send my clone to the holiday parties I don’t want to go to.

  38. Emily says

    Yes, I have a twin, it’s you! We are hoodie twinsies because I won the contest! (I am writing this from the future). Thanks again! :)

  39. Raquel says

    I am not a twin…however, I have a “twin” but she doesnt look like me. She is my twin in terms of everything else besides looks, from things we like and enjoy, personalities, clothing, taste, etc. Wouldnt trade my best friend of 11 years for the world!

  40. Harper says

    I used to tell people I had a twin when I was a little kid. Now I’m glad it’s just me but back in the day I thought it would be the coolest thing ever.

  41. Heidi S says

    I don’t have a twin… and I don’t think I would like having one! But it is fun to dress up with people as twins.

  42. Leah says

    I do not have a twin, but based upon questions and comments from complete strangers, I must have at least ten doppelgangers out there!

    I have a sister which is as close to a twin as one could want!

  43. Meghan says

    I don’t have a legit twin but my best friend could double as my twin (we think and act alike) I think having a twin would be awesome, always someone who understands you :)

    p.s. I love underarmour!!

  44. Megan says

    No twin for me, I have a sister who is only one year older than me and we were asked many times as children/teenagers if we were twins despite the fact that I have red hair and she has blonde and is a good 3 inches shorter than me and we look nothing alike :) I always thought having a twin would have been neat though!

  45. Bailey Borman says

    No Twin for me but they run in my family so who knows?
    Not sure I would want a twin. Had enough issues with a little sister.

  46. Melissa McD. says

    True story: After I saw (the original) Parent Trap, I was convinced I had a twin I never knew about. My 11 year old self absolutely could not be convinced until I was shown the original copy of my birth certificate!

  47. Chris Davis says

    No twin for me, but I would love to have one! I could send into work for me on days when I felt like doing nothing at all!

  48. says

    I don’t have a twin. I always wanted a sister so maybe a twin sister would be good?? I do have 2 awesome brothers though so I guess i’m all set. :) That hoodie looks FAB on you!!

  49. Gillian says

    I dont have a twin but my sister and I are 12 months 12 days apart in age (I’m older) and when we were little would always dress alike and people would ask us if we were twins. We definitely told a few strangers yes!

    I wore my PC holiday socks for a run the other day too and got a few smiles and compliments!

  50. Courtney Hopkins says

    I don’t have a twin but I think it would be awesome to have one! It must be a special bond !
    Merry Christmas fellow runner!

  51. says

    I do not have a twin. I think it would be fun to have one….sometimes. Definitely not all the time. I mean really…who wants to share their birthday?!? :)

  52. Nikki says

    I really hope I win because that color is fantastic! I do not have a twin, but my sister and I sometimes get confused as twins. I do not think I would really want a twin, too much natural comparison would take place!

  53. Anna says

    Well my sister and I are pretty much 2 year apart twins. People think we are twins and some can’t even tell us apart. She is 2 years older than me but people always think I’m the older one. But after having people confuse us all the time,mi would not want a twin.

  54. Dana says

    I don’t have a twin. Might want one. I have a sister two years older than me who I’m so close to, we might as well be twins!

  55. Samantha says

    I do not have a twin, but twin day does sound rather fun. I also always wanted to have twins… One Boy and One Girl. It would have only been one pregnancy and twice the fun! :)

  56. Kristi says

    I am the baby in my family – by 16 years! Oops! I would not want a twin because I like keeping the spoils all to myself! Haha!

  57. Melissa says

    No twin here and I think I’m good being my own person but then I start to thinking and it would be pretty cool to have a twin.

  58. runnrjo says

    I don’t have a twin. But my husband is an identical twin, so my sister-in-law and I are kind of twins by default.

  59. Megan says

    My younger sisters are twins….but I would say no to being a twin myself. I loved being the older sister who never had to share. :)

  60. says

    I don’t have a twin, but I have a doppleganger that works at one of my favorite restaurants according to my friends. They always think I am there and then realize it is her.

    I think I would like a twin – double the wardrobe and I think they would spark my competitive side a lot – not to mention as my twin friends call it – an eternal “wombmate and bestie!”

  61. says

    I think it’s hilarious when people dress in matching clothes. I sometimes babysit 2 sets of twins. I love how they look out for each other, funny how they’re great at teaming up to create mischief too!

  62. tiffany says

    nope, don’t have a twin, but my sis and i have similar personalities and tastes…even though she’s 10 yrs older!

  63. Mary D says

    I am constantly told I look like someone else, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a few twins roaming around somewhere!

  64. Lisa says

    I do not have a twin, and it wasn’t until I was far into adulthood that it dawned on me that I will never be a twin….or an olympic gymnast.

  65. Lauren says

    I already have a twin (brother) but I’d be willing to switch :) Actually, having a twin is as cool as everyone thinks, except obviously we never switched places or anything like that. It was just cool to always have a playmate growing up

  66. Sarah J says

    We totally had twin day at school. I didn’t have a twin but there was a girl in my school who had the same last name as me and looked very similar. We always dressed up for twin day together. It was so much fun.

  67. Meghan N says

    I do not have a twin but my sister and I are only a year apart and we have much of the twin-like connection. I am glad I don’t have to share my birthday though :)

  68. Jen says

    I don’t have a twin and I’m really glad that I don’t. I’m the youngest and with all the years of hand-me-downs I’m really not good at sharing!

  69. Megan says

    I don’t have a twin. I’m glad I don’t because I think my competitive nature would not mix well with a twin sibling! That said, twin day at school was the best!

  70. Sara Kruse says

    Hi Monica. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months and LOVE, LOVE it. Yes, I do have a twin. :) She is older by 8 minutes. We are both runners.

  71. Jessa R. says

    I don’t have a twin, but I grew up always wanting one. Now I’m not so sure! PS. I dreamt that you and I went grocery shopping together & could only buy Blue Bell frozen vegetables – hahaha!

  72. Des says

    I have a twin brother! I never liked having to share birthday presents :(

    Marble is sooooo cute!!! You should post another picture of him/her!

  73. says

    Living in Baltimore, the land of Under Armor headquarters, I love their products and this hoodie seems fantastic. The closest I got to being a twin was wearing the same outfits on the same day with my best friend at the time. They were from The Limited Too…ah, those were the days.

  74. Jennifer L says

    I used to read Sweet Valley High/University when I was young, and back then I wanted a twin so badly! I thought it would be fun to play tricks on people by assuming each others identities. But now I think I’d get annoyed if people couldn’t tell us apart…

  75. says

    My friend (www.gmruns.coms) and I joke that we’re twins because people always see her running and think its me. The only thing is that she runs more often, longer, and faster than me while I gain all the credit, so I guess the jokes on her!!

  76. Nicole J says

    Meh, I don’t have a twin and I don’t think I’d like one! But as an only child, I spent many Christmas’ wishing for a sibling!

  77. says

    I don’t have a twin but I have boy/girl twin kiddies :) I’m secretly living my matching outfit fantasies out between them, not with my son in a dress but coordinating outfits from Gap…so fun!! I’d love to be your twin and I love me some Under Armour!

  78. says

    I have a twin! We looked so much alike growing up our grandparents would sharpie our initials on our feet so they could tell us apart! Now, thanks to the magic of hair dye, it’s a little easier to tell the difference 😉

  79. emily says

    People often confuse my sister and I as twins even though we are 5 years apart. I am the older sister but sometimes it’s fun to make people guess who is older than who. I don’t think we look THAT much alike, but I did sneak her into a nightclub with one of my ID’s and she was right behind me. 😉 If I didn’t have a twin, I would definitely want a twin. Sisters are the best, twins or not. 😉

  80. says

    (chills) I found out recently that I have a ‘twin’. My husbands cousin text me a picture he found on ‘Embarrassing Nightclub Photos . com’. It is a woman in a gold mesh shirt, with a blue bra on, sitting down (peeing) on a urinal. Apparently explaining the the bouncers what she is doing. It looks so much like me that I almost cried thinking about people looking at it. The only way we know it isn’t me, other than the fact that I’ve never done that, is that I never have, nor ever will, own or wear a gold mesh shirt, see-through!, over a blue bra. In public. Ever.

    So yes I have a twin. And no I don’t want her to be my twin.

  81. Kayla D says

    I don’t have a twin. But my dad has a twin sister and my boyfriend’s dad has a twin brother! If we ever get married one day and have kids, I think we will most likely have twins.

  82. Tara says

    I dont have a twin. Growing up as an only child who was adopted I would have loved to have had a sibling, even better a twin!

  83. Shannon says

    No twin here but I always thought it would be fun to have one, from what I hear that is.

    I love that hoodie~totally! I have an UnderArmour pull over fleece and I wear it all winter long. It is the perfect warmie cozie top ever!

  84. Kasey says

    I don’t have a twin- but my brother and I are at the outskirts of being “Irish twins” because we were born 14 months apart. I don’t think I’d want anyone closer than that.

  85. Emily says

    No twin, nor do I wish I was a twin. BUT, I do wish I could have twins…a boy and a girl! They would be the perfect compliment to my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter!

  86. says

    Don’t have a twin, but my sister & I wanted to be twins when we were growing up (there’s only 18 months difference between us). We look pretty similar and our voices are so much the same that we’d answer each other’s phone calls when we were younger, especially if it was a boy we didn’t want to talk to!

  87. Johnna says

    I don’t have a twin, and I don’t think I’d like one… I’m a definite youngest child. But I loved twin day at school!

  88. Cynthia says

    When I was growing up many people thought my sister and I were twins. We would play many tricks on people :) That jacket is AWESOME!

  89. Sherrie says

    I would not want a twin…love my sister and feel like we are so close because of our slight age difference. Lovely giveaway!

  90. Jamie says

    I do not have a twin. And…no…I don’t think I would want one! I’m sure it has it’s perks, but there are drawbacks that I’ve seen by the twins I do know. Besides…thinking of a world with another me? Yikes. 😉

  91. says

    Cute hoodie!
    No twin, though my sisters and i look alike. My grandfather is a twin, and at the ripe old age of 83, he and his brother are still the best of friends. My grandfather is pretty much the nicest, most wonderful man on the planet, but he told a guy at the airport he was going to have to pick him up and put him on the plane if he thought he was going to move while waiting for his twin brother. The way they love each other and the bond they have as always made me wish a little for a twin.

  92. Teri says

    No twin here. My younger sister drove me nuts when we were young so I’m not sure I could have handled a twin. I don’t remember twin day at school.

  93. says

    Nope no twin, but my brother and I are pretty close in age and a lot of people thought we were twins. It would probably be cool to have a twin – someone else who would get my dorky sense of humor!

  94. adria biasi says

    i always wanted to know what it would be like to have a twin, but i was blessed with the best lil sister ever so i wont complain!

  95. Rachael Manuel says

    I do not have a twin BUT I think it would be really cool to have one! I always feel like twin’s have a really close, special connection. :)

  96. Courtney Slemp says

    I don’t have a twin, but I have a really amazing younger sister, so if I could have a twin I would definitely pick her and we’d be up to all kinds of twin mischief!

  97. GJ says

    I am only child and have such a small family that I think I would like a twin. I know siblings don’t always get along so not trying to glorify but I think if it was a good relationship it would be nice to have someone to hang or chat with. Also to help with family situations that come along.
    Hope you are having fun in FL and enjoying lots of Dunkin Donuts. I used to live in FL and now in CA and I miss DD too!

  98. says

    I don’t have a twin…and I don’t think I’d want one either…although…it would be nice to have someone to share clothes with! Double wardrobe would be nice!!

  99. says

    I’d want a twin if I could convince her to do the things I hate doing (colonoscopies, waiting at the DMV, etc…) but otherwise I’m pretty ok with being only one person. Though I suppose if I could convince someone else to get a colonoscopy that’d be troubling, right?

    :) Happy Holidays Monica & Ben!

  100. Michele Wiencek says

    I am a twin, I have a twin brother. We were born on June 10th, so we were born under the gemini zodiac sign. I love being a twin of course, I dont’ know anything different. We also have two brothers and a sister.

  101. says

    I don’t have a twin, but always wanted an older brother. My best friend and I always end up accidentally in matching outfits though- does that count? :p

  102. says

    No twin here. Only a brother that’s 18 years younger than me. Can we say empty nest syndrome? We did have Twinkie Twin day in school though. Even all the way through high school. It was part of spirit week leading up to the homecoming game. My best friend and I were twinkies every year. We look nothing alike but we sure do act alike.

    I don’t think I could handle having an actual twin though. One of me is more than enough. I think I would fear for the safety of the universe if there were two of me.

  103. Jessica says

    I don’t have a twin, but I wish I had one (even though I have 6 other siblings)!! haha no, seriously!! In middle school and high school, we had twin day! haha It was always fun to dress alike with your bff even though we didn’t look alike!! She was super light… me not so much 😉

  104. Melissa says

    No twin for me. My dr says that gargling with alka seltzer is much more effective than gargling with salt! Definitely helps my sore throats more.

  105. Bri says

    I don’t have a real twin but I look a lot like my sister & we get asked sometimes. I teach a lot of twins & most of them really dislike it, so I’m going to say no.

    We still have twin day for spirit week & I always con a co-worker into participating with me!

  106. Jenny says

    I do not have a twin, but I would loooove one. Only if it was a girl! All I ever wanted was a sister, and instead I got TWO brothers! No one to share clothes with :(

    Happy holidays!

  107. amanda says

    I do not have a twin but at times I would think it would be great to have one. But I would want a cool twin and not the one who would always try to get me in trouble.

  108. Gabrielle says

    Sometimes this is a little awkward but…..my husband and I have been asked if we’re twins….and even more often mistaken for siblings! Love the hoodie….and the color is awesome! Merry Christmas!

  109. Jessica says

    No twin here, but I do have an older sister.

    I don’t think I would want to be a twin… I don’t like too much attention on me. :)

  110. Maggie says

    my cousin and i looked incredibly similar when we were young, and we used to dress alike in hopes that people would think we were twins. unfortunately we grew out of this stage….but we definitely still wish we actually were twins!

  111. Samantha Darbonne says

    I do not have a twin but my mom is a twin! Don’t think I would like having a twin but would have loved a brother or sister as I am an only child. I would love to win the giveaway as I am a huge fan of under armour!

  112. says

    I’m an only child, so no twin, no sibling at all over here! Closest I get are kindred spirits. And I love that you post Natalie Dee comics so much…she’s one of mine! Love her wavelength!

  113. Sara Kolpek says

    I loved twin day! One of my best friends and I would coincidentally dress as twins all the time too! I would love to another piece of Under Armor to my collections….I don’t think I would dye my hair to be twins with you tho!

  114. Sarah M. says

    Not a twin, BUT have a cousin that I’m close to and everyone asks us if we’re twins… close enough? Love the hoodie!

  115. Rachel C. says

    I don’t have a twin but people used to always ask if my sister & I were twins when we were young…we are only 18 months apart and often dressed alike

  116. Nicole says

    I don’t have a twin – I don’t think I’d want one either. (My brother and sis-in-law just had twin boys on November 1, so I’m the proud auntie of twins!! Woohoo! I get to see them in a week!!)

  117. Debbie D says

    we totally had twin day at school – so fun. but i wouldnt want to have a twin all the time. love that – can’t decide if I like the yellow or the orange the best. hope your throat gets better asap!

  118. Steph says

    I kinda sorta have a twin! We started working at the same company on the same day 11/7 and we share the same birthday 10/7 except I was born a few years earlier in Arkansas and she was born in Africa!! Now 7 years after meeting we are still BFF’s! She is the sister I never had and the closest to a twin I will ever have!! However, our very different skin colors confuse a lot of people when we introduce ourself as twins!! Love her!!

  119. Brittany Moore says

    Although I do not have a twin, I do have a sister but we look NOTHING alike. It’s kinda creepy (and kinda sketchy..mom & dad haha) I always thought it would be fun to have a twin when I was younger..ya know to switch classes at school and play pranks on my parents but now I don’t know how cool it would be to basically look at yourself when looking at your sibling haha

  120. says

    I do not have a twin, nor would I want one! i do not like sharing my birthday with my brother – 2 years and 10 days apart. I would be terrible with a twin :-)

    And I come back to the USA a lot from wales so I hope this counts me as US resident – it does when the tax man makes me file! I LOVE that jacket, underarmor wicked gear!


  121. Anna Akin says

    I don’t have a twin but I always thought it would be pretty cool. I figured I would always have double the clothing :)

  122. Angela Simparosa says

    No I don’t have a twin, and NO I would not want one! I have a six year old son that is exactly like me and that is annoying in so many ways! LOL I think that is close to having a twin, so god bless all the twins out there, the world doesn’t need another one of me. :-)

  123. Jess says

    I’m an only child so I would definitely want a twin. My dad and my bf’s dad are both twins so I’m hoping when we decide to have kids that we have twins :)

  124. Kyla says

    I am twinless and, as fun as it would be to always have the companionship, I don’t think I’d want one! What if my twin was cooler than me!

  125. Cathy J says

    No twin but I always wanted one to do the old switcharoo like Parent Trap (the original with Haley Mills…not the remake with Lindsay Lohan)

  126. Sarah says

    We had twin day in school! When I was little I always wanted a twin, now not so much…but I think it’s so cool when I meet twins!

  127. MiaMia says

    I’d love a twin sister, my older sis is just 14 months older than me so we could all pretend to be triplets! It would be chaotic, but life would be so boring without someone to annoy and laugh with! The more the merrier! Happy holidays RER, love reading all your posts, gets me off the couch n keeps me active really!

  128. says

    Wow! Your hair looks pretty in the picture of the back of the sweatshirt.

    I am not a twin. But I have a set of boy/girl twins who are 4 years old. They are sweet and make me believe that having a twin would be a lot of fun!

  129. amanda says

    Yep, I have a twin. It can be fun at times, but it wasn’t fun when I got in trouble for everything he would, and I’m sure he felt the same way. It was great to have a built in playmate

  130. Margaret says

    I have a twin brother, but since we’re fraternal we don’t really have creepy twin things. We are close though and HAVE to be together on our birthday.

  131. Stacy says

    I do not have a twin, but my grandmother was one. She had all kinds of stories about all the trouble she got into with her sister!! So I think it’d be a blast to be a twin.

  132. says

    I do not have a twin but my sister and I are always being asked if we are twins. We look a lot alike and are only two years apart. I don’t think I would want a twin, having a younger sister was enough for me.

  133. says

    No I do not have a twin. I am an only child. I used to pretend to have brothers and sisters when I would go to camp and I would make up stories about my brothers and sisters to tell my camper friends (Sad I know).

    I would love love love to have a twin! We should totally dress alike!

  134. Courtney C. says

    I do not have a twin, however, as an only child growing up I did wish/pray for a sibling or twin. Or heck, even a fish or dog.

  135. says

    That fun fact is so funny. If that is true I would have died 3 milions days ago. :)
    I do not have a twin but my little sister and I look very similar, laugh alike and on the phone my mom and brother cannot tell us a part (well most of the time). We even fooled some people that we were twins.
    I love the color of the UnderArmor hoodie, my favorite!

  136. Joanne says

    I do have a real twin – – – an identical twin too! We are VERY much alike which when I was younger was a problem (everyone lumped us together like we were one person) – but now that I’m older, I love it. We have so much fun together and lucky for me, she lives less than an hour away. She and I could even share the hoodie!

  137. Deb says

    Merry Belated Christmas! No twin here, although I have two sets of twin cousins and my grandfather is a twin, which is always interesting to hear their stories!

  138. Patty T says

    I don’t have a twin and don’t really think I would want one. I was really good friends with twins in high school and people always got them confused.

  139. Elizabeth R says

    I do not have a twin but everyone asks if my sister, who is 6 years younger, and I are twins. Hopefully that means I look 25 and not that she looks 31!

  140. Candice says

    I don’t have a twin but always wanted one! I am super close with my family so that would be even better!! Hope you had a great Christmas :)

  141. Lauren says

    I have always wanted a twin, when i was little I was convinced I had one and my mom was hiding her from me in the closet.

  142. Terri says

    No, I don’t have a twin. I always wanted to have an identical twin to switch places with to confuse family and friends. Probably watched The Parent Trap too many times!

  143. Deb says

    No, I don’t have a twin. My sister has twins though – and they are just adorable. They are grown now, but they still finish each others sentences and see each other almost every day. If I could have a twin like them, then yea, I’d love it. Love, love, love the jacket. It looks great on you .. being your twinkies would be great.

  144. TiffanyS says

    I do not have a twin, and I don’t think I would want one. I always hated when my best friend would show up in a similar outfit as mine or get her hair like mine. Ugh. But, I thought I might have twin babies since my hubby’s grandfather is a twin, but this hasn’t repeated yet. No such luck, but my boys are definitely look alikes seperated by 3 years.

  145. Katie says

    I don’t have a twin but I used to want one when I was younger. I was an only child so I was bored.
    P.S.-That color looks really good on you!

  146. Erica says

    I do not have a twin which I figure is a good thing considering the chaos I cause by myself……two of me……no thank you 😉

  147. Adrienne N says

    Ha! I loved being twinsies with my friends in grade school! Sadly I’m an only child, but I married into a big family so I have sorta siblings now!

  148. Meghan says

    Don’t have a twin, but lots of twins in my family. Cute hoodie! By the way- gargle with baking soda. It tastes horrible, but works really well to make your throat feel better. And, definitely invest in some Zicam for your medicine cabinet. Feel better.

  149. Nicole says

    I don’t have a twin but I do have a “twinsie”. It is someone I run with. We have very similar personalities. Their birthday is only a day before mine and we always unintentionally turn up at running class in the same outfit. We seem to always get pains/injuries in thesame areas at the same time too.

  150. Laura says

    I teach in a middle school and we totally have twin day during spirit week! You can come be my twin if I win. :) i don’t have a real twin.

  151. Nicole says

    Also it sounds silly but wearing a scarf (even when exercising) helps with a sore throat. At least it helps me. I’ve been in the gym before exercising while wearing a scarf. I looked like an idiot but my throat didn’t feel too bad. If it’s a cold and not just a sore throat drinking a cold drink whilst having a hot bath (as hot as you can stand it) works too.

  152. Rebekah Patin says

    I do not have a twin. I think I would of liked to have a twin, but that is probably because I don’t have one and since I don’t it seems cool. I do love the hoodie and if I don’t win it I might be forced to buy it so I surely hope I win.

  153. Pam says

    No twin although one of my sisters (5years older than me) used to look so much alike in our 20s people had a hard time telling us apart.

  154. says

    I don’t have a twin. I’m an only child, and can’t imagine having a sibling. We didn’t have “twin day” at school either. However, my husband is a twin… an Identical twin. It’s always fun to go out with him and his brother. Most idiotic question they get asked: “Are you brothers?”

  155. Stephanie says

    I don’t have a twin, but I have a sister and we are similar despite looking absolutely nothing alike! Oh, and yes, we had twin day as part of homecoming week at my HS. My BFF and I wore matching shirts and overalls (it was 1995 so overalls were popular = I was cool so don’t laugh at my fashion mistakes of years gone by)!

  156. Jenn says

    I don’t have a twin, nor would I want one. An older brother would be cool, though. I’m an only child. Love the hoodie!

  157. Hanna says

    no twin, but my mom is a twin (does that count?)! I always wanted a twin sister, but I think that might have not been as fun as imagined.

  158. says

    I would hate to have a twin. My mother used to dress my younger sister and I alike for airplane trips and I wasn’t a fan. I would never want to share my birthday or a bedroom. I like my sister now, but I used to wish I was an only child.

  159. says

    I have no biological twin, although, a lot of people always said I closely favor my aunt and cousin… Going so far as getting us mixed up. Personally, I wouldn’t want a twin. I want all of the glory of being myself.

  160. Kelsey Y. says

    No twin over here…but I’m sure two of me would have been a joy to raise! And I think it would be cool to have a twin! So yes, I’d like it!

  161. Sage says

    I’m not a twin and I don’t think I would want one: it might be weird to see your mirror image without looking in the mirror

  162. Kristen says

    I don’t have a twin and not sure if I would want one either. I am hoping to have twins when I start to have kids though!

  163. Christina D says

    I don’t have a twin and I don’t think I’d want one… I’m the oldest of 4, that’s enough sharing! I do have twin cousins who are 6 weeks older than me and we often got confused for triplets but that was actually a lot of fun 😀

  164. Cortney says

    Unfortunately I do not have a twin, but I will gladly be your twin (yes, we had twin day!) and wear a matching under armor hoodie with you! Pleeeeease pick me!!!

  165. Joyce says

    I don’t have a twin and am too competitive to ever want another version of me walking around…. but am okay with clothing twins especially fun yellow hoodie twins.

  166. says

    I do not have a twin, and I really dont think I’d want one – I dont like sharing :) I had a really good friend in college who looked somewhat liked me and people would always mix us up. That was kind of fun. I actually really want to have twins some day – pop those kids out at the same time and then be done!

  167. Carmen says

    I don’t have a twin and would DEFINETLY not want one! Could you imagine your parents dressing you up in matching outfits, getting you confused for each other, and the worst of all-Sharing a birthday?! No thank you! Though on the other hand…you could sure play some great pranks and blame it on the other one!!

  168. Laura C. says

    I actually do have a twin brother… it sucked growing up, but now it’s actually kind of cool! I still get a kick out of the “are you identical?” question though (I’m a girl, lol).

  169. Leigh S. says

    Nope, no twin. (I’d feel so sorry for the gal-that-isn’t!) It’s a very moot point, but I don’t want a twin (or siblings) either … I’d feel badly for anyone having to live with my family. : )

  170. Lindsay says

    I don’t have a twin, but I always wanted one! My boyfriend is a twin and I’m jealous he ALWAYS has a partner in crime on the same wavelength – how fun!!

  171. Eunice says

    I don’t have a twin, and I totally wouldn’t want one. I barely get along with the sister I already have; I certainly don’t need another one in the mix!

  172. Lindsay says

    I don’t have a twin but I was bffs with a triplet growing up and that convinced me that I would NOT want a twin or be a part of a triplet set.

  173. Lynsey says

    Sweet shirt! I don’t have a twin. I would want a sister twin. I already have 2 brothers so a sister twin would, obviously, give me a sister which I don’t have.

  174. Brianne says

    No twin, but my older sister and I are only 18 months apart, so growing up we were treated as such! I would enjoy having a twin though!!

  175. Angela says

    No I don’t have a twin but I think one would be fun, then I could see how I would look in certain clothes by looking at her:)

  176. Allison Manning says

    I do not have a twin….not sure if I would really want one. I enjoy having a sister that is a little older than me.

  177. Danielle says

    I don’t have a twin, but I do have a sister. I benefited from all her life experience, so it was probably good that I was younger!

  178. says

    my sister and i are a year and three weeks apart…and that’s close enough to being twins – we’re already so much alike and as close as i think we can be!

  179. says

    I do not have a twin, but my sister was born 11 month before me so we are kind of like twins? I don’t think I would want to be a twin – it would be hard to have your own identity (:

  180. Keri says

    No, I don’t have a twin… I think it’d be fun to have one though! I have a few friends that are sets of twins and they had such a close relationship.

  181. says

    I do not have a twin but when my sister and I were younger, my mom used to dress my sister and I just alike and we were both blonde & the same height so we looked just alike!

  182. Cassie says

    No…and yes…
    My sister and I (she is 2 years older than me) always got confused for twins growing up… we still get it randomly…. I always wanted a twin :) I was obsessed with MK and Ashley Olson growing up 😉 But I would love to be your twin with this yellow hoodie! 😉

  183. Shannon says

    Nope not a twin…lived with twins in college, so I got a good view of what it would be like.
    Love the jacket and so jealous of the warm weather. Nebraska is snow packed and neg temps right now..brrr

  184. Kristin P says

    I don’t have a twin but my two younger brothers are twins. I think it would be cool to have a twin most of the time but sometimes it is fun to do things and stand out on your own.

  185. Leah says

    I don’t have a real life twin, but I have a running twin. We always buy matching outfits to run our local races. People frequently think we are related.

  186. Regan W says

    I don’t have a twin but I would love to have one! I’d love to be your twin…almost am in a way lol Redhead and from Panama ha ha–and with a matching UA Hoodie!

  187. Kandace says

    Sadly I do not have a twin. My mom is an identical twin and I am very close to my aunt and her girls. I would love a twin! I would have loved to have twins of my own but had four singletons. I teach kindergarten and usually have a set of twins in my class each year. Also, I love the hoodie!

  188. Jessica says

    I’m not a twin either and I am not sure I would want one. I love my birthday. However maybe it would be fun sharing it?! I’m not sure lol

  189. Karen says

    I DO have a twin, an identically twin sister who is a minute older then me. I always say I kicked her our first so I could have some one on one time with our mom

  190. Wendy says

    Nope no twin, the world wouldn’t want two of me! I never really thought having a real twin would be cool. I think friend “twins” are cool but I wouldn’t want a permanent twin.

  191. Angie says

    I have a twin but he’s male so it isn’t nearly as exciting as people think. A sister would have been more fun I think. But don’t tell him that!! :)

  192. Lea says

    Growing up, my sister that’s two years younger and I were alway thought to be twins – we never could understand why.

  193. Tagnia Clark says

    I don’t have a twin, but I have identical twin sisters-in-law, twin nieces, and newborn twin niece/nephew. The connection of twins is pretty cool. People think my workout buddy and I are either sisters or twins…if that counts. I always thought it would be cool to be a twin.

  194. says

    I do not have a twin and don’t think I would want one…..of course I am unsure of this because I have nothing to compare. My two sons are “turtle twins” as they were born on the same day only two years apart, not planned!

  195. Meghan says

    I do not have a twin, but I have a friend that is seriously exactly me.We’ve been through the same junk in our past and everything….I think having a twin would be awesome…

  196. says

    Don’t have a twin, but always thought it would have been fun to have one. Then again, I think two of me would have been too much for my parents!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  197. Allie says

    No twin, never wanted one though I was wishing for twins with my last pregnancy! Thankful that one didn’t come true!

  198. KIm says

    I don’t have a twin, and have never really thought about having one. I guess it would be fun, maybe dressing like one would be better:)

  199. Lacey says

    I am a twin – we are fraternal and different as night and day, but we are close! People are always blown away when we tell them we are twins, they usually think we’re just best friends, rather than related. It’s a really special thing to be a twin.

  200. Amanda says

    I don’t have a twin, but everyone says my sister and I look exactly alike! Weird! I am 5’8 and she is 5’3. We have completely different personalities! We were at Perkins and the waitress said wow you girls look exactly alike! I’ll take it, I love my sister!

  201. Katie M says

    I don’t have a twin, but growing up, I thought it would be fun to have one. I loved reading the Sweet Valley High books about “blonde, 5’6″ tall Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield”, and I enjoyed the tv show starring Tia and Tamara Lowry.

  202. says

    I never even had a sister, let alone a twin, but I liked having my brothers two years ahead and two years behind me growing up. Wouldn’t want to change a thing!

  203. says

    I don’t have a twin but I’d love an identical twin! It would be so much fun tricking people all the time (or maybe I’m just immature). :)

  204. says

    I don’t have a twin but people think that my younger brother is my twin or that all 3 of us are triplets. lt’s funny because I’m 5 years older than my brother!

  205. says

    My best friend and I have always been coined as the twins even though we look nothing alike (and have separate parents) but it might be because we are both Asian (ummm…we share zero sameness in Asian genes). I wish I did have a twin–all the twins I know ate bffs with them and share an amazing bond

  206. Becki says

    No I dont have a twin and I don’t think I want one. I know many sets and they get rightly annoyed with each other and even family members have a hard time remembering them apart! lol