Three Things Thursday from a Ginga Ninja

I am kinda anti-wearing all black. It just looks like you’re going to a funeral or are trying to be a ninja. ninja wear

But the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Mary shirts were black. Again. They were black last year and I never wore it. I pretty much always wear black capris to run (no black on black rule) and it’s not the best color to wear if you want to be seen by retirees in a sleepy FL town. Two strikes, you’re almost out.

But, it’s a tech tee and it fits, so I packed it along with me to Florida. Rock n Roll las vegas shirt

And today I decided to just embrace the all black attire and be a ninja – Ginga Ninja to be exact Winking smileRock n Roll las vegas shirt

Seriously, I want this shirt. ginga ninja

I ran a slow 5.5 miles. I’m really trying to kick this sore throat to the curb but he keeps coming back for more. Boo.

Three Things Thursday

Three Things I’ve been eating in Florida:

1. Breakfast is eggs and oatmeal – the usual.IMG_0146 (800x600)

Plus coffee with half and half. I kinda hate that it really does taste so much better…coffee with cream

2. Salads salad beast

3. Candy. I’m trying to avoid having a brownie or piece of pie every night but it’s hard. A piece of good candy is the compromise (most nights).see's candy

Three Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Run

2. After Christmas Shoppingimage

3. Watched an episode of Homeland – I like it!

In other news…

Did you hear Bethenny and Jason are splitting up?

A few readers messaged me and left comments since I am a big fan of of her. Sucks. We really have no idea how someone’s relationship is unless we’re part of it, so I’m not going to weigh in on that. I’m just bummed for both of them – especially since she was going to therapy and trying to work through her issues (but I think they never did official couples therapy outside of that boat thing?). Anyway, I was rooting for them.

Question: What are 3 things you’re eating this week?

3 things you’re doing?

3 happy relationship tips?

I already told you what I’m eating and doing and my relationship tips are best discussed after 3 glasses of wine…


  1. says

    OK- let’s see…I’ve been eating Kashi cereal, tamales (last one yesterday, I’m stuffed!), and beans (weird, I know…I’m 1/2 Mexican-it happens). Things I’ve been doing- watching movies, sweating (at the gym or running!), and cleaning, ugh! Relationship tips? Yikes, I think I’ll go with the 3 glasses of wine tip :) Have a good one!

  2. says

    I’m on Team Anti-Black!! The only time I ever buy anything black is if I really love it and it comes in no other colours. Shine bright like a diamooond (that was super lame, anyway..)

    In noooooo way a relationship guru, but I think we can get *too* comfortable in relationships sometimes and simply don’t appreciate our partners enough…so ya, appreciate & love hard. :)

  3. says

    Fun looks like you are having a good time. I go against your fashion advice and LOVE black – all over. Sorry.

    Eating: bagels, circus animal cookies, buttered tortillas
    Doing: working, cleaning, growing baby brains
    Tips: pray, let it go, ask for what you need

  4. says

    3 things I’ve been eating: cookies, apples, lots of leftovers. I heard about Bethheny and Jason and could not be less surprised. I love them both and really hope that things work out for the best but watching thier recent episodes just felt like I was awkwardly in the middle of marital misery.

  5. says

    Three things I’m eating this week: 1) PB Hershey Kiss cookies (they are almost gone, boo), 2) chef salad and 3) home made sweet tea (technically not a food, but its new to our fridge this week).

    Three things I”m doing this week: 1) Trying to find a late spring half marathon to register for, 2) Finding and starting a training plan for said half marathon and 3) Trying to decide which new camera gear I want to buy with Christmas money!

  6. says

    I’m eating eggs, salad, and the leftover apple pie I made (a before bed treat!) So sad about Bethenny and Jason…I thought they would make it. I’m getting married in a week and a half, and my advice is be yourself. I spent most of my twenties being someone I wasn’t for a man. Once I turned 30, a light flashed and I vowed to myself that I’d find a man who liked me for me (stubborn pride and all).

    This week, I’m enjoying some extra days off from work :) Hope you’re doing the same!

  7. says

    I’m so jealous of you bring in FL and wearing sandals! I’m eating leftover cold ham, kale and chilli chocolate. I’m spending time with my family, working (boo!) and going on a loooooong walk. Three tips are spend time apart, LISTEN and learn how to compromise. I really should take my own advice, especially on that last one! Oops!

  8. says

    Eating: Ham, leftover pie (one slice per day) and yogurt. I go through moods where I either love yogurt or hate it. Right now I’m loving it!
    Doing: working, planning for the new year with a budget and goals, and laundry.

    I’ve never watched anything about the housewives, but any divorce is sad.

  9. says

    Awe too bad Bethenny and Jason are dunzo. I was rooting for them and he seemed like the only one who could handle her crazy self. I’m also loving the black on black look! It means bizniss.

  10. Amanda says

    Im back to my normal eating! But Im loving my hot chocolates lately! Im starting to get back into the exercise groove. Im doing Jillian Michaels Body revolution. (its hard!) and Im thinking of a half marathon in the spring. As for relationship tips: 1) always talk- keep communication going at all times. 2) date nights-keep the romance alive
    3) never go to bed mad…because you will wake up mad and the cycle continues.

  11. says

    I’m only eating one thing this week: everything in sight. I can’t seem to stop!

    Best relationship tip: Men need to feel respected, even in an argument and women need to feel loved, even in an argument.

      • Kelly says

        They didn’t need the money. She had already hit the jackpot with Skinnygirl and actually this may have been the beginning of their demise. He was never gonna match that success and still couldnt make up his mind what he wanted to do with his life. The show was awkward. She chopped his balls off years ago and I felt like the marriage was a train wreck. I still like her but putting their life on Bethenny Ever After was a mistake. I saw this coming a long time ago. He’s a pansy and she’s a bulldog. Never gonna work.

  12. says

    Best Marriage advice…It is Work! You have to work at your job, you have to work at being active, you have to work at eating healthy, etc..etc…You have to WORK at your marriage or like any thing else it will go array.

    Eating….I tried baked beets for the first time last night…I liked them!! Unfortunately for hubby…after about 15 minutes after eating them he broke out in some narly hives…so wish I would have taken some pictures…ha! No beets for him!

  13. Tara says

    I am eating ground turkey tacos, refried black beans, yogurt and nuts and salad!
    I have NOT been exercising : (
    The cold, dark mornings really bring me down and I have a hard time getting up and going. THIS will change this weekend!

    Relationships-Compromise, Trust and laughter. (and do not go to bed mad at each other, always say ‘I love you’ when you leave each other, you never know when it will be the last time to tell them…sad, but true!)

  14. says

    I used to hate all black, but after living in New York I guess it grew on me-I seem to find myself wearing black on black all the time these days!

  15. Jessica says

    Ugh my eats are so boring… oatmeal and veggies and whole wheat wraps.

    I just started Homeland and my husband and I LOVE it! Claire Danes is always good.

    Three relationship tips:
    1. Practice brutal yet kind/tactful honesty with one another.
    2. Both partners should wake up everyday with the goal to go out of their way to make the other happy.
    3. Be best friends and laugh a lot. Looks will eventually fade, sex will fluctuate down sometimes, but if you like each other and enjoy one another’s company and have fun together, it will last through the fluctuations.

  16. Angelica says

    Sore throat not getting better or worse sounds like allergies. I’ve also been meaning to ask if you plan on updating your weight loss section. You look super svelte these days!

    • says

      Yeah there is a lot of pet dander and stuff around here. That’s what Ben thinks it is too. Weight loss updates will come soon, I haven’t been weighing myself just trying and trying :)

  17. says

    Eating? Chocolate, oatmeal, and cheese. Doing? Running, watching tv, and packing because I’m moving to San Diego soon. Relationship tips? Not really my forte, but I was sad to see that Bethenny and her hubby were splitting up as well because I like her.

  18. says

    Three things I’ve been eating: Better ‘n Peanut Butter with apples, Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple, Oatmeal with almond milk
    Three things I”m doing this week: Bar Method classes almost every day, pampering myself (shopping, mani/pedi, massage and rest), spending time with family
    Three Tips on Relationships: don’t overreact or be overdramatic over small things, listen to each other, share fears/worries/stressful things as well as happy/exciting things

  19. katie says

    I once got a fortune cookie that said “the art of a relationship is in appreciation.” I know that isn’t everything, but I think that appreciating what your partner is doing rather than focusing on what they aren’t doing could help a lot of relationships.

  20. Shannon says

    Three things eating: chinese, subway, soup
    Three things doing: taking care of my mother-in-law, trying to get my big ole self exercising again, taking care of loose ends
    Three relationship tips: dont be a “right fighter”, demonstrate humility, have lots of sex (seriously, when a couples sex life is good then it really isnt anything but if the couples sex life isnt happy then it is a huge issue)

    I am glad to read that I am not the only one sad about Bethany and Jason. No one really knows about a relationship except the two in the relationship so I have nothing to say about that. But I really hope and pray that they call off the seperation, find a spark that can help them make it because in a few years (maybe sooner) they will be really happy they did.

  21. says

    Looks like you’re having fun! Apart from the sore throat of course, I heard gargling water can help (alongside the usual techniques! :D).

    The salad looks great! I’ve been having loads of those, but I’m most happy about a green veg smoothie alongside my breakfast which is AWESOME (it also tastes pretty good)! Also been eating a lot of chicken, the lean meat is good for the workouts :)

    I look forward to the next Thursday, have a fantastic week!! 😀

  22. says

    I’m walking my life away this week to make up for the accidental sugar binge from Christmas, I’m still relaxing plenty too, and going after Christmas shopping. I’m 30 weeks pregnant, so I’m eating everything and all the time!

  23. says

    I can never pull off the black on black look. I never have black clothes that are the same shade of black and then I just look ridiculous. Wait…I don’t need black clothing for that!

  24. says

    Weekend eats started with Thai foodie (I was in Chiangmai) but since I got back, it’s been “good” eats, pretty much routine stuff eg toast or crackers with PB, parboiled noodles with stirfried tofu, mushrooms and veg.

  25. Deb says

    Why is that mustard bottle so close to your salad? Please say it isn’t so…. I can deal with catsup (or is it ketchup?) on eggs, but NOT mustard on salad. 😮

  26. Kristi says

    3 things I’m eating: homemade fudge, mom’s pinto beans, tortilla soup
    3 things I’m doing: working on a dissertation, becoming a daily RER follower, traveling
    3 relationship tips: be honest, work on yourself – you can’t have expectations for the other person, read William Glasser’s marriage book.

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